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Save on costs of buying bottled water with Water Coolers Perth!

Is your fridge stuffed with bottles of water? Did you just run out of cold drinking water? Are you paying for drinking water?

With the Prestige Water Coolers Perth all the above is in the past. Never run out of fresh cold drinking water by using one of our 7-stage filtration filtration bottle. This filtration bottle sits on top of our water cooler. We have several water cooler models to choose from.

If you had enough of buying water why not own a water cooler Perth system from Prestige Water including filtration bottle for a low price. Our price starts from $ 299.-- for the Bench Top model. Free standing models are also available from $ 399.-- All inclusive the filter bottle, delivery and GST.

Bench Top Water Coolers Perth

This is our Bench Top Water Cooler Perth. If space is an issue please consider the Bench Top water cooler Perth. It is easy for you to refill the bottle so close to the tap. Simply remove the lid and fill from your own tap. The 7-stage filter will remove the impurities from the tap water and also very important minerals will be added back to the water as well. The blue tap dispenses chilled water and the red tap hot water. If you do not require hot water simply switch it off at the back and the red tap will dispense room temperature water. With it's compact design, this model will fit nicely on your kitchen bench. Benchtop Water Coolers Perth with a filtration bottle. Please notice that this unit will not fit under your kitchen bench cupboards, so you will need an open space. Also you will need some room for filling the filtration bottle. On your kitchen bench means close to the water tap, is easy filling the 7-stage filtration bottle. Great tasting water from water coolers Perth and water dispenser Perth.


Floor Standing Water Coolers Perth

This is our Floor standing Water Cooler Perth. If bench space is a problem imagine our floor standing Water Cooler Perth anywhere in your home or office. Use your own tap water and our 7-stage filtration will convert it into great tasting drinking water. Free unlimited drink water FREE from your own tap. Never pay for bottled water again! This has been our most popular model. No need to plumbed in to the water main so you can put this model anywhere in your home or office you like. 

Water Dispensers Perth

Business Water Coolers Perth

Supreme drinking water quality from Water Coolers Perth. Pure fresh drinking water for your business. Do you pay rent on your water cooler? Are you paying a huge amount per year just for water? Are you storing the full and empty bottles in your office? Now it is time to save money, space and time with Water Coolers Perth. If you install one of our water cooler systems with self filling filtration bottle you only need to purchase 1 replacement cartridge every 6 months. That is your only cost to supply your staff with fresh, clean drinking water. How good is that. Let's do some homework and find out how much you can save every year. When installed one of our water coolers the savings are given in the table:

Water Filter Perth

If you still not sure that you can save an enormous amount per year please give us a call on 1800 500 334 or send us an email: Email water coolers Perth

We supply great tasting water and filtering your water from your own tap will have big savings. Also you can refill the filtration bottle as often as required so you will never run out of healthy drinking water again. One system that can do the lot: from filtering and purifying your tap water, having cold water on tap, having hot or room temperature water on tap. All in one appliance. All our water coolers have the same filtration bottle installed. The filter cartridge needs to be replace every 6 months for a business, every 6-9 or 12 months for a home, all depending on the amount of people using the machine. Prestige Water will advise you when the filter is due for changing. No plumbing is required only a PowerPoint is needed to make the water cold and hot. If you do not need hot water you can simply switch off the red switch at the back of the cooler and this tap will dispense room temperature water instead of hot water. High quality systems for a low price. For prices please check our website pages mentioned above. Click on the link and you will find our about our prices, payment options, dimensions and more.

Having a Prestige Water filtration bottle installed on your water cooler, will reduce the cost of having to buy ongoing water bottles, and is by far the easiest way to ensure that you and your family or staff have great tasting drinking water available in your office or at home. You can have a glass of cold water within seconds. Prestige Water coolers Perth are easy to use and to install and take up no more than a very small bench- or floor space. Our hot and cold water dispensers will give you instant chilled water for refreshment. If switched on you could have a quick cup of coffee, tea or soup as well. The hot water can be switched off at the back and than this tap will dispense room temperature water.

Water Coolers Perth

Water Coolers Perth, Can you drink more water?

Why not choose water as a drink? Did you know that teenagers and young children who regularly drink too much soft drinks are more likely to be overweight. We all know that the taste or regular tap water is not ideal. The taste and smell of chlorine is putting us off in drinking enough water per day. Why is water good for you. A good water filter will remove chemicals such as chlorine from your tap water. The Water Coolers Perth filter system will add back the minerals as well. Great tasting water. Water doesn't contain any sugars you find in soft drinks and flavored mineral waters. Drinking clean water is the best way to refresh your body. Drinking lots of water. Healthy drink water from the Water Coolers Perth.

