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Good hydration in the summer

Posted by Peter on 23 August 2016
Good hydration in the summer

Moisturize your body in summer and feel good!

Yes, finally! Temperatures have risen and we fully enjoy the summer weather. We are looking  massively for the beach soon, visit events, go sporting and also like the terraces for a cold drink. We want to relax and just think about nice things. Have you been on a holiday? Or are you going? We spent in summer more time with friends, family and other loved ones. Most of us not only enjoy, but interact with one another. We are after all still fun animals, wright? Now we have shifted our focus, there are chances that we are not always good either long enough and there could be some issues. I hear people around me often mention the well-known list when they leave the house:

  • sunscreen
  • sunglasses
  • food
  • water drink bottle.....check!

The very last item is often just as quickly grabbed from the refrigerator or filtered water cooler. We must indeed refill our body with filtered water as we lose it with sweat, in the office, but also on the way. But do we moisturize really good?

Function of body fluid

Due to the high temperatures i summer we all have to deal with a greater moisture loss. The most common forms of water loss is sweating, 450 to 900 ml per day, and urinary, 500 to 1400 ml per day. But also through respiration, approx. 350 ml per day and relief, 150 ml per day. Some will lose more moisture than others. In general, men lose more water than women. Body fluids inter alia ensures a good heat regulation and the transport of nutrients and waste products in the body. It also plays a role in digestion processes. These are important processes that need to continue to work well. For that reason, drinking enough filtered and clean water is very important. Having a full glass of water all the time.

Keep your level of moisture in balance

While walking through the city, lying on the beach or sitting in the shade we turn the lid open and start to drink water. Sometimes we have to do all day with this bottle but is 500 to 750 ml of water enough? You will find out easy enough if this is enough. It may sound a bit weird but the color of the urine indicates whether you are adequately hydrated. (with the exception of the first pee of the day). The lighter the color, the better you care for yourself. Has the urine a yellow color, then you have to drink more. Your body gives off signals before you start the dehydrate, namely:

  • thirst
  • weakness
  • fatigue

Recognizing these signs and take action!

Sweat loss affects sporting performance

When you are active you increases the sweat loss. Be aware that if you lose too much sweat it will effect the sports performance. A sweat loss of only 1% of the body weight has a negative effect on the metabolism. The heat regulation is reduced by 2% of sweat loss and decreases stamina. A greater loss of 3% allows for a far-reaching reduction in the continuous power. At 4 till 6% moisture loss occurs also force reduction next profound decrease in endurance. An even greater water loss ensures cramps and exhaustion. Are you sporting an hour or less? It is not generally necessary to bring up your moisture level. Of course you can still drink as needed. If you sport longer than an hour, then make sure you drink 200 to 250 ml per 15 minutes. If you can not do so, drink at least as much as you can. It has to be practical.

Moisture loss during exercise

Tap water vs Filtered water. If you want to know how much fluid you exactly lose, you weight yourself before the activity. During the activity you can not drink and do not pee. You can re-weight yourself after the excesses and calculate how much moisture you lost. The amount you need to replenish after the exercise is 150%.

Difficulty to hydrate

If you have always trouble with drinking plenty of water you can choose to turn into a functional bottle. With a permanent marker, for example put a line on every 250 ml. Then you know at any time of the day if you did enough drinking and if you need to drink a little more. Better health with Prestige Water.


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