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Fatigue solved by drinking water

Posted by Peter on 1 February 2017
Fatigue solved by drinking water

Water shortages brand you do not fast; every cell in the body is given a little bit less water, except for the brain cells. The salivary glands will also continue to work. That means you do not get thirsty. Who only drinks when he has a dry mouth is richly late. Generally people drinking too little water. Many drink two liters of water a day and they run a good chance of chronic dehydration without them recognize it as such. Try to drink filtered tap water. Tap water is not healthy anymore, therefore filter. For filtration solutions see the Prestige Watercooler range.

Amino acids and water shortage

Fatigue is a condition that many suffer if they have no physical or mental effort. In such cases it is advisable to seek the cause of fatigue in a water shortage. Scientific research shows that fewer different amino acids are quickly created as they have a water shortage. Amino acids play an important role in energy metabolism. The reduced production of amino acids is one of the reasons that people who drink too little water can become fatigued.

Beverages dehydrate

Filtered water or bottled water? Every man should drink 2 liters of water and should be aware that drinking alcohol, coffee, green and black tea dehydrates the body. Because too few people realize that most people suffer a water shortage. You might say that if you have a water shortage the body responds by feeling thirsty, but that is only partially so. Thirst is the last stimulus, a sort of emergency mechanism. The body gives it priority to keep operating the salivary glands. Incentives that come earlier than thirst are often misunderstood pain stimuli in the stomach, fatigue, headaches, irritability and even the emergence of diseases such as allergies and asthma.

Food is digested with water

Foods that should be need enough water consumed. Water helps with the digestion of nutrients. In this way water makes you have energy. In some cases, a shortage of water can lead to diseases. Constipation can be a consequence of the lack of drinking water. In addition, bulimia can be caused by a water shortage. The bulimia patient is dehydrated so that the body can not digest the food. It is an emergency response of the body in order to ensure that everything is directly vomited. Therefore, it is important to drink a glass of water before every meal.

Nerve impulses and water

All the chemical processes in which the body accumulates energy associated with water. The nerves provide connections to muscles and joints. When there is little water available to run the nerve impulses are not good and can cause a feeling of fatigue. The stimuli in the nervous system nerve fibers be effected by means of hydro-electricity, a manner in which water is required.

Thirst is not a first stimulus

Actually I should drink more water. In science, it is not fully penetrated water can be a drug. There are still many doctors and experts who think it is enough to drink water when you are thirsty. The feeling of thirst is considered to be a stimulus of the body in order to drink. But this is a false assumption; When you get thirsty it is already too late. It would be better to drink two liters of water a day.

Hunger is actually thirst

We eat too much and drink too little. What we regard for hunger is actually a cry from the body of water. Then you imagine yourself in the following way: imagine stomach starts to rattle slightly, a few hours after you've eaten. You then take a glass of water, and five minutes later one. Rattling will disappear quickly. A rumbling stomach is actually interpreted incorrectly for years. If the stomach is rumbling means: thirsty! The body needs water to digest the food. Therefore, it requires water. Whose body fills with food, while you've eaten a few hours before his body will make it very difficult. That opens the way for diseases like bulimia, obesity, constipation, mental illnesses and cardiovascular diseases.

Mix your water with salt

Because the body needs many minerals; the serum in the blood has almost the same composition as the mineral-rich seawater, it is of essential importance in order to take in salt in addition to water. You eventually give energy. What you can do is make a solution of unrefined sea salt from the organic shop and water. The quantities of itself indicate. That's pretty easy to put together yourself because if you do it saturates too much salt in the water, and it remains in grains on the bottom. You store it in a well cleaned jam jar or bottle and use here every day four teaspoons of. You can do a teaspoon of the salt solution in your drinking water or muesli. So you get in enough salt; Salt is contrary to what many think very healthy, but you have to take unrefined salt and no salt with anti-caking agent because that's where the toxic aluminum.

A few days

It may be that you do not experience within an hour's difference; it usually takes several days for the effects of drinking water can be measured. Initially, the body will focus on:

     -Slowly add water all body cells and spaces between the cells,
     -Elimination of waste,
       the complement of the blood.

The fact is that lack of water is captured because everybody gets a little less water; therefore it is almost impossible on. Another physical phenomenon is that there is edema caused by water shortages; the body wants to build up a small reserve in this way. These edemas will only disappear if you drink enough water. After several days, the vitality will come back again. Drinking water and losing weight

Other natural resources

It could be that you drink enough water and you still feel lethargic. Recall that happens, you get enough minerals, preferably by Himalayan salt or Celtic sea salt. If that is the case and you're still tired, you can use natural means to fatigue such as ginseng, mace and daily eating alfalfa.

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