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What does water do in your body

Posted by Peter on 9 February 2017
What does water do in your body

Sweating, urinating

Water regulates our body a lot. For example, with water vitamins, minerals and nutrients transported to our cells and waste products. Tap water vs filtered water.

With water, we strengthen our immune system and prevent diseases. Water helps to digest and absorb food. Also, we regulate our body temperature with water.

After oxygen, water is the most important substance for your body. In water you can solve almost anything and because it is liquid, water acts as the perfect way to transport substances in your body. Water plays a role in the following:

     - digestion
     - body temperature
     - transport of waste (cleaning)


Healthy filtered tap water with Prestige Water. Water plays an important role in digestion. Everything you eat is in your stomach altered by stomach acid into very small particles. Everything your body needs comes to vitamins, minerals and nutrients from the food and put all your cells in your body through your blood (more than 92 percent water).

Body temperature

One of the most spectacular tasks of water is the monitoring of our ideal body temperature. If the temperature of your body is warmer than about 37.5 degrees, head sweating (sweat). That happens in a hot environment, with exertion or fever.

The sweat cools: when the sweat evaporates on your skin, a considerable amount of heat is consumed. That heat comes from your skin and your body: thus you cool off. This happens continuously. Average touch a day lost 300 to 800 cc of water through transpiration. That may be a few liters when it's very hot or during intensive exercise. It is very important to drink water!

You can water the best cooling drink. The water will find the quickest way through your body as it is 5 degrees. Tip: do not drink too much (cold) water in a very short time.


Having a full glass of water all the time. Most of the water is necessary to remove waste products from the body. Not everything you eat and drink your body needs. Everything your body needs (energy and materials) is transported via the blood to the right place in your body. What remains or is not necessary partly goes through your kidneys to your bladder and you lose as urine.

The remainder goes through your small and large intestine to your rectum and then you poop out. Traveling through your colon is removed as much water from the digested food. That water your body uses to transport all materials. There must remain some moisture to your stool stays flexible. Better health with Prestige Water.

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