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Drinking water helps with losing some weight

Posted by Peter on 27 January 2017
Drinking water helps with losing some weight

Lose weight is a challenge for many people. You have fewer and healthier food, while more exercise. However, you can lose weight by simply drink more water. Filtered water is very important for your body and has a very positive effect on the slim line. See the Prestige Water website for more details. Water ensures the removal of harmful substances, stimulates fat burning and goes against hunger. Instead of water, you can also coffee, tea or soft drinks, but with moderation. Lose weight by drinking water is possible, but unfortunately it is not a panacea.

Lose weight by drinking water

Lose weight, many people think directly to eat less or differently, by exercising or by a less intensive way of moving. What many people do not think about their drinking habits: lose weight by drinking water.

Many people get too little moisture inside, which makes losing weight more difficult. Water is the best source of moisture for your body because it contains no calories and because no chemicals are in water that are harmful to your body. Therefore, you may in many diets, such as Weight Watchers, unlimited drinking water. In fact, just water helps in the removal of harmful substances. Especially when you're losing weight is important. Namely fat is packed with all kinds of hazardous substances. When you lose these substances are released, and urgently need to be worked out of the body. But there are more reasons to lose weight by drinking water. Is water healthy?

Burn Fat with water

Water is necessary in order to maintain the momentum of fat burning. Drinking enough water not only has the effect that you the food you until you take easily into energy (instead of storing it as fat), but also that you will burn fat more easily stored in your body. Because of this you will not only prevent you arrive, but you also ensures that you actually going to lose kilos.

Drinking water to fight hunger

It might sound crazy, but can help drinking water to avoid feeling hungry. Scientists have discovered that the body thirst still want to confuse even hungry. So when you have enough fluid in your body, you get the signal that you should eat: not useful if you're trying to lose weight. If you ensure that you have the whole day enough fluids in your body - in other words that you drink enough water throughout the day - then you do not get thirsty and will also give a false sense of hunger your body. Actually I should drink more water.

Coffee, tea, soft drinks, beer ...... or maybe water?

Drinking water is obviously not the only way you can take moisture to you. Having a full glass of water all the time. In fact, most people get only a small portion of their moisture from drinking tap or bottled water. What about those other drinks: help us also to lose weight?

For many beverages, the answer is yes! Coffee, tea, and soda consist for a large part of water and thus contribute to the supply of moisture in our body. However, each of these beverages however poses another disadvantage.

Coffee - and especially the substance caffeine - has an addictive effect. When we (temporarily) stop drinking coffee, we get headaches and concentration problems. In addition, too much coffee as possible negative effects on health - are scientists disagree on what this means exactly, but generally recommend it to drink large amounts of coffee. Coffee has also positive effects on our health, especially by the presence of antioxidants, which help to keep your body healthy. It is therefore recommended that 2 to 3 cups of coffee a to drink.

Like coffee, tea can also mean an addition of moisture on the amount you take until you. But tea is that you do not too much to drink. On one side tea contains antioxidants which again are very good for your body, but there is also tannic acid in tea that the absorption of minerals prevents the body on the other side. Tea also contains fluoride (in larger quantities) is toxic to our body.

Also soda can you count in the amount of fluid you take to you. However, this you have to be more careful than with coffee or tea. In soft drinks is often include a lot of sugar. This applies not only for carbonated beverages such as cola and orange soda, but also for healthier-looking beverages like for instance double fresh. Soft drinks are often also referred to as the hidden thickeners. Fortunately, there are of most soft drinks also light variations for sale that contain much less sugar. Look at diet sodas always good on the label how many calories are in it!

Beer contains many calories that you really have to fit it in when you want to lose weight. When you have a lot of beer drinking in a row, you get a lot more energy in than your body needs. The surplus is then stored in the form of fat. In addition, you the moisture you take until you can not count using alcoholic drinks in your total fluid intake, because alcohol diuretic works. When you drink a pint of beer, makes sure you have more than half a liter of pee. By drinking alcohol you fill your body not with water, but tap so just dehydrated.

Well good sources of moisture are fruits and vegetables. These often consist for more than 70% water. Even a tomato is 95% water. Additionally contain fruits and vegetables generally high in fiber, so that you do relatively long with a limited amount of carbohydrates. As a result, you will never get hungry. Better health with Prestige Water.

In conclusion, one can say that water (along with fruits and vegetables) is the best source of moisture for your body because it has on your health and because it contains no calories, no harmful effect. Just because drinking water is rather boring and difficult for many people to maintain, some of the moisture that you will come to your coffee, tea and soft drinks.

Lose weight by drinking water: drink many liters of water?

Tips to drink more water. The amount of water you need to stay healthy depends on the size of your body. For convenience, you can assume that an average man between 1.5 and 2 liters of water (or other liquid) is to take it to them. If you want to lose weight may be wise to even drink more. However, the body can at the same time but with a limited amount of water. Per hour cannot handle more than half a liter under normal conditions. Very same time drink plenty of water can be dangerous for your own health. However, when you drink well spread over the day, you can take 4 liters of water to you without which presents even some health hazard.

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