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Prestige Water Coolers Rockhampton has become a very experienced company in the drinking water industry for over 20 years. We supply very stylishly and high-quality water coolers with the latest filtration system. By choosing one of our water cooler systems you will notice the saving in NOT having to buy water anymore. Simply refill the filtration bottle with normal tap water and the filter cartridge will convert your tap water into healthy drinking water for the whole family or your business. Now you can enjoy the benefits of one machine that does it all. From water filtration, cold water dispensing up to hot water for all your hot drinks such as coffee and tea. If you do not require hot water simply switch it off and this tap becomes room temperature water. Now you made the first step by reading about healthy drinking water why not find out about our prices.

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We all tasted tap water. Do you really like the taste? Tap water contains some chemicals and the most common chemical is chlorine. Especially in Queensland the chlorine content is higher due to the warm climate. In some areas, you can even smell the chlorine when you are opening the tap. Are you drinking enough water if the taste is bad? The Water Coolers Rockhampton water filter system will eliminate the chemicals from your tap water and minerals will be added back into the water as well. This water filter (a 7-stage cartridge ) is built inside the filtration bottle. Simply remove the lid from the bottle and pour your own tap water into the top compartment of the bottle. All the water you put in the top compartment will be filtered through the cartridge and the bottom compartment will contain your healthy drinking water storage. It is so easy and you will love the taste of nice sparkling drinking water. The taste is excellent and you will notice that the whole family or office staff will drink more water. Water will keep you hydrated and has many more health benefits.

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Lemon can help with weight loss. Also, drink water from Rockhampton water coolers.

Do you want to lose weight quickly and easily with a lemon? What does drinking 2 litres of water a day with your body? Then lemon or lemon juice can help you with that. Lemon is a so-called power fruit, just like the acai berry and pomegranate, and has many positive properties. Losing weight with lemon is therefore very easy and also safe. Bottled water contains fewer minerals than tap water.

Lemon contains a lot of antioxidants and lemon juice has a cleansing effect so that your entire body is cleansed and released from toxic waste. That cleaning again has a positive effect on weight loss. Because lemon juice is very acidic, it helps the stomach to disinfect and digest the food and therefore the food in your stomach is digested faster. Because your intestines are properly cleaned, this also helps prevent blockages. The vitamins in the lemon also ensure that the urge to snack (unnecessarily) is suppressed. There are good minerals in water from Rockhampton water coolers. Lemon is also a perfect thirst quencher, so it is ideal, especially in the summer. Water, is an essential nutrient.

Lemon juice

If you want to lose weight, do not drink pure lemon juice. That is way too acidic and also very bad for your teeth. Put a little lemon juice in a glass and dilute it with water, or put it in your tea. That is enough to help you lose weight. In addition, lemon juice is delicious over a salad, meat or fish.

Lemon every day

Lemons are not expensive and you can use them in many ways. Therefore, make sure you eat lemon or drink lemon juice every day. If you want to lose weight quickly, make sure you always have lemon in your home. Take other fruit in addition to the lemon to get the necessary vitamins. For example, pineapples are also known to lose a lot of kilos. Great tasting drinking water from water coolers Rockhampton.

Lemon alone is not enough

If you really want to lose weight, just eating lemon is not enough. It definitely has a very positive effect on weight loss, so losing weight with lemon is by no means a fable. However, just eating lemon is not enough. It seems like kicking in an open door, but eating healthy and getting enough exercise are just as important. Always take a good breakfast, eat no or only sensible snacks. Take a cup of healthy water from the Rockhampton water cooler. Prevent muscle pain by drinking water. Lemon is an excellent tool, but not a panacea. Lemon may be a powerful fruit, but eating only a few pieces of lemon will not make you lose pounds in one go.

Capsules of lemon juice

If you do not like the sour taste of lemon, you can also take capsules of lemon juice. You can just take it with a little water and they help you lose weight.

Benefits of lemon juice

Lemon is packed with vitamin C. Lemon ensures that blood sugar levels are lowered and kept constant. In addition, lemons contain the substance pectin. This substance ensures that you no longer feel hungry. So you get the feeling that you are 'full' faster. And last but not least, it keeps your skin balanced and provides a nice shine.

However, lemon juice also has disadvantages. Lemon juice is acidic and can damage the enamel of your teeth and eventually break it down. However, by drinking your drink through a straw, your teeth will be affected as little as possible. Great tasting water from a water cooler in Rockhampton.
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Drink more healthy water from a water cooler in Rockhampton

Drink more water in hot weather. In the summer we sweat a bit with everyone. All that lost moisture must also be replenished. Is the recommended amount of two litres of water per day sufficient, or should we drink a few more glasses of water?

A glass every hour

According to Prestige Water, it is advisable to drink a glass of water from your water cooler in Rockhampton every hour, even if you are not thirsty. Bottled water, tap water or filtered water. You will then quickly arrive at two and a half to three litres per day. That also corresponds quite well with the formula of the famous fitness trainer Charles Poliquin. According to his guideline, you must drink your body weight at least multiplied by 0.44 and divided by 10 litres of water every day. According to this formula, a person weighing sixty kilos must drink 2.6 litres of water. Of course, tea and water with flavours also count towards your fluid intake, just like the fluid that you get from food.

Also read: Drinking water helps with losing some weight.

Take generously

Great tasting drink water straight from your water cooler Rockhampton. Anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding needs more fluid and can safely drink three litres of water a day. People who exercise intensively are also advised to pay attention to their fluid intake. Do you prefer to sit on the terrace all day? Then don't forget to order a carafe of water with your wine. Because of the alcohol, you lose more moisture, so you also dry out faster.

How do you recognize dehydration?

Those who drink too little may experience dehydration symptoms. You sweat less, you are thirsty, you feel drowsy and you can even faint because your blood pressure becomes too low. You can also get confused because your brain cells are extra sensitive to dehydration. Prevent dehydration by always putting a (recyclable) bottle of water from your water cooler Rockhampton in your bag on hot days. Have you forgotten to drink water? Do not immediately tap litres back. Your kidneys can only handle 0.7 to 1 litre of water per hour. Cold water drinking.

Fresh water for your company. A Prestige Water Cooler Rockhampton with Filtration Bottle

We have the right solution for you - whether small or large business, whether 10 or 100 glasses of water a day.

We are always there for you - our service team is there for you by phone, and online.

Benchtop and Floor Standing water coolers

With sufficient fluid intake, one can counteract a physical distress signal: thirst. The ideal would be to ensure that you never develop a feeling of thirst. Drinking before the organism even urgently demands it and sends out this cry for help prevents nausea, poor concentration and an increased body temperature. The latter happens through the balance through the lungs and by means of the sweat glands. Approx. 500 millilitres escape per day with the air alone. In the hot summer months, it is particularly important to drink plenty of water, also because valuable electrolytes such as sodium, magnesium, hydrogen carbonate or potassium are lost with the sweat - all of the components of the water, together with numerous minerals.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?