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10 Tips for water with a taste

The warm summer months are coming on and they put many people in a new challenge when it comes to food: what do you drink in the heat all day? A hot pot of tea may be nice in winter, but if you really want to jump somewhere in a freezing cold pool, you're probably looking for a fresher alternative. And all day just drinking water, that can be so boring ... The solution? Water with a taste! Today, we're telling you exactly why that's the best option, and we'll give you some wonderful suggestions.

Why not soft drinks?

When the temperature rises, the temptation to insert a few glass coins into a lot of people is getting bigger. Not strange - but you can try to resist this temptation. Sugars drink is a pretty bad idea: it causes you to get a huge mountain of useless calories, unmistakably, which does not fill and cause a good blood sugar peak. Soft drinks with artificial sweeteners are not much better: make sure your body expects sugar that will not get it, so you will soon crave sweets. This makes it very difficult to keep healthy. Healthy drinking water made from your own tap from a Water Coolers Gold Coast.

And what about fruit juices?

Drinking water with fruit and spice. Many people see fruit juice as a healthy alternative to soft drinks like Coke and other soft drinks. Not strange, because the marketing of those juices tries to convince you that their products are extremely healthy and that you can even drink them instead of eating fruit. Unfortunately, that is certainly not the case. There are NO sugars in the water from a Water Coolers Gold Coast. Fruit juices contain all sugars that are in fruit, but without the fibres that slow down the absorption of those sugars, and without much of the vitamins and minerals. What's left is actually as unhealthy and sugary as regular soda!

Water with a taste

What's left of that? Water with a taste, so! Taking your water to taste fruit and herbs does not get boring quickly - you can keep changing endlessly - and you also suddenly get too much sugar in the heat. You can often make a large portion at the same time and put it in a sealed bottle or jar so that the flavours can really retract. Eating delicious ripe fruit.

You can save it for a few days. On the other hand, it is, of course, best to make new water every day - with a different flavour! Then you will also get several healthy nutrients. No inspiration for your new summer drinks from your Water Coolers Gold Coast? We will give you ten delicious suggestions!
1. Mint and lime

A classic, of course, but certainly no less delicious! Very fresh, with a small acidic edge.
2. Strawberry, basil and lemon

Strawberry and basil are a surprisingly good combination that is being discovered by more and more people. With the freshness of the lemon, it is ideal for a summer flavour!
3. Orange and blueberry

If you brush the forest fruit a bit before putting them in the water, they give off their taste better. Note: you can not store this water for a long time, and then it will be papery.
4. Lavender and blueberry

Lavender not only has a delicious smell, but also delivers a fantastic soft taste. The combination with blueberries is subtly sweet and very summer.
5. Ginger and lemon

The spicy flavour of ginger is best absorbed by the water if you use hot water, and then cool down.
6. Different citrus fruits

Combinations of pieces of lime, lemon, grapefruit and orange taste not only deliciously fruity, they also look beautiful colourful on a festive table at the barbecue!
7. Green tea with ginger and lemon

Tea can also be with cold water! The taste then takes a little more time to pull in, but you get a delicious soft drink, which keeps the ginger and lemon-fresh.
8. Thyme and lemon

Thyme is often overlooked by people who taste water, but try it out - the spicy aroma immediately raises pictures of French herb gardens.
9. Raspberries, rose water and vanilla

A few drops of rose water give the extraordinary flavour combination of raspberries and vanilla a little extra. Enjoy pure!
10. Tropical fruits

Mango, papaya and pineapple are some of the fruits you can use for tropical tinted water taste. Is water melon healthy? Extra fresh with a few crushed leaves of mint!

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Benchtop Water Coolers Gold Coast
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Do you drink enough water from your water cooler Gold Coast?

On average we drink about five glasses of water a day, equivalent to one litre. Drinking lemon water in the morning is good for you. However, Prestige Water recommends seven to ten glasses of water, but this only reaches 15 percent of the Australian population.

Research drinking water

Half of the respondents were convinced that they were doing well but drank two glasses of water a day too little. More than a third simply forget to drink enough water. 9 percent consciously drink less because otherwise, they have to go to the toilet too often. The majority of respondents believe that there should be more water taps in public places.

Why drink water?

What does drinking water really does for your skin? The body of women consists on average of 52% of moisture and that of men of 63%. Babies even consist of 75% moisture. It is necessary to supplement what you lose in moisture. You keep the fluid balance at its best by drinking enough. Drinking water is necessary to absorb nutrients, discharge waste and maintain body temperature. In addition, sufficient fluid is crucial for our brains. They consist of 75 percent water. If you drink too little water from your water cooler Gold Coast and the fluid balance in your brain is not up to standard, you can experience all kinds of complaints. Think of headaches, low concentration, poor sleep and severe dehydration this leads to confusion. "You can also alternate water with tea or coffee without sugar, as long as you get that 1.5 to 2 litres of moisture per day," said a spokesperson for the Australian Nutrition Center.

Tips for drinking more water

To help you drink enough water, we give you our best tips here:

- If you wake up after a night's sleep, your body has not had any moisture in for hours. Water has been withdrawn from your body, for example through sweat. Add the water level again by immediately starting the day with a glass of water. If your body (for example after following these tips) is used to drinking more water, you can start the day with two or three glasses of water.

- Taking a water bottle to school, work or in the car can help you drink more often daily. Almost 40 percent already do this, according to the water test. Among young people up to the age of 30, even half drink daily from their own water bottle. Great tasting water from the Gold Coast water coolers. Although tap water remains by far the favourite, young people choose water with a taste twice as often as people over 40. The Nutrition Center welcomes this trend but also warns on the website about the bacteria that can grow in water bottles. She recommends rinsing the bottles, including the cap, with washing-up liquid every day.

- Make a habit of drinking water. For example, always start the day with a glass of water and agree with yourself that you drink a large glass of water before each meal. After a while, you are completely used to it and you get it easily with 2 litres. The Gold Coast summers are very hot and you should drink more water to stay hydrated.

- After a while water can get bored, so you don't feel like drinking two litres of it every day. To make it easier to maintain, you can add fruit or vegetables to your water. You can vary endlessly so try for yourself what your favourite is. Mint, lemon and cucumber, for example, is a delicious combination.

Your skin is glowing from within by drinking water from your water cooler at the Gold Coast

The bad news: Skin blemishes and the like are not just a question of predisposition. The good news: You can declare war on pimples and cellulite - all by drinking enough! In fact, this simple trick will help and your complexion will shine again without any make-up or blush layer. Because the individual cells of the body carry water, anyone who suffers from a pale complexion should be happy about the “push-up effect” that the water supply has for the skin cells. (By the way: these foods are surprisingly bad for the skin!)

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