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Say NO to bottled water and use Water Coolers Sydney filtration, unlimited drinking water for FREE.

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Prestige Water Coolers Sydney (Bench Top Model, Floor Standing Model, Stainless Steel Model).
Filtered Water Coolers Sydney are the ideal office and home water cooler solution that will save you money and helps the environment. Water is drawn from your own tap and filled into the top compartment of our 7-stage filtration bottle. Please click on one of the pictures above to find PRICES and MORE INFO about our products.

With the 7-stage filtration bottle on top of the water coolers, you can make "unlimited" great drinking water for your whole family or staff for FREE. Buying bottled water is expensive and almost all bottle companies will add a certain amount of chlorine back to the water so you can store the bottles for a long time. Nice chilled water is not only healthy, but it will also taste nice too. Our water coolers in Sydney are fitted with a filtration bottle. You put your own tap water in the top compartment of the bottle. All the water will be flowing by gravity through the 7-stage filter cartridge. Great tasting water after filtration from the water coolers in Sydney. This filter will remove chemicals such as chlorine, sediments, and others from the tap water, also very important minerals are added back to the water to improve your health and better taste. You can refill this bottle as often as you want, so you will have unlimited, clean drinking water available. By using one of our water dispensers in Sydney, drinking water with a great taste is easy, and it will reduce drinking soft drinks. More water means less soft drinks means better health. Better health with Prestige Water. If you own one of our water coolers, we are sure that you will drink more water. Having a full glass of water all the time. It is easily assessable and every time you walk past the water cooler, you see water and will drink more during the day as well. Prestige Water Coolers Sydney are Premium Water Coolers including Premium Water Filtration.

Bench Top Water Coolers Sydney

The bench top water cooler from Prestige Water is perfect for Home and Small Offices. It has a chilled water tap for refreshments and a hot water tap for all your hot water drinks. If no hot water is needed you can switch it off at the back of the cooler and the hot water tap will dispense room temperature water. You will have immediate savings with no more buying bottled water. You can drink as much as you like, just refill the filtration bottle if needed. With its compact design the Bench Top water cooler Sydney will fit nicely on your kitchen bench or a table.

Dimensions: The height including the bottle is 88 cm, The width and the depth are 32 cm. Please notice you need some extra height for filling the bottle with a water jug.

Floor Standing Water Coolers Sydney

The floor standing water cooler from Prestige Water is the perfect solution to provide your family or staff with UNLIMITED great-tasting water FREE from your own tap. Whether you like chilled water or hot water on tap, you will drink tap water that is filtered by our 7-stage filter system. Never you will have to pay for your drinking water again! If you have one of our water filter systems, you will notice that everyone will start drinking more water. Not only the taste is great but every time you walk past the system, you see water and will have a drink. By drinking more water from the water coolers in Sydney you will keep your body hydrated and fit.

Dimensions: The total height including the filtration bottle is 135 cm. The width is 32 cm and the depth is 35 cm. This unit will fit most areas in your home or office.

Water Coolers Sydney is Australia's leading supplier of water coolers and water filters. Ether you are looking for a water cooler for your home or office, we have been supplying filtered water coolers since 2001 to Homes and Businesses such as schools, offices, gyms, and hospitals, just to name a few. Having a water dispenser in your waiting room is an extra service to your staff and customers. With over 10.000 customers across Australia, we pride ourselves to be the No.1 water cooler specialist. Healthy drink water with minerals from the water coolers in Sydney. It is very easy to order a water cooler with us. Simply click on one of the pictures above to get the dimensions and prices. You always own your filtered water dispenser so you never have to pay any rent. You can also call us and we are more than happy to talk to you and advise the best water cooler for your situation. All our water coolers in Sydney have a modern look and will fit perfectly in your home or office. Also, the 7-stage filtration bottle is one of the most advantaged filters in the market. We are an honest filtered water cooler supplier with honest advice. We are proud of our history and are committed to offering you the best service available. If you need advice and like to find out which water cooler is the best for your need please give us a call on 1800 500 334 or send us an email: email water coolers Sydney

Are you paying too much for your drinking water?

