Water Dispensers Melbourne

The durable, stylish water dispensers Melbourne all comes with a filtration bottle.

Inside the filtration bottle you find our 7-stage filter cartridge. Now you can convert your own tap water into healthy great tasting drinking water. All our models are fitted with this bottle and are the ideal way to produce drinking water for your family or business. There is no plumbing required, only 1 poiwerpoint is needed and you can put this water dispensers Melbourne anywhere you like.

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Bench Top Water Dispensers Melbourne Bench Top Water Coolers Melbourne,   Floor Standing Water Dispensers Melbourne Floor Standing Water Coolers Melbourne,   Stainless Steel Water Dispensers Melbourne 

Water Dispensers Melbourne

The filtration bottle from water dispensers Melbourne

Filter Bottle Water Dispensers Melbourne Filter Bottle Water Coolers Melbourne, 7-stage filtration with water dispensers Melbourne

1) Primary Filter: Removal of rust, sediment and particles of 5 micron and larger.

2) Active Carbon: Removes chlorine, thihalom ethanes, organic sediment, removes bad smell and bad taste.

3) Mineral Balls: Energizes the water molecules, adjust the water to an optimum mild alkaline level, restores trace elements such as Iron, Zinc, Magnesium, Strontium, Iodine, Potassium and more.

4) Coral Sand: Increase calcium level

5) Active Carbon: Removes chlorine, thihalom ethanes, organic sediment, removes bad smell and bad taste.

6) Mineral Balls: Energizes the water molecules, adjust the water to an optimum mild alkaline level, restores trace elements such as Iron, Zinc, Magnesium, Strontium, Iodine, Potassium and more.

7) Ceramic Block: Antibacterial Filter

Water Dispensers Melbourne

Are you looking for water dispensers in Melbourne or anywhere in Australia, look no further. We are the specialist in water filtration for more than 20 years. We understand that you don't want to spend a fortune every day on buying bottled water and that you like to provide a very good quality and great tasting drinking water for your family of business. The water dispensers Melbourne are cost effective and stylish machines. We offer 3 outstanding models:

Bench Top water dispensers Melbourne

Floor Standing water dispensers Melbourne

The Fridge water dispensers Melbourne

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5 tips to drink more water from the water dispensers Melbourne

Drinking more water, something that I regularly think of myself, but which usually fails. Because I really want to continue now, I thought of 5 ways for myself not to forget. On to a healthier body! Calculate how much water you should drink per day.

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Drinking water from the water dispensers Melbourne with minerals is healthy! It is common knowledge that you should drink about two liters of water in one day. It is good for your kidneys, it removes waste from your body, it gives you nicer skin and hair and it ensures that your moisture level is maintained and you therefore do not get a headache. But it is not always easy to get those two liters a day. Because I don't always succeed, I started looking for tips to drink more water:
  • Always have a bottle of water within reach. Do you sit at a desk all day? Then put a bottle of water there. Are you lying on the couch in front of the TV all evening? Take a bottle of water with you so you don't have to get up all the time. Are you going out? Take a bottle with you on the road. I have two Doppers myself and there is one at the bank and one at work. I prefer to fill the entire house with Doppers ha ha but that might go a bit too far. Great tasting water from the water dispensers Melbourne.
  • Are you home a lot? Then put a jug of water in the kitchen and agree with yourself that you drink a glass of water every time you enter the kitchen. For me it helps enormously if I can have it empty by lunchtime and before bedtime. Of course, you can also do without it, but then it is more difficult to keep track of how much water you have already drunk.
  • Alternate the flavors of water. Drinking water with fruit and spice. Put mint in your water one day, lemon and fresh fruit another day. If you make a whole jug and you let it stand for a while, then the taste draws nicely in the water. Together with water from the water dispensers Melbourne, this is healthy and has a great taste. If it is tasty, then that also invites you to drink faster.
  • Set your alarm clock at set times. At those times you must drink a glass of water or you must have drunk your bottle empty. If you keep that up for a few days, then it becomes a habit and you no longer need your alarm clock.
  • Use a special app. There are several apps that give a signal if you have to drink a glass of water. Quite handy, because you don't have to pay attention to how much you've already had, the app does that for you. Hot and cold water available from the water dispensers Melbourne. Good hydration in the summer.
Hopefully my tips will help you! At least they work for me. And, cups of sugar-free tea also count, so you can alternate with that.
Benchtop Water Dispensers Melbourne
Benchtop Water Dispensers Melbourne
Floor Standing Water Dispensers Melbourne
Water Dispensers Melbourne
Exclusive Water Dispensers Melbourne
Exclusive Water Dispensers Melbourne

