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Having a water cooler system from water coolers Canberra with a 7-stage filtration bottle can save you an enormous amount per year. Not having to buy bottled water anymore. It is possible by drinking filtered water made from your own tap. Prestige Water Coolers Canberra has a filtration bottle on top of the water cooler. Simply refill it with your own tap water and our filtration will do the rest. No more bottles filling up your fridge, only one water cooler that will purify, make cold water and an option for hot water as well. If no hot water is needed simply switch it off and this tap will dispense room-temperature water.

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Here are our models to choose from:

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Please click on the picture and you will get all the information you need. Prices start from a $ special price. This is including the filtration bottle, filter cartridge, delivery and GST

What is Filtered Water

The Water Coolers Canberra filter will remove impurities from tap water and tank water. In the top compartment of the filtration bottle, you find our first step of filtration. Inside the dome, you find 2 pre-filters. These prefilters will remove sediment from your tap water. If needed you can remove the pre-filters and wash them under the tap. The second stage is an activated carbon section. Activated carbon will absorb impurities from the water like chlorine. Our third stage contains minerals. Minerals are added back to the water for good health. The fourth stage will make the water more alkaline. The fifth section is silver-loaded activated carbon. This will not only absorb again some impurities from the water but will also stop bacteria growth in the cartridge. The sixth step is minerals again. The last filtration is through a ceramic disk. This is an anti-bacterial filter. All of these filtrations build into one cartridge. Please notice that the cartridge needs to be changed every 6 - 12 months depending on your usage. Water Coolers Canberra will advise you by sending a reminder letter when your cartridge is due for a change.

Filter Cartridge Water Coolers Canberra

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Faster fat burning with a Filtered Water Cooler Canberra

Calculate how much water you should drink per day. As far as I know, no research is known to indicate that lemon juice leads to increased fat burning. The only possible effect seems to be the placebo effect. In other words, drinking lemon juice gives you the feeling that you are healthy, which means that you can maintain other healthy behaviours for longer. Many minerals are in the water from a water cooler in Canberra. Stop drinking soda - Stop sugar.

Extra calories

In comparison with water, there are more calories in lemon juice. The difference is minimal but worth mentioning. Good hydration in the summer.

Bad for your teeth

Lemon juice is not very good for your teeth. According to Peter, your tooth enamel suffers from constant exposure to sweets or sours. Drinking water with fruit and spice. By drinking lemon juice all day, you do not give the teeth and saliva time to recover properly. This is because saliva helps to neutralize and has a protective effect. You run a risk of cavities or tooth wear (erosion) if you do not give the saliva sufficient time to prepare for the next lemon juice attack. According to Peter, it is wise to take no more than 7 sweet/sour moments per day. Try to drink more from a water cooler in Canberra.

Try to take as many products with a lot of sugar and acid at the same food moment. Do you like lemon juice? Then drink the glass in one go instead of sipping for two hours. The same applies to a lesser extent to meals, shakes and snacks. If you eat constantly you give the saliva insufficient time to build up a layer and neutralize the nutrients.

Extra vitamins

You only have to search the Internet for a few minutes and you will come across many websites that recommend lemon water because it contains all kinds of vitamins and minerals. But this is such a small amount that it is negligible. Instead, just take a piece of fruit with you to work or study. This also gives you a fuller feeling than a glass of lemon water from a water cooler in Canberra.

Cold or hot drink: what is more cooling in hot weather?

The answer is probably not what you think, healthy drink water from the water coolers in Canberra

Cold or hot drink which works cooler in warm weather. How do you know if you are drinking enough water? The weather gods are good for us in the coming days. But what works cooler with these high temperatures: cold or hot drinks?

Cooling down

The answer is very simple: if you need a cooler, you better drink a hot drink. Why that is? A hot drink makes you sweat, so your body cools down faster. Cold drink, on the other hand, in small quantities, only does work briefly because the surrounding organs heat up quickly again. And if you think, will it help if I drink a lot of it? Nope. Large amounts of cold drinks cause your blood to flow less quickly, which makes it difficult for your body to dissipate the heat. Not a good idea. Better drink filtered water from the water cooler in Canberra.


Even eating ice cream will unfortunately not help you to cool down. Indeed, digesting such high-calorie food causes your body temperature to rise. So you get it even warmer. Soft drinks have the same effect as ice cream: the high number of calories will only make it warmer.


And not entirely unimportant: what about alcohol? Grabbing a cold beer on a warm summer's day is not really wise either. Alcohol has a moisture-wicking effect, so your body doesn't have enough fluid to sweat. So the heat cannot leave your body. Instead of alcohol you better drink great-tasting water from the water coolers in Canberra. Soft drinks, up to 7 cubes of sugar.

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Can I drink too much?

This is also possible: Adults can take in a maximum of approx. 10 litres per day for a long time. If we drink too much in a very short time, we overwhelm our body completely: Urine production cannot process the fluid, and the metabolism no longer works. The result is dizziness, nausea and difficulty breathing. In extreme situations, too much water can even accelerate the heartbeat and lead to unconsciousness.

This is how you drink properly

  •  Distribute the amount you drink evenly throughout the day: place a drink in a visible area and fill the glass directly. This is how you remind yourself to drink.
  •  Alternate between different drinks: water is of course the lowest calorie variant.
  •  Drink while you eat: This also makes it easier for you to digest the food.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?