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Water with minerals is better than just tap water

Posted by Peter on 26 September 2016
Water with minerals is better than just tap water

Filtered water from Prestige Water with Minerals

Filtered water or bottled water. Drinking water with minerals seems to be a healthy choice. Ads reflect purifying, pure, fresh, filtered water comes direct from nature and contains a variety of beneficial minerals. But is it really more healthy to drink filtered tap water with minerals rather than water from the tap? This article discusses the environmental impact of bottled water (pollution for example, plastic bottles and transport) excluded, although this of course is something to consider when you make a choice. Drinking water sources.

Mineral water

The difference between spring water and bottled water is that spring water is transported out somewhere before it is put into a bottle, while mineral water from a water cooler from Prestige Water is made from your own tap water. The filter will purify the tap water and also put very important minerals back to the water. Tap water is groundwater or surface water which is purified by water companies. Because of these different origins can indeed bottled water contain substances other than tap water, depending on the source where it comes from. However, tap water contains minerals, sodium and potassium. These substances your body needs, but you also can get them from food. However, the substances for instances be spread through manure on land, you can also find a low amount back into tap water. The government has legally determined how much of each substance may be in tap water so it is not harmful to health, and this rigorous checks.


But is it now true that bottled water is healthier? Research from Germany pointed out that it does not sit so many minerals in many mineral waters. Sometimes even tap water contains more minerals than bottled mineral water. It all depends on the source how many minerals it contains in the source and mineral water. And water from a bottle already contains minerals, is not enough to have a real impact on your health. Another point where the manufacturers point out, is that their water is not processed with chemicals to purify it. When this purpose it on chlorine that is sometimes to water through line companies. However, most tap water contains chlorine. This can taste sometimes bad. So it is a myth that bottled water is healthier than filtered tap water. The minerals in both bottled and tap water, you ingest much more effectively through food. Also, tap water is no more polluted than bottled water. Tap water is not healthy anymore, therefore filter.

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