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Check out the Water Coolers Melbourne range including our unique filtration bottle. You never have to buy bottled water again and you never have to drink tap water again. Imagine owning one of the above water cooler systems. Instant cold and (hot / temperature) water available!

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Drinking water has proven to lose weight

If you want to lose weight please consider drinking plenty of clean and filtered water. It's the key to losing weight. Great tasting water with a water cooler Melbourne and water dispenser Melbourne. You could drink 2 glasses of water before every meal. It will fill you up and you also eat less. Please be aware that your body needs to get used to more water and less food. It is proven that people who drink 2 glasses of water will lose more weight than people who didn't. Why not give it a try over the next 14 days. You don't have anything to lose! Just some weight. Drinking filtered water gives you more energy and therefore you will burn more calories. Not drinking enough water can dehydrate your body and gives you headaches. Benefits of drinking water. How much water should you drink every day? It's all depending on how active you are, where you live, the temperature and humidity of the surroundings, etc. As a general rule, you should drink 8 glasses per day.


Bench Top water coolers Melbourne

Bench Top Water Dispensers Melbourne

"Bench Top" Water Coolers Melbourne
Including a 7-stage filtration bottle and filter cartridge

  • Height: 82cm (including filter bottle)
    Width: 32cm
    Depth 32cm

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Floor standing water coolers Melbourne

Floor Standing Water Dispensers Melbourne

"Floor Standing" Water Coolers Melbourne for the Home or Office. 

Including a 7-stage filtration bottle and filter cartridge

  • Height: 135cm (including filter bottle)
    Width: 32cm
    Depth 35cm

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Option 2: 6 monthly Payment Option (Free Delivery)
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Option 3: 12 monthly Payment Option (Free Delivery)
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Stainless Steel water coolers Melbourne

Stainless Steel Water Coolers Melbourne

"The Fridge" Water Coolers Melbourne
Including a 7-stage filtration bottle and filter cartridge

  • Height: 138cm (including filter bottle)
    Width: 34cm
    Depth 38cm

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Option 2: 6 monthly Payment Option (Free Delivery)
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Option 3: 12 monthly Payment Option (Free Delivery)
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The filtration bottle from Prestige Water Coolers Melbourne 

Filtration Bottle Water Coolers Melbourne

This is the filtration bottle from Water Coolers Melbourne installed on top of our water cooler. Just remove the lid from the bottle and pour your tap water/tank water in the top compartment. All the water you put in the top will be gravity filtered through our 7-stage filter cartridge. This cartridge will remove the impurities from your tap water such as chlorine and other but also very important minerals will be added back to the water as well. If the water level is low, simply refill it from the tap for FREE. This means you have access to UNLIMITED drinking water and you will never run out. Great tasting water with a water cooler Melbourne and water dispenser Melbourne. For Home, we recommend changing the filter cartridge every 9 - 12 months and for an office, we recommend changing the filter cartridge every 6 months. As a Prestige Water customer, we add your details to our database and you will receive a friendly reminder in the mail when a filter change is advised. So now you can enjoy drinking clean filtered water every day. Prices for replacement filters are here: Prices Replacement Filters Melbourne.

Why filter your tap water?

With all the water on earth, only a small fraction is suitable for drinking. Our body needs water that is pure, and free of chemicals. Tap water contains chemicals such as chlorine and others but there is no reason for us to drink these. Water treatment plants use chemicals to destroy bacteria. Tap water is perfect for drinking but without all these chemicals. These chemicals can easily be removed by our multistage filter system. The Prestige Water 7-stage Filtration Bottle.

The power of pure water is the vital chemistry of life.

Water Dispensers Melbourne and Water Coolers Melbourne for the Office and Home

Prestige Water deliverers a range of water coolers for Home or Office. All water coolers will come with a filtration bottle that will filter and purify your tap water. Give us a call if you need more information about the water coolers Melbourne or water dispensers Melbourne. You never will have to pay for drinking water again, just pour tap water into the top compartment of the filter bottle and the 7-stage filter cartridge will do the rest. Now you can enjoy great-tasting water for your family or staff/customers. Why is water good for you. When the water level in the bottle is low, simply refill again free from your own tap.