Some idea's to drink more water:

  • Take a water bottle with you at all times
  • Put a frozen water bottle in your kids lunchbox
  • Don't buy soft drinks.
  • Drink water when sporting. It's more healthier for you that energy drinks and sports drinks
  • Add some lemon into your water jug or water bottle.
  • If you drink sweetened drinks, just drink it from a smaller glass
  • When drinking water also include eating fruit

Pure water is essential to maintain a healthy live!

Pure water is a very important sours of life and health. Why drinking water will help with greater health. Making sure that we drink only water that is safe and uncontaminated is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves and our family members / staff. Drinking clean water without all the chemicals is an excellent detoxification for cleaning our body cells and organs. Our tap water at home or your office is chemically treated. Also it flows through all differed kind of pipes before it flows out of your tap. Do you know where your tap water is coming from and how many chemicals are in it? It is safe to drink? Are you willing to drink water and you do not know what is in it? Why not removing all these impurities yourself and drink great tasting water without all these chemicals. We sell one of the best filtration available, The 7-stage filtration from Water Coolers Perth.

Drinking filtered water from one of the water coolers Perth is not only healthy, it taste great too. You will find that you, your family or staff will drink more water than ever before. This is how you stay hydrated. Having a full glass of water all the time is important for better health. Drinking water will help your body to remove waste, absorb nutrient, carries oxygen to our cells and much more. Experts calculated that on average we need to drink at least 8 glasses of clean water each day. It seems a lot but try to take a water bottle with you all the time. Drinking water is healthy. Drink plenty of fresh water to avoid dehydration. Your family or employees may benefit from daily drinking fresh water up to 8 glasses each day. Give everyone the opportunity to have access to a good quality of drinking water. It is increasingly about a water cooler with good quality of water, cost effective, hygienic and never run out. Simply refill the bottle as often as required. Great tasting water made from your own tap from the Water Coolers Perth. The filter removes all impurities up to 0.5 micron, Chlorine, heavy metals and organic sediments. Also some very important minerals are added back to the water as well and the water will have a mild alkaline level. So the system has a multistage filtration and purification. This filter converts your regular tap water into mineral water and you will taste the difference. All models will have a chilled water tap for refreshment and a hot water tap for coffee, tea, chocolate, soup and other hot water drinks. If you do not need hot water you can switch it off at the back of the machine and this tap will dispense room temperature water. Benefits of drinking water.

Delicious healthy clean water

Prestige Water delivers innovative high quality products and water systems to produce healthy and clean water from the tap. Better health with Prestige Water. With our sustainable hot and cold filtered water coolers, we make alkaline water with added minerals. You simply fill the filtration bottle with tap water and you will get great tasting water at the lowest cost. We offer economical and environmental friendly systems. Filtered tap water is soft, pure taste, better for your health and will keep you, your family members or staff hydrated. Do you want to detoxify your body and reap the many benefits of alkaline water we also offer you this. It also reduces, by preparing your own super clean great tasting water from simply the tap, the burden on our environment by having a filter system from Prestige Water Perth, instead of buying expensive bottled water for the home or office. Discover the pure taste of coffee and tea from our hot water tap. Enjoy a really nice glass of water. Water is vital for your health. Therefore, choose the best water filtration. With our 7-stage water filter you save on the purchase of bottled water. Perth water coolers and Perth water dispensers. A significant saving on our environment and your wallet. There are so many good reasons to opt for filtered water. What is yours?

The taste of pure water

Water - make it safe to drink. Tea made from pure water is clear and will have a pure taste. The human can perceive more than ten thousand different flavors. Substances that do not belong in the water such as chemicals and sediments will be filtered out the water with the Prestige Water filter system. This gives the water its own unadulterated pure taste. You will not only taste the difference between tea made from filtered water, you will see it too. Teat made from filtered water is clear.

Why drinking enough water is crucial for good health and why you should drink alkaline water from a Prestige Water Cooler Perth


How do you know if you are drinking enough water. Water shortage is fatal within a few days. So you have to drink. But how much do you actually need? What is the recommended daily allowance and what does water do to you? And how do you recognize that you need moisture? Perth water coolers, Perth water dispensers and Perth water filters. See our website for more information. Why you must drink water when you get up in the morning.

A person excretes an average of two and a half liters per day. That is how much it should be. Excretion occurs via the large and especially the small message, through perspiration and through the breath, just about in that order. Normally thirst tells you that you need fluid. But some circumstances disrupt that natural drive.

