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Prevent muscle pain by drinking water

Posted by Peter on 27 March 2017
Prevent muscle pain by drinking water
Most people know that it is important to drink plenty of water. Still, many Australian do it enough! Have you ever drunk sometimes long time no water and had the feeling that your body surrendered? This is because water is essential for our body. Our body is 70% water, our brains even 90%. So you can imagine how important it is for our bodies to function properly. Below 10 reasons why you should drink a lot!

The benefits of drinking lots of water!

1. Prevents muscle pain and joint pain

Clean Water from Prestige Water Coolers plays a role in the contraction and stretching of the muscles. If you have too much fluid in your body, this process does not work properly and can result in cramping. For proper lubrication in your joints requires sufficient moisture. Actually I should drink more water.

2. Prevents headache

Often, the cause of headache is a lack of moisture. Try not to immediately grab a painkiller, first drink a few glasses of water. Probably you'll soon find that your headache is less, take only a painkiller if it is really necessary.

3. Improved bowel movements

Our body needs water to process nutrients properly. When you have your bowels is likely to be dehydrated. By drinking plenty of water in combination with high fiber foods can stimulate bowel movements.

4. Expel waste

Waste may different ways to penetrate our bodies, for example the things we eat or polluted air we breathe. Our body gets rid of the waste again by sweating or urination. In order to run smoothly this process is drink plenty of water required.

5. Drink plenty of water helps with weight loss.

By drinking plenty of water you quickly feel full so you grab less to those tasty snack for in between. By drinking water you also give a small boost to your metabolism without you eat extra calories. Drink extra calories water preferably cooled, use your body to get it to body temperature. Drinking water and losing weight.

6. Tap water costs 'nothing'

The drinking water from the tap in the Netherlands is one of the purest on earth. Benefit therefore! Give your not out to (often) money unhealthy and expensive drinks while you just "free" can drink from the tap. Math is how much money you save annually if you would replace every other drink a glass of tap water.

7. Stimulate brain activity

Our brains consist largely of water. For optimal brain activity, it is important to drink enough. When you do this you will find that you have many times more alert, more energetic and more productive are during the day.

8. Good for healthy skin

Your skin and drinking water. Dehydration is a drain on your skin and this should obviously see as much as possible. If you want to combat aging and wrinkles want as long as possible to ask is it important to drink plenty of water. By preventing dehydration encourage your young, healthy and radiant skin.

9. A reinforced immune system

Drinking water strengthens our immune system, because it contributes to the flow of fluid through our lymph nodes. Once more fluid is filtered through the lymph nodes is more likely that bacteria, antioxidants, viruses or other pathogens are expelled.

10. Good mood

If you do not drink enough you exhausted, crabby and receive numerous other psychological problems. Enough to stay hydrated you will find that many times you are happier, more productive and energetic.


Drinking plenty of water is undoubtedly essential for our body to function properly. A lack of moisture will result in numerous adverse effects are actually quite simple to avoid. Try every day to drink at least 2 to 3 liters of water to take advantage of the many benefits.

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