You need to know these facts about water and having a water cooler Melbourne filter system

Good drinking is important, but there are quite a few fables out there.

Your body functions best when your fluid balance is in order. Only how do you ensure the correct moisture balance? There are all kinds of advice about this, one even more ridiculous than the other. To prevent you from listening to the wrong things, we invalidate 5 fables about water today.

Myth 1: By drinking water, you get enough fluid

Drink plenty of water, give the body what it needs. The moisture content of your body is not only determined by the water you drink. The amount that you transpire, your diet, the altitude at which you are located and even the humidity also plays a role here. If you follow a healthy diet, you should get 20% of the moisture you need from your diet. If you choose snacks such as watermelon, grapefruit, apples, cucumber or grapes you can easily get some extra moisture. You can also add fruit to your water as natural flavours. Research shows that you drink more if your drink has a taste. Therefore try filtered water from a water cooler in Melbourne.

Myth 2: You will stay healthy even without drinking enough

Drink plenty of clean water. Even slight dehydration can already have consequences for your physical and mental well-being. Drinking too little reduces the amount of fluid in your blood. Your blood becomes thicker and syrupy. Therefore, your heart has to pump harder to make it flow around. Your body cools down less easily and your muscles get tired sooner. Dehydration is dangerous, so drinking is essential for your health.

Myth 3: As long as you do not eat salt, nothing is wrong

Salt is important for people who exercise a lot. Your body needs sodium and cannot make it itself. We get sodium through salt and keep our blood volume up. With a normal blood volume your skin loses heat more easily, nutrients are better absorbed and sufficient oxygen goes to hard-working muscles, such as the heart. Great tasting water from a water dispenser in Melbourne. The sodium that you lose due to sweating or urination must be supplemented to prevent dehydration.

Myth 4: Bananas help against dehydration symptoms

Potassium is in bananas. Potassium is a substance that dampens the effects of sodium and removes it from your body through your kidneys. Is it bad to drink water while eating? Water cooler Melbourne and water dispenser Melbourne. You can see potassium and sodium as two opposing forces that keep each other in balance and thus ensure the correct moisture balance. Bananas therefore only help against dehydration symptoms if there is too much sodium in your body. The recommended amount of potassium is 4700 mg per day. For sodium that is 2300 mg. If you stick to these quantities, you will prevent dehydration.

Myth 5: Everyone should drink 8 glasses of water a day

As always with precise numbers for food or moisture, this cannot be true for everyone. Also, not everyone has to eat 2800 calories a day. Depending on your weight, your physical activity and the temperature, you need 2 to 5.5 litres of water per day. Drinking water prevents muscle pain. Check your urine on days when you are not exercising. Your pee should look more like lemon juice than water or apple juice. Dark urine often indicates dehydration. On the days that you do exercise, weigh yourself before and after your training. For every half kilo of body weight that you lose, it is necessary to drink at least 2 glasses of water from a water cooler in Melbourne. This keeps your fluid balance up to scratch.

Water from your water cooler in Melbourne is good for your skin

In this article, we'll give you five helpful tips for a thinner face by reducing swelling and fluid buildup, as well as by using firming creams and facial exercises.

How do you get rid of the fat that has accumulated on your jaws and chin? Even though we have successfully dieted several times, our faces often remain full and round, which can diminish their beauty. In this article, we give you five tips for a thinner face.

Is it possible to thin your face?

When losing weight, we would also expect a thinner face. It is often the case that, although we have lost a lot of weight, we still have chubby jaws and a double chin, which we do not want.