Water Coolers Sydney prides itself to supply its customers with "FREE" healthy drinking water for the whole family or staff. We are the No. 1 supplier of water coolers with a self-filling filtration bottle. This is how you can convert your own tap water into healthy drinking water without having to pay for it. We all know that tap water contains chemicals such as chlorine, heavy metals, and sediments, just to name a few. You don't need to drink these chemicals, just remove these with the Prestige Water filtration system. Great tasting water from a water cooler in Sydney. Just fill the filtration bottle with your own tap water and our 7-stage cartridge will do the rest. Now you can enjoy fresh, healthy drinking water FREE from your own tap. Depending on how much you are using the water cooler, the filter cartridge needs to be changed between 6 - 12 months. For businesses, we recommend changing the filter every 6 months and for a family of 2 or 3 people, we advise a new filter every year. This is how our filter works:

Filter Bottle Water Coolers Sydney


Start your day with water with lime

Did you know that lemons are packed with nutrients such as vitamin C, calcium iron, B-vitamins, fibre, etc? Start with having a glass of lemon water every morning before having breakfast. Drink it first thing in the morning, it will help you receive the benefits such as freshening your breath. Other benefits are that lemon water helps out flushing toxins in your body, and boosts your immune system due to the high level of vitamin C. Lemon juice water is a great energy booster. Lemon water provides the body with energy and will decrease the acidity in your body which reduces inflammation. Want to lose some weight, drinking a glass of lemon water (which contains fibre) will help. Lemon water is high in potassium which is good for heart health. Try also to replace your coffee with a glass of lemon water. You can drink this also as a hot drink. It feels refreshing. Drinking clean and filtered water will help with weight loss as well.

Drinking Clean Water is Important for Superb Health

People who drink 8 - 10 glasses of clean water, filtered tap water with added minerals, have better health and body function and circulation overall, which are needed for great health and a long and better life. Not only for yourself but also for your family members and/or staff. The average body contains 70 - 80 % water so it makes sense to drink clean water that helps improve your well-being. Try to replace one or two cups of coffee or tea with water! You surely find out it will make a difference. The body requires water that is 100 % pure, and free from chemicals and toxins. Therefore we comment to filter your tap water before drinking. If you decide to drink clean water without all the chemicals, try our Water Coolers Sydney filtration, the best in the market. Find out here what our filtration does: Water Filtration Water Coolers Sydney.

With a water cooler that you can fill yourself with your own tap water, you are never without great-tasting drinking water. You always drain a glass of cold water. Each glass is filtered fresh. You also will save on water bottles, transport and exchange. Our advantages are:

Drinking clean water is healthy, smart, pure, clean and without calories. Water keeps you young and it is a treat every day. The cost of making your own drinking water is nil. So why not make a life-changing decision today and start drinking more water and less coffee and soft drinks. 

Spring water is almost always associated with a spring that rises in mountains. An estimated 25% of all packaged water (bottled water) comes just from local water extraction. In those cases, the water in the bottle which you pay the same as tap water in your area. What really happened with our tap water and underground water? The water will then be filtered or otherwise treated, but is not different from normal tap water. 

Are you drinking enough? Drinking water from a water cooler in Sydney is the most economical option. We have a wide range of high-quality leadership and hygienic water coolers that excel in design and functionality. Our water dispensers have an ergonomic tap height so you can easily fill your glass or bottle. Each model is equipped with a water filtration bottle and filter cartridge for great-tasting water. At Prestige Water you can rely on excellent service for your water dispenser. Operating from The far north down to Tasmania we maintain water coolers for customers throughout Australia. Also, you benefit from competitive rates. Do you want to purchase a water cooler outride or pay it off over 6 or 12 months? Whatever you choose, we can take care of all. We can advise you what is the best option for you and the choice is of course up to you. Our price includes delivery and GST. For the maintenance of your water cooler, we recommend changing your filter cartridge as advised by Prestige Water. We will notify you when your filter is due for a change. For businesses we recommend changing the filter every 6 months, for homes between the 9 and 12 months, depending on the number of people. Great tasting filtered water made from your own tap with a Sydney water cooler.