Lemon juice cure and water dispensers Melbourne

Why should you drink water when you want to lose weight? A lemon juice cure is a cure intended to cleanse your body from the inside out, an additional effect is that you also lose weight. By following a lemon juice cure you relieve your digestive system and therefore your organs can use all energy to clean themselves and thus remove all stored waste.

Temporarily no solid food

During the lemon juice treatment you do not eat solid food, you can therefore also follow it for a maximum of 5 days. Drink lots of water from water dispensers Melbourne. It differs per person how he or she reacts to the cure, one person can only last 3 days while the other after 5 days could continue. You are not supposed to be hungry during the lemon juice cure, this is because the mixture contains all the necessary nutrients. Filtered water or bottled water. This is because maple syrup is added to the lemon juice, which contains various minerals and some carbohydrates. Because you don't get enough calories, you lose weight. your digestive system actually has a "break" because they have virtually nothing to digest, the body has the time and energy to get rid of stored waste. Healthy drinking water made from your own tap with water dispensers Melbourne. Is water healthy?
The lemon juice cure consists of a mixture of freshly squeezed lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. You make it as follows: in a 200 ml glass, mix 2 tablespoons lemon juice (about half a lemon) with 2 tablespoons maple syrup and top up with warm or cold water, add a little cayenne pepper. You can also make enough for a whole day at once. Then grab a measuring cup, add 20 tablespoons of maple syrup, 20 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice and a little cayenne pepper. Put the mixture in an empty 2 liter bottle and fill the rest with water. Drink about 8 glasses of this per day from water dispensers Melbourne, for a change you can drink water, green tea or herbal tea. Please note that you do not drink more than 3 liters of water per day from water dispensers Melbourne. Another nice way to drink water is infused water, this is normal water that you season with fruit, herbs or vegetables, such as cucumber, mint, strawberries, orange or a slice of lemon. This way you get a little more taste in the water.
detox water Lemons, limes and oranges are suitable during the lemon juice cure. Ideal for in a Detox Water.

Benefits of lemon juice treatment

  •     Lemon juice stimulates fat burning
  •     Lemon juice contains a lot of vitamin C.
  •     Lemon juice reduces your hunger feeling
  •     Giving the body a rest every now and then by means of a juice cure will not hurt

Cons Lemon juice cure

  •     Lemon juice is very bad for your teeth, it affects your tooth enamel
  •     It is difficult for your liver to have to break down a large amount of acid
  •     It may be that you arrive again after a lemon juice cure (yo-yo effect)
  • lemons healthy Lemons, limes and oranges are suitable during the lemon juice cure. Ideal for in a Detox Water. Great tasting water from the water dispensers Melbourne.

Rules during the Lemon Juice cure

  •     You can follow the course for a maximum of 10 days, if you feel unwell, stop earlier. You are not supposed to be hungry during the cure, this is because the mixture contains the necessary nutrients. There are minerals in water dispensers Melbourne.
  •     Do not exercise during the course, some exercise is good especially if you also want to lose weight during this course, but you should not do intensive exercise during the lemon juice course. You have less energy than normal.
  •     When you stop the cure, slowly start your digestion, eat a soup or a salad and build it up slowly. That way your body gets used to solid food again. After building up for 3 days you can start eating normally again.
  •     Take enough sleep during the cure, sleeping gives your body the opportunity to recover.
  •     Hygiene is important during this course, so try to shower at least once a day (or in the bath) and brush your teeth several times a day. You can use water from water dispensers Melbourne. This prevents unpleasant mouth and body odors, which can occur during cleaning. Your body also secretes the toxins and waste products through the skin and breathing. Tips to get through the summer cool.
  •     Try to find distractions when you are used to eating.

Why drinking water from your water dispenser Melbourne keeps you young

Nutrition and Health

Water keeps young at any age and certainly after the fortieth year of life. Drinking enough water from the water dispensers Melbourne is an absolute must, because water is just as special as it is. Actually I should drink more water - Useful tips. Together with amino acids (the building blocks of proteins), it forms the foundation of all life. We simply cannot do without because water is involved in almost all body functions. This multifunctional substance serves as a solvent, transport means and heat regulator in our body. In addition, water is also active as a building material, buffer and indispensable partner in chemical reactions. That means that water nourishes, recovers and heals. It literally keeps our entire body clean, healthy, flexible, young and elastic.

What water does for us

Everyone knows that our body consists of 70 percent water. Seventy percent of that water is in the cells, the rest outside. Water keeps our skin supple through two million sweat glands. It continuously moisturizes our eyes and ensures that we produce enough saliva and gastric juice. Our bowel movements go smoothly thanks to water from the water dispensers Melbourne. Water brings oxygen and food to our cells and tissues and removes toxins. All chemical reactions in the cells take place in an aqueous solution. Water also ensures that our body temperature remains at the same level. Moreover, it serves as a shock absorber. In this way, water protects our brain and spinal cord, the fruit in the womb, the inter vertebral discs and the cartilage in our joints.

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We lose water through sweat, breathing, urine and feces. All together about ten firm glasses per day. Perhaps you are thinking now: do I have to drink ten glasses of water a day to replenish that loss? That's not necessary. The solid food that we eat every day contains an amount of water equal to three glasses. Our metabolism converts food into energy. One and a half glass of water is also released during that process. That means that with a normal activity, your water reserve is topped up if you drink about five to six glasses of water a day. More is also possible, but it is better to reserve large quantities for periods of great physical exertion or very hot weather. Or, if you want to use water for healing. Healthy drink water made from your own tap from the water dispensers Melbourne.

What do we mean by 'water'

Drinking water is therefore necessary. But what can be understood by "water"? First and foremost: ordinary water. Furthermore, weak coffee without additives, weak tea and herbal infusions without additives, and finally clear, lean broth.

Water heals.

Yet water can do even more for us. Water can tackle ailments and eliminate the most diverse chronic and acute pains. Provided we drink more of it. About eight to ten firm glasses per day, to be precise. This corresponds to one and a half to two liters of water from the water dispensers Melbourne. And this on top of your regular portion of coffee, soup or tea. In this simple way people got rid of back and neck complaints or rheumatism. Even from allergies, stomach ulcers, depression, cardiovascular disease, migraine and obesity. Most stomach and intestinal complaints are a consequence of chronic water shortage. Something that becomes increasingly clear with age. Not convinced? Then give it a try. Admit it, it costs nothing, just some effort and perseverance. And, with our tips, it becomes even easier. What happens in your body if you drink soda.

The water cure

  • It goes without saying that neither tea nor coffee is permitted here with a water cure. Just plain, non-sparkling water.
  • Bring variation in the type of water you drink. The mineral waters that are on the market all have a different composition in terms of minerals and salts. Alternate, that's the most balanced.
  • Can't you get all that water in? You are certainly not the only one. Start with small sips that you drink throughout the day. A substantial sip of water every fifteen minutes, for example until you get used to larger quantities, is a great start.
  • Do you suffer from back pain or a hernia and are you able to drink plenty of water? Then drink a glass of lukewarm water in the morning when you get up. Furthermore: a glass half an hour before each meal and another glass of water two hours after each meal. You can drink two glasses of water from the water dispensers Melbourne half an hour before the main meal. And then, if possible, a glass in the evening before bedtime. If you can still.
  • Prepare the appropriate amount of water for you each morning or divide it into smaller bottles. that you put in different places in your house. Read also: Are fruit juices healthy. That way you don't forget to drink and you always have water to hand.
  • Are you a type that ceases water? Make sure that you pee regularly and sufficiently. You should definitely start with small sips, until the flow starts.
  • Do you get a thin, light feeling in the head? Or cramps in the calves? Then take some extra salt. Not too much, determine your dose yourself. Everything is a matter of feeling and experiencing what is good for you.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?