This is normally caused by fluid build-up, but it can also be a side effect of some medications. We will explain how to get a thinner face by:
  • Proper nutrition
  • Exercises for the face
  • Firming creams
You definitely don't need plastic surgery! We promise you that you can reach your goal in other ways if you commit yourself enough.

However, if you are taking medication and you notice swelling on your face, speak to your doctor to see if this is a side effect of this medication. Medications such as corticosteroids can change the appearance of a person dramatically.

1. Avoid moisture accumulation

Thinner face with lemon and ginger

As usual, the key is a healthy diet. One of the main causes of facial swelling is an accumulation of water. However, what can you do when your jaws or eyelids swell? Simple, follow a cleansing diet.
Avoid salt, sugar and other sweets, refined flour and red meat. Start your day with lukewarm water with lemon, followed by a healthy breakfast. For example, take a bowl of oatmeal with grapes, cherries, or any other red fruit. It is also recommended to drink pineapple juice and green tea daily and eat papaya. These will help you purify your body of toxins, which will also prevent fluid build-up.

2. Drink two litres of water from your water cooler in Melbourne every day

Thinner face with water

Moisturize, hydrate, and moisturize! We need to stay well hydrated so that our organs can purify our bodies in an optimal way. Your kidneys will work better because of it. If you don't like drinking water, add some lemon for a better taste.

3. Herbal tea

Thinner face by drinking tea

There are three infusions that can help you detoxify your body and burn fat. The first infusion is with ginger. You can drink this infusion twice a day. The second is green tea, a fantastic antioxidant and detoxifier. The third is an infusion of eucalyptus. This will help improve circulation and remove waste. This tea fits into any diet and you can also drink it twice a day. You can use the hot water tap from your water cooler in Melbourne.

4. Homemade firming cream

Thinner face with beauty treatments

Today you will find a countless number of firming creams on the market. You can choose which one you want, but we recommend a homemade remedy, which is completely natural:

  • Plain yogurt (unsweetened)
  • 2 tablespoons of oats
  • 3 tablespoons of orange juice
  • 1 capsule of vitamin E (can be found at the pharmacy)

All you have to do is mix all the ingredients well and apply them to your face two nights a week. Massage the cream well into your face and let it work for fifteen minutes. Then rinse with cold water.

5. Exercises for the face

Big, exaggerated smile. We all know that smiling is good. So stand in front of the mirror and try it out! Practice your face by smiling from ear to ear. Do this fifteen times. Easy, isn't it ?! Fish face. Obviously, we do this when we're alone, right? When you make a fish face, you burn fats from your jaw and chin. Squeeze your lips while pulling in your jaws to do this exercise. Hold this pose for five to ten seconds, then relax. Repeat this five times. Fill your mouth with air. This exercise is also very easy. Take air in your cheeks and blow them up as hard as you can. Hold this for ten seconds and then let the air out. Repeat this eight to twelve times. Say the vowels. Another fun exercise: start relaxing your facial muscles in front of the mirror. Then you first say the letter A (you don't have to do this out loud, just making the move is enough).

Benchtop Water Coolers Melbourne
Floor Standing Water Coolers Melbourne
Exclusive Water Coolers Melbourne

Everyone knows that exercising and drinking from your water cooler in Melbourne is good for you.

When you exercise you stay fit and on weight. But did you know that sports also give you beautiful, radiant skin?

By exercising, your muscles work, your breathing accelerates and you get warm. Menno Gaastra: "Your skin plays an important role in the heat regulation of your body. When you are warm, the blood vessels in the skin dilate. This improves blood flow so that your body can lose its heat. Another advantage of better blood circulation is that your body can better remove waste products, sweat and sebum are also squeezed from your skin during exercise. These factors together ensure that you get a beautiful, radiant glow and soft skin after exercise. the better blood flow swells your skin a little. This fills wrinkles. You also get a healthy blush on your skin. "

Sports and the outdoors

When you exercise outdoors, it is important to protect your skin from the sun. Menno Gaastra: "Use a sunscreen that can withstand perspiration. A greasy sunscreen 'floats' on your skin and closes it off, so that your body cannot lose heat."