Water is a true friend to all staff and customers in every office. Often drawn from a regular tap but unfortunately too often from a water cooler with a spring water bottle. And while the Australian tap water is already of good quality, we recommend filtering it first. With our filter system you can be assured you will drink the best water quality available, and for free! Healthy drink water straight from your water coolers Sydney.

We should drink that much water from your water cooler Sydney

The need for fluid is different. We are thirsty when our body has lost more than 0.5% of its weight in the form of water. Adolescents and adults should consume between 30 and 40 ml of water per kilo of body weight per day. In some cases, this also goes through the food: we take almost a third of our daily needs through food, such as fruit, vegetables or soups.
As a guideline, approx. 1 ml of water per 1 kcal per day applies to adults. At 2,500 kcal that equates to 2.5 litres. It should be at least 1.5 litres of water per day.

With physical exertion, sport, and high and also very low temperatures, the fluid requirement is increased. Illnesses such as fever, vomiting and diarrhea also require higher water consumption. Women need more fluids during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

This is what happens when we drink too little water

A lack of fluids can quickly lead to serious damage: Urinary substances cannot be excreted by the body after 2 to 4 days. If we drink too little, for example, poor concentration and headaches can occur, and our body can no longer perform 100%. The lack of fluid is also noticeable in the intestines and constipation occurs. In the worst case, our cycle fails.
Benchtop Water Cooler Sydney
Floor Standing Water Cooler Sydney

6 tips to get through the holidays by drinking from your water cooler Sydney

Recognizable to all of us. We look forward to the holidays but are secretly afraid of the scales the day after. Although Christmas is officially only two days, you can secretly add a lot of extra moments. A Christmas drink at work, perhaps a Christmas dinner with friends, Christmas Eve and maybe a third Christmas day. By the time of January 1, you are eager to start your good intentions.

We give you tips to get through the holidays because that is easier than you think!

Tip 1: Do not think, I will start losing weight on January 1!

In practice I hear it come back very often, "January 1st I start!". But that does not mean that we are going to enjoy it again. Because why would you end the scales higher at the end of the year? My most important tip is not to start after the holidays but start before. If you stay the same in weight, you have already lost a few kilos!

Tip 2: Enjoy everything you eat!

It is such a shame to regret what you have eaten. So choose what you like, but think about what you eat. Enjoy it and think about what you eat. This is not only better for the guilt afterwards (which makes you reach for something tasty again), but also better for your weight, digestion and satiety. So enjoy every bite that goes down your throat.

Tip 3: Don't forget to move

Of course, it is attractive to sit on the couch after Christmas breakfast and relax. Unfortunately, those extra calories don't disappear like snow in the sun, so try to compensate for this with exercise. It is wonderful to get a breath of fresh air during a long forest walk. This way you burn calories and it is also nice to lose the full feeling. For the Christmas feeling, it would be nice if there is snow, but unfortunately, we have no guarantee in our country. So flakes or no flakes, hop on those walking shoes! You will need to drink plenty of filtered water from your water cooler in Sydney.

Tip 4: Don't ignore what you know

Last week I heard someone say "I know I am wrong but still I cannot stop." My question then: "Do you ever look at the packaging of what you eat?". This is followed by a negative answer: "No, I know it is bad". Recognizable? With her and you, there are many others who also put their heads in the sand. This is a great killer for the sleek line over Christmas. The wrong thought is, when taking one of the many delicacies: "Now the day is already ruined and it doesn't matter anymore." Believe me, this does make the difference! What often helps me is to check the packaging of what I plan to eat. One Christmas wreath or meringue will not be fatal, but eating that whole bowl empty will! Below is an overview of the number of calories in several Christmas treats to give you an idea of where those dreaded Christmas kilos (may) come from.

Tip 5: Make conscious choices

Eating healthy does not mean that you cannot eat well. Just make sure you make a conscious decision. A soup beforehand? Fine. A steak? Fine. Grilled vegetables? Of course. Potato croquettes? No, rather not.

