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Water, a super drink

Posted by Peter on 1 February 2017
Water, a super drink

Better health with Prestige Water. Water is healthy. Especially filtered tap water. We can live weeks without food, but without water we feel sick already after 24 hours. On a hot day it can be already after 12 hours. Dehydration symptoms are very serious but did you know that some allergic reactions can also be caused by a water shortage? Like pain in your gut? Water dissolves many disorders. If you have or are experiencing any pain, it is very wise to see if drinking three glasses of water does take away the pain. Headaches can for example be caused by dehydration. It is much wiser to drink three glasses of water first then equal to grab a painkiller. Tips to drink more water.

We exist for the major portion of water

Water is a medication. The man is 80% water. That is why water is so healthy. Everyone should drink between two and three liters of water a day but get most of that. While it is so simple!

     - Drink two glasses of water a half for every meal. That is 400ml per meal, three times is 1.2 liters.
     - Drink a glass of water with a cup of coffee. Drink no more than three cups of coffee a day. That is 600ml.
     - Drink a glass of water before bedtime. That is 200ml.

Having a full glass of water all the time. Now you're on two liters of water. That you can supplement with a cup of herbal tea, soup or a glass of water at mealtimes.

Not after eating

Drinking water is not something you should do misguided. It is not good to drink plenty of water after eating. Why not? Because then you dilute the stomach acid. This heartburn is just desperately needed to digest the newly arrived supply. If you're going to dilute with water, or it just washes away the gut in, digests the food so well. This will only easily absorbed nutrients like sugar and white flour products absorbed by the body. The slightly more difficult substances, such as vitamins and minerals, remain behind in the intestines. The result is that by drinking water is after the meal with a shortage of nutrients, plus your body produces relatively large amount of fat.

Water has a memory

In this collection of articles, you will learn about several medical aspects of water. Water is the most important substance for our body. The phenomenon of water has not been studied thoroughly yet long. So it stands out all kinds of research that water has a memory. It takes thoughts of men. If the water absorbs negative thoughts, it's a lot unhealthier. One of the non-studied aspects is that water also absorbs the forces of medicinal herbs. Therefore, a tea from a medicinal herb can work more than taking the pure medicinal herb itself.

The dangers of plastic bottles of water

Today, we are increasingly using plastic water bottles. That is seen completely wrong from a health point of view! The plastic particles slowly dissolve into the water so the water suddenly turns into a carcinogen! Therefore, it is much healthier to drink water from a glass bottle. Unfortunately, there are also restrictions. It was found in a study that bottled water can sometimes contain radioactive substances.

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