Water with minerals from your own water cooler Melbourne: the most important thing

Prestige Water Cooler Melbourne: "Drink enough water during and after exercise. Your body evaporates a lot of moisture to stay at the right temperature and that has to be replenished. On average you lose a litre of fluid per day, and when you exercise that is more. "when drinking." Think of your skin as a plant that you have to water enough because otherwise, it fades. Then it becomes dry and looks dull. Not surprising, because your body consists of 75% water. , especially if you exercise often, your skin will stay healthy, full and radiant. "

Shower routine

If you exercise a lot, you shower more often. Or maybe you can be found several times in the water every week. All that water dries out your skin. Besides, after exercise, your skin cells are more open, so your skin loses more moisture. The warmer and longer you shower after your workout, the more your skin will dry out. Especially if the water contains a lot of lime. "After showering, lubricate your skin with a body lotion or oil, which intensively cares for your skin."

Benchtop and Floor Standing Water Coolers Melbourne

Why is it important to drink enough water every day? You hear and read it often, but do you really know why it is so important for your health and for the way you feel every day? In addition to healthy eating, water is an essential part of keeping your body healthy. Drinking water from the water coolers in Melbourne brings a lot more healthy effects with it and today we list them. Alkaline water, is the nature of water.


Water is one of the most important fuels and nutrients in your body and therefore it is important to replenish this every day. Even after a good night's sleep, your body uses water so it is a good idea to start the day with two glasses of lukewarm water from the water coolers in Melbourne as soon as you wake up. The advice is to drink an average of 2 litres of water during the day. When you prepare this quantity in advance (for example in a large jug with some vegetables/fruit for a nice taste), this makes it visually and easier to achieve this goal.

1. Water ensures that all your organs can do their job.

Did you know that our body consists of around 75% water? This alone shows how essential water (moisture) is for our bodies. Enough water is needed to ensure that all your organs can function optimally.

2. Water ensures healthy skin.

For many of us, well-cared for and radiant skin is extremely important. Healthy skin can cause you to have more confidence than when you worry about it. Water ensures that your body can detoxify and that the substances that can make your skin restless are excreted.

3. Drinking water ensures the removal of toxic substances.

By drinking a glass of water immediately after getting up, you ensure that your body comes into action again. By drinking enough water from the water coolers in Melbourne during the day you help your body with the removal of toxic substances. Your liver is indispensable for this process. Did you know that your liver even consists of 95% water? Amazing fact, right? To keep your body healthy it is extremely important that your liver can do its job well and you already guessed it; it needs enough water.

4. Water provides enough energy.

How do I get more energy? Did you know that fatigue can also be caused by a shortage of water? When the fluid balance in your body is too low, your body becomes tired and has trouble functioning. By drinking enough water you ensure that your body has enough fuel to function properly and you will feel fitter.

5. Drinking enough water can help you lose weight.

Enough water is essential if you want to lose weight. Not only does this provide more energy as indicated above, so you can get more out of your workout, but it has another important reason. By drinking enough water you ensure that the metabolism of your body does its job properly so that you will also burn more. In addition, drinking enough water also soothes hunger a little, so you are less likely to get hungry again. Great tasting drink water from the water coolers Melbourne. Why filter tapwater.

Drink from the water coolers in Melbourne, the benefits of a good balance

Drinking water makes your skin look beautiful

If you drink enough water every day, you are doing something good for your health. Your skin will thank you too, you can use it to stop facial wrinkles and other skin complaints. However, you should not start with this when the first wrinkles appear but drink water as a preventive measure from a young age.

This will keep your skin firm and smooth longer, as your skin cells need enough fluid. 2 to 4 litres of liquid a day are good for your skin and can reduce blemishes. Especially when you have dry skin, moisture is important not only from the outside but also from the inside.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?