Are you not in ketosis and would you like to spoil yourself with something tasty, because you should also be able to do this at Christmas? Of course, but also make a conscious choice. Don't go for one of those afternoon snacks, a glass of wine with each course and that sweet dessert. Better go right for once than anything. Weigh the tasty things together, what makes you happy? Take only what you would give a 9. A snack that only earns 6.5, is a waste of calories.

Tip 6: Don't forget to drink healthy water from your water cooler Sydney!

No, unfortunately, I don't mean champagne. Water, water, and more water! First, of course, for all the reasons why it is normally good too. But also because of the alcohol during the holidays. Alcohol removes moisture from your body. That is also the reason why you have a hangover the next day. Besides, you are more saturated when you drink enough. The stomach has a volume of 3 to 4 litres. So when you fill it with a large glass of water, there is less space to fill it with all that goodness.


We all know that we have to drink enough water. That is regularly said and is in our heads as a kind of unwritten rule. But why is that, what is sufficient water and does it differ per person? Water cooler with or without filtration. We delve into a number of investigations and explain them to you.

The importance of drinking water

Our body consists of around 60% moisture. The water in your body regulates your body temperature, helps your intestines absorb nutrients and transports nutrients and waste. Maintaining your fluid balance is therefore essential. So drink plenty of water. The truth about drinking water. But what is sufficient?

The right guideline for your water needs

The Nutrition Center gives 1.5 to 2 litres of water per day as a guideline to stay healthy. But that would mean that a man who weighs 95 kilos should consume the same amount of water as a girl who weighs 50 kilos. A better indication is therefore 0.03 x your body weight. During the day you also lose fluid through sweating, breathing, stool and urine. In addition, it naturally also plays a role whether you exercise intensively or sit on a chair all day. If you exercise, you lose around 1 to 2 litres of fluid per hour. That is almost the amount that you have to drink in a day. After a workout, it is therefore important to replenish your fluid balance. For example, a Coca-Cola bottle can hold one and a half litres of water.

Alert, satisfied and happy with a glass of water

It is clear that drinking water is important for a properly functioning body. But are there other effects of drinking water and what do we feel if we do not drink "enough"? Various scientific studies have been conducted on these questions, with varying results. In general, it appears that if people who are in the habit of drinking little water increase their daily amount to around 2 litres per day, they will feel less tired, confused and sleepy. Drinking water, the best way to keep your moisture balance up to date. It also emerged that when people who are in the habit of drinking a lot of water reduced their daily amount to 1 litre per day, they felt less sharp, satisfied and positive. Although more research is being done to clearly identify these effects, the current results give the impression that "drinking enough water" can have a positive effect on our feelings in addition to an essential function for our body.

Reflect & learn

7 Ways to influence your energy intake. Check with yourself how much water you actually drink per day and whether this is sufficient for you. If you find it difficult, grab a large glass of water between the companies and drink it immediately. Or buy a large bottle for yourself that you consciously fill five times a day. And don't forget to top up your fluid balance after a hard workout!

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What happens to the body when you drink too much?

Water is not only healthy - as for many other substances, the same applies to our fluid balance: the dose makes the poison: too much is unhealthy. Drinking too much water upsets the body's metabolism and mineral balance. In the worst case, it can lead to what is known as water intoxication, in which there is too little sodium in the blood.

Have people died from a water overdose?

In fact, there are documented deaths due to water intoxication. Alkaline Mineral water from your benchtop or floor standing water cooler Sydney. At the Frankfurt Ironman, for example, a 30-year-old triathlete died in 2015 because he had drunk too much water. This doesn't happen often, but it's not an isolated case either. Especially in the amateur sector, athletes sometimes drink too much water for fear of dehydration. Experts estimate that in a marathon with 10,000 participants, around a third suffer measurable disorders from excessive drinking. Up to 50 runners can even experience life-threatening changes. But this danger does not only threaten marathons: In addition to inexperienced athletes, there is also a risk group of people who, for example, drink large amounts of water on crash diets to cover up the feeling of hunger. Occasionally, absurd tests of courage and competitions are also the reason for water poisoning. In 2007, a woman died in a California radio station's water drinking contest.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?