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Tip: Drink a glass of hot or cold water in the morning

Water, a super drink. Drinking a glass of water when you wake up helps to wake up and poke your digestion. Drink healthy water after filtration from a Water Cooler Bankstown. The American former Victoria's Secret model Lindsay Ellingson recently swore by a glass of warm water in the morning, because the body would