Causes of dehydration

The "drying out" of lonely old people is known. Diseases or reduced alertness have reduced the survival instinct, and if they are not careful they lose consciousness and life. Even small children miss this sense of what is needed at a current moment to maintain the body. They are so absorbed in play or other situations that they get deficient at some point. You drink more water if you own a water cooler from water coolers Perth.

And adults? In warm weather, they can also get thirsty and heat, especially people who are less aware of the needs of their bodies. At the office you can also get dehydrated: get coffee until a stinging headache appears in the afternoon. They have been ignoring the body's desire for simple, fresh water for too long. You forget natural needs faster when you sit motionless behind a screen in a poorly ventilated, artificially warm environment.

How do you recognize thirst?

Some tips to recognize early thirst:

* Go outside, if only for a short break. Feel your body, then you easily recognize what you need.

* If that is not possible, visit the toilet. Only then do you discover that you "must", also a way to communicate with your body. Is your urine dark? The surest indication that you should drink. Continue until the urine turns pale yellow again.

* Alternate your coffee and tea with a glass of water. People used to pour standard water with coffee.

* Moderate your alcohol consumption, especially in warm weather. A glass of beer carries more moisture out of your body than in it. What does water for your skin.

* Your kidneys go down a few percent every decade. To keep them optimal, drink enough moisture, preferably tea or water, or fruit / vegetable juice. Eighty percent of fruits and vegetables consist of water. Dairy also contains a lot of moisture. Be moderate with salt and salty dishes.


What does water do in your body? Drink more healthy water from your water cooler Perth.

Better health with Prestige Water. The human body consists largely of moisture. Men have slightly more fluid in their body, they consist of 65% fluid, compared to women with around 50%. Babies have the highest percentage of body water, around 75%! Older people are getting less and less body fluid, which makes this group more susceptible to dehydration. What a lot of water, but what do we actually need it all for?

What does water do in your body?

The functioning of water in the body is important on a chemical level. A molecule of water consists, as the known chemical designation also shows, of 2 hydrogen atoms (H) and 1 oxygen atom (O). The official name is dihydrogen oxide, but that is of course not as good in the mouth as a cold sip of water. Water Cooler with or without filtration. Check out our 8-stage filter bottle. Healthy drink water with minerals from your own Perth water cooler with a hot water tap and a cold water tap.

Water is a polar substance. This means that in the middle of the H2O molecule, the positive and negative charge do not coincide. Very interesting, long story. Feel free to grab your Binas if you want to find out. We limited ourselves to the following facts.

The polarity of water ensures that it sticks well together (you cannot pick up a piece of water). In addition, it functions as a solvent, because polar substances like to dissolve in polar substances, by means of diffusion (and osmosis). With diffusion, think of making tea: you do not have just one dark piece of tea in a large glass, but the substance "wants" to spread equally across all molecules.

This also works in the body. Think of a drip with fluid: you don't get any splash of water in the bloodstream, but drop by drop the water (often with a little salt and glucose) mixes with the blood so that this is nicely supplemented evenly. Otherwise you would get one piece of highly diluted blood.

If there is a semi-permeable membrane in between (ie semi-permeable, such as a film, cell wall, etc.), we speak of osmosis. In this case, for example, a transport protein or push-and-pull mechanism is required to move the substances in and out of the cell.

Just a side road: there are also non-polar substances. Fat, for example, is made up of non-polar molecules. That is why fat does not dissolve in water, but it floats on it. We also call this hydrophobic. A middle path of this is a mi cellar molecule, which can connect fat and water and is widely used in the cosmetics and food industries, often under the name of emulsifier.

Functions of water in the body

* Function 1: cooling

One of the most well-known functions of water is the regulation of body temperature. If you drink a glass of cold water, that cold water enters your stomach. Truth about drinking water. The body wants everything to be at the same temperature: heat conducting, somewhat similar to diffusion. This means you will need to drink plenty of water from your water cooler Perth.

Water is heat-binding. That means that it takes a lot of energy for the body to raise the temperature. Through sweating, the water enters the skin through the pores. The body then automatically heats the sweat to its own temperature with the heat released from, for example, your workout.

However, the water assumes the temperature of the largest presence, and that is the environment. This cools the water and takes the body with it in the falling temperature. Partly for this reason, it is recommended to drink cold water while exercising: this is how you cool yourself from the inside. Pay attention, not too cold, because that can cause the stomach to contract.

* Function 2: moisture balance

Drinking water, the best way to keep your moisture balance up to date. Just like a balance between calories in and calories out, we have a balance of moisture. This is the ratio between the amount of moisture that enters and leaves. It comes in by drinking, but solid foods also contain a small amount of water. The recommended amount is 1.5-2 liters per day, and slightly more if you exercise (around 500 ml per half-hour intensive sweat workout). Moisture leaves our body through everything: sweating, breathing, crying, going to the toilet ... For this reason, we weigh less in the morning than in the evening: we have exhaled and sweater water for about 8 hours without getting into it replenish the night. So it is mainly moisture that you lose at night.

It is common among martial arts athletes who want to get into a lower weight class at a high pace that they try to achieve this by drying themselves out extremely. 7 Ways to influence your energy intake. After the weighing moment, they replenish the body with sufficient fluid and electrolytes. Water evaporates faster than that body fat burns. This is dangerous and must always be done under the supervision of a professional. If you try this on your own, there is always a chance that you will feel unwell and cannot bring yourself to safety. If you live in Perth, call us for a delivery of a water cooler. We supply benchtop and floor standing water coolers in Perth.

Benefits of drinking cold water from the water coolers Perth

What does water do in your body. Quenching our thirst with a glass of water is something we all do. It is generally known that water is good for the hydration of the body and that for that reason we also have to drink enough water in one day. However, what we often do not concern ourselves with is the temperature of the water we drink. And let this be something that also plays a role in the effect that water has on your health. Various studies have been conducted that show that drinking cold water from the water coolers Perth has certain advantages over tap water and hot water in certain situations. 5 Reasons why drinking water is good for your heart, brain and metabolism.

If you want to lose weight

Drinking cold water helps you burn extra calories because it boosts your metabolism. This speeds up the process of burning calories. Research shows that you can burn up to 70 extra calories per day by drinking cold water during the day. Every now and then it is best to take a break from exercising and to maintain your fitness in this way.

When you are hot

When our body warms up, we can bring the temperature of our body back into balance with the help of cold water. This is important during sports, for example, but also during a hot summer or in warm rooms. Research has shown that people are more often warm than cold in the workplace. This may be because there is no air conditioning, but often focus or stress are also the cause. When we are concentrated at work or when we have a lack of time due to a deadline, we sometimes literally rise to our head. A glass of cold water not only helps to bring your body temperature down, but also to get fresh. You can certainly use that in such a situation!

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That is why we have introduced the Filtered Water by Prestiger Water coolers Perth for a good reason. We know how important it is to feel fit during your workday. Have you already ordered it?

Drinking healthy filtered alkaline water from the water coolers Perth

Drinking water is one of those things that many people have to commit to. You simply don't think about it or you don't mind getting it out
Every summer you make an attempt (perhaps under slight pressure) to bring your bottle of water.
I explain below why another easily drinks half a liter of water, and you struggle with a small glass.

What's in it for me?

But first, what does it do to your advantage? Adequate fluid is needed in every cell of your body, right down to your bones. Healthy cartilage even consists of 75% water, so your joints and vertebrae also work smoothly with sufficient moisture. It is also necessary to make energy, to keep your digestion running smoothly and it ensures a less violent reaction in case of allergy.
This laundry list is only part of everything that moisture in your body contributes to, so even if you do not suffer from anything, your body will run best on sufficient moisture in the cells.

Tap water not functional, therefore drink from the water coolers Perth

If you have trouble drinking water, there is a good chance that you will be dehydrated. Although you probably will not experience it that way, your body will think differently. Tap water is not functional in a body with few minerals. Your body cannot absorb the moisture without enough minerals. The minerals that you do have in your body are used for higher priority functions. With a shortage of minerals, your body will therefore not sacrifice valuable minerals to absorb moisture. What you drink, you pee out. When this happens for a longer period of time, the water will bother you. It takes effort to drink water. Your body indicates that it cannot do anything with it.

Carrying the bottle again?

The solution is not to drink as much water as possible against memory. Your body indicates that it cannot do anything with it. What first needs are minerals. They are of course in fruit and vegetables, but a supplement is not an unnecessary luxury in such a case. What you need is a nutritional supplement with multiple minerals in an easily absorbable form. Get advice on this from a professional who is familiar with your health. Fill your water bottle from the water coolers Perth.

When you then have enough minerals available, your body cells can absorb moisture again. You won't be bothered drinking the water anymore, and you can start a new good habit: drink in bulk! This works as follows: You drink large amounts of water several times a day. For example, 500ml water 3 times a day. Bulk drinking works a lot better for your body than if you drink small amounts. You build up little by little until you drink 2 - 2.5 liters of water per day in 2-3 times.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?