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Benchtop Water Cooler

Benchtop Water Cooler

Floor Standing Water Cooler

Floor Standing Water Cooler

Exclusive Water Cooler

Exclusive Water Cooler

Watch our 45 sec movie to find out how you can make great tasting drinking water

Free Unlimited Filtered Water Coolers

  • Primary Filter: Removal of Rust, sediment and particles of 5 microns and larger
  • Active Carbon: Removes chlorine, Trihalomethanes, and organic sediment, removes bad smell and taste
  • Mineral Balls: Energizes the water molecules and adjusts the water to an optimum mild alkaline level. Restores trace elements
  • Coral Sand: increases calcium level
  • Silver-Loaded Active Carbon: an extra layer of activated carbon (Silver-Loaded)
  • Mineral Balls: an extra layer of minerals balls
  • Inner Ceramic Filter: Antibacterial filter

Drink Filtered Alkaline Water with Minerals from a Prestige Water Cooler

Benefits of drinking Alkaline Water

Benefits of Alkaline Water

  • Anti-aging via liquid antioxidants that absorb more quickly into the human body
  • Effectively balance the pH levels
  • Prevents the development of diabetes
  • Boost the immune system
  • Promotes better hydration
  • Detox the body
  • Helps with weight loss
Water Filter Bottle for Water Cooler

7 Stage Filtration Water Coolers

  • Why buy bottled water if you can easily make your own healthy drinking water with added minerals
  • Fill the filter bottle from the tap with tap water
  • No heavy lifting of water bottles
  • No storage problems for full or empty bottles
  • Never again pay rent on your hot and cold water cooler dispenser
  • Unlimited filtered cold water for refreshments
  • Unlimited hot water for tea & coffee OR unlimited room-temperature water
Water Filter Bottle for Water Dispenser
Taste the difference with our benchtop or floor standing water cooler. How nice would it be to have clean, fresh drinking water available all year round? Each person should drink around 2 litres or 8 glasses of clean water each day to stop dehydration. Drink a little more in the summertime or after sports or other activities. Now the whole family can enjoy the great-tasting filtered alkaline water from Prestige Water. If you own one of our systems you will drink more water. The taste is great and the water is easier to drink. Try to cut out one or two soft drinks daily and replace them with alkaline drinking water. Did you ever turned your tap on and didn't know what quality of water is coming out? You can be assured that it will contain chemicals such as chlorine, heavy metals and more. Your body is 60 - 70 % water, so you want to make sure you drink the best water possible. Our 7-stage filtration system will not only remove the harm full chemicals from your tap water but will purify it too. After the filtration, your family or staff can be sure to drink clean, healthy drinking water without you paying for it. Unlimited drinking water free from your own tap, how great is that? Filtering your own tap water is the best way to provide you with clean drinking water. If you are still buying bottled water, do you know exactly what is in the water? No, you don't. If there is a label on your bottle it will not tell you what substances it contains. You are much better at using a good water filter and you save money as well. If you drink filtered tap water in the amount of 2 litres per day it will cost you less than $2 per year on water consumption. Drink the same amount of single-serve bottles the cost could be more than $2800 each year. Most of this cost is the production of plastic bottles, lids and labels. Check out our benchtop and floor standing filtered water coolers with filter bottles for your home or your office.

Why buy Prestige?

Say NO to bottled water and make your own drinking water free from the tap!

Prestige Water is recognized as the No. 1 supplier of water coolers and offers you one of the best filtration systems available in the market. We offer:

  • Unobtrusive modern design of water coolers
  • Best Quality
  • Advanced Filter Technology
  • Healthy water with added minerals
  • Filter bottle with filter cartridge
  • Easily filled with tap water
  • Reliable service
  • Office Water Coolers and Water Coolers for Home
  • Hot and Cold Water Coolers with filter, Turn OFF the hot water switch if you do not use it
Water Cooler Dispenser

Prestige Water is recognized as the No. 1 water Dispenser, water cooler and Water Filtration company in Australia. Established in 2001 and still growing. You can be assured that we supply the best quality units and our service is next to none. Over all those years we understand the benefits of having clean and great-tasting drinking water with minerals affordable for you, your family or your business without having to pay for it. If you own one of our water systems with filtration, you convert your own tap water into free alkaline drinking water with minerals. If you are buying bottled water or getting your water bottles delivered, you are paying too much. The Prestige Water 7-stage filtration bottle will not only filter your tap water but will purify it too. Very important minerals are added back to the water and your drinking water will be more alkaline too. Prestige Water supplied thousands of businesses and households throughout Australia with a drinking water system. The filter cartridge needs to be replaced every 6 or 9 months depending on the application. Prestige Water will advise you when your filter cartridge is due for replacement. Give us a call today and find out how you can save money and how easy it is to own one of our water cooler and filtration units.

Tap water contains chemicals such as chlorine, heavy metals, organic sediment, and more. The filter will filter out all those chemicals and you will have clean drinking water available. All our systems will have a cold water tap and some models also have a hot water tap. You can switch off the hot water and this tap will dispense room temperature water. All our water coolers from The Benchtop model up to our Floor Standing model are of the best quality. Can't decide on the right filtered water cooler system for your office or home, please give us a call or send us an email.


Prestige Water is an Australian-owned company and we have over 20 years
experience in the water industry. Our prestige range of filtered water dispensers:

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Prestige Water filtered water coolers and water dispensers for Home, Office and Business

We sell Benchtop and Floor Standing water dispensers and coolers including a self-filling filtration bottle for your Home and your Office. If you own one of our filtered water dispensers, you never have to buy bottled water again. When the water level of the filter bottle is low, refill it with your own tap water again and again. We supply your home, office or business with Unlimited FREE alkaline drinking water with minerals, every day! Only change your filter every 6, 9 or 12 months, all depending on the usage. The benchtop with its compact design fit in the smallest places. If you click on the picture at the top of this page you will find the dimensions. By owning one of our systems you save immediately on not having to buy bottled water anymore. You can drink as much as you want without having to worry to run out of drinking water or having to pay for your drinking water. All water coolers will come with an instruction sheet on how to set up your water cooler. It is straightforward to install and set up and you can always contact us for assistance. Enjoy the benefits of fast delivery, no plumbing required and better water for the whole family or office. Once installed you will never pay for your drinking water again, how great is this? No matter which model you choose, you will be enjoying great-tasting water from Prestige Water. Staying hydrated is essential all year round. Due to the fact that you can refill our self-filling filtration bottle as often as needed, you never run out of healthy water. Also, you save time by not having to buy bottled water anymore and reducing plastic in landfills as well as carbon emissions produced during the production of bottled water. We supply alkaline water coolers throughout Australia, Brisbane, Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Cairns, Rockhampton, Townsville, Canberra, Darwin, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Mackay, Ipswich, Toowoomba, Gladstone and more.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?