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Filtered Water Coolers Brisbane has become a well respected filtered water cooler company in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Northers NSW, Sunshine Coast. We provide Homes and Businesses with the latest design and high quality filtered water coolers Brisbane. Try our great tasting water made free from your own tap. Tap water vs Filtered water. If you own one of our filtered water coolers you provide your family or office with refreshing chilled water and an option for hot water as well. If you do not require hot water simply switch it of at the back and the hot water tap will dispense room temperature water.

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Filtered water coolers Brisbane

By choosing a filtered water coolers Brisbane system you will participating to reduce the carbon foot print and also you have huge savings by not buying bottled water anymore. Reasons to skip water bottles. You save time by not having to change the bottles and time to order bottles and store these. How to reuse your drinking water bottles. Switch today to one of our water cooler systems and enjoy your own unlimited healthy drinking water made from your own tap. Simply remove the lid from the bottle and fill the top compartment with your own tap water. All the tap water will be filtered through our 7-stage filter cartridge and chemical such as chlorine, heavy metals, organic sediments and others will be removed. Filtered water coolers Brisbane. Taste our great tasting water!

Why drink water?

Drinking water is more important than most of us realize. Our body contains between 70 - 75 % water so you can imagine that drinking good quality water is very important. In Queensland an average person can lose between 2 and 3 liters of water each day. All depending on the temperature and physical activities. Lack of concentration, tiredness, headaches can be the cause dehydration. Drinking water is for a lot of people very hard. Try the great tasting water from filtered water coolers Brisbane. Our filter cartridge will add very important minerals back to the water so the taste is much better than tap water or bottled water. It is much easier to drink tasting water than normal tap / bottled water.

Drinking enough water can also help to lose some weight. Filtered water coolers Brisbane recommend to drink 2 liters of water per day. This is approx. 8 glasses per day. It can improve your health.

Your skin and drinking water.

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FOOD: the basis for a healthy body

Sentence or nonsense? 2014 was the year of RAW and SUPER foods. What I can share with you is that, partly thanks to the input from my girlfriend and the book The Food Sand Runner, I have taken a new path in food in 2014. For me, healthy eating means feeling fit and raising my energy. Losing weight is completely excluded. Losing weight is a side effect and should never be a main goal in my eyes. You may ask yourself how healthy eating can be sustained for a lifetime. It is a matter of balance and experiencing positive consequences. I find the balance by eating well every Saturday that I feel like. Drink great tasting water from a filtered water coolers Brisbane. Nobody can take the fries from me. I experience the positive consequences of this healthy lifestyle through a rapid recovery from and hardly being bothered by muscle injuries.

It is precisely the positive consequences that I have experienced that are the reason for me to write this blog. The connection has brought me into contact with even more athletes. I treat a diverse population and see people of all shapes and sizes. I treat ladies from the football team, the indoor football players, veterans, players from the first class and referees. This makes my work a challenge every day. Are fruit juices healthy. What happens in your body if you drink soda. Filtered water coolers Brisbane. Although healthy eating is the most important basis for every person, athletes benefit the most in my view. Healthy nutrition forms the basis for energy and rapid recovery from injuries. I was always convinced that it was enough to eat healthily on the morning before the race to perform. 2014 has proven the opposite to me. The basis for a good match on Saturday already starts on Sunday morning. Tips for summer.

What I would like to give you is to consciously consider what you are eating and whether you would like to change something about your physical condition. If so? Then mainly choose the right food. By that I mean basic food in the sense that it is still as natural as possible. For example, I am addicted to my girlfriend's recipe for making healthy Snickers. 10 Ways to keep your kidneys healthy. Of course this takes more time than driving along the Spar to get the original Snickers, but I see all of this as a form of investment. Invest in a healthy athletic body that can last for a long time. In addition, I can advise you as a physiotherapist and based on experience not to use refined sugars, if at all. Drink as much water as possible and try to challenge yourself by eating at set times. Filtered water coolers Brisbane. For example, eat every three hours and make sure there is a bottle of water in your bag. Muscles and joints are sensitive to this.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?