Special Offers on Water Coolers and Dispensers

Special Offers and more information about our Water Coolers

1) Are there any special offers?
Yes, we always have special offers on our water coolers. Please contact Prestige Water and find out about it!

2) Does Prestige Water have a reward for a referral?
Yes, if you (a Prestige Water customer) refer a friend, you and your friend will receive a FREE cartridge worth $60.00 each.

3) Any more deals?
We proudly distinguish ourselves from others with Quality, Service, Reliability and of course great-tasting water. To assure you are getting the best advice and service, we reward you if you return our "Feedback form" within 2 weeks after purchasing our water cooler. If you do so you will get a $15.00 discount on your first cartridge replacement.

4) What if I buy more than one water cooler at the same time?
Please contact Prestige Water for a custom-made deal!

5) When do I get my water cooler delivered?
Your water cooler will be delivered within a few days. We deliver to your office or home.

6) Are there any charges for delivery?
No, your water cooler will be delivered to your door for free.

7) Is it easy to set up the water cooler?
Yes, just follow the instructions, step by step. It is very simple and takes up to 10 minutes of your time.
You also follow these instructions if you move office or house.

8) What is the lifetime of the cartridge?
The lifespan of the cartridge is depending on the usage of the water cooler and the quality of your tap water/tank water. For example:
For a business with up to 20 people, we recommend a filter change every 6 months.
For a family of 3 or 4 people, a filter changes every 9 or m12 months.
Prestige Water will advise the cartridge replacement time in your situation.

9) What is the cost of a cartridge?
The cartridge replacement cost is $60.00 (Delivery and GST inclusive)

10) How can we contact Prestige Water?
You can contact us on the Contact Us Page and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Or call: Peter direct on 0405-176 472 or Free Call 1800 500 334
Filtered Water Coolers

Drinking tips from Prestige Water.

Benchtop and Floor Standing filtered alkaline drinking water with minerals

Experts disagree on how much we should drink. The natural feeling of thirst is a good indication of how much fluid the body really needs. In general, however, it should be at least 1.5 litres per day that we consume. What is important, however, is what we drink. We list five drinks that keep our bodies healthy!

1. water

The undisputed healthiest drink is water. After all, our body consists of more than 70 per cent H2O - and that needs to be increased every day. Water gets into all cells and ensures a healthy metabolism. It supplies our organs with fluid, flushes harmful substances out of the body and ensures firm skin. By the way: You don't necessarily have to buy bottled water, tap water is of high quality in Australia.

2. Beetroot juice

Beetroot is a real superfood * and is also really good for the environment. Because beetroot grows easily in our local fields. The list of nutrients and vitamins it contains is sensational: vitamins A, B and C, antioxidants, calcium, amino acids, potassium and magnesium.

3. Green Tea

Tea supports many of the body's processes *, such as blood circulation. Some varieties are said to have anti-inflammatory effects and some types of tea function as a natural antibiotic. Green tea has a cleansing effect, so it helps flush toxins out of the body and also transports fats out of the organism.

Green Darjeeling tea in a glass cup & leaves in a bowl.

Green tea is very healthy.

4. Coconut Water

Sounds exotic and it is. Still, coconut water contains healthy potassium,* which supports our bones. It should ideally also come from biological degradation and thus not pollute the environment more than necessary. It is not an alternative to regular water and should only be drunk as an additive.

5. Coffee

For people with stomach problems, espresso is the right choice* because the water only comes into contact with the coffee powder for a short time. This makes it much easier on the stomach.

Good old filter coffee is the best option for people with high cholesterol levels. Because Cafestol and Kohweol, the ingredients suspected of increasing the bad LDL cholesterol, are filtered out.

The caffeine stimulates and wakes you up.

A small drop of bitterness: the coffee is healthy - no matter which one - just without milk and sugar!

Why is Filtered Water so Important?