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Actually I should drink more Water

Posted by Peter on 27 June 2016
Actually I should drink more Water

Useful tips to drink more filtered water

Great healthy water from your own water cooler

There is always a lot to do to drink water, I regularly get a question like: "I better drink a juice than a glass of water? There is nothing in water and in juice there is. "This was the reason for me to tell more about the importance of drinking water.

The cleaner

The human body consists of 70 - 75% water! A large part of this water is in our blood. The residual products that arise after a process are removed by that water. The fluid flows with the blood throughout the body. Along the way, all kinds of residual products are collected and ultimately delivered to the kidneys. The more water you drink, the more diluted the residual products are. This is an advantage because then your kidneys will have to work less hard. After all, you want to do your whole life with these kidneys, so being kind to these organs is the least you can do.

Drinking water and weight loss

People often think that you will lose weight if you drink more water. In a certain sense this is also true because you now urinate the fluid that your body first retained and you see that on the scales in the first period. Over time, your body becomes accustomed to this amount of water and retains less moisture. If you want to lose weight, your diet and exercise remain essential. Drinking enough water during weight loss can, however, provide a fuller feeling without calories, which means you will not cut as quickly.

From blond to double beer

What beer has to do with drinking water? Well, the color of your urine tells you if you have drunk enough. When your urine is the color of a blond beer, you have drunk enough. A double beer is very dark in color and if your urine is this color, you have not drunk enough.


There are a number of ways that can help you start drinking more water:


  • Place a jug of water on your kitchen counter;
  • Always take a bottle of water with you;
  • Take with each main meal (three times a day) a large glass of water at 200 ml each time;
  • In addition to every cup of coffee, tea, glass of milk, etc., take a small glass of water of 100 - 150 ml;
  • Add fruit, cucumber or herbs (such as mint) to your water. This gives off a nice fresh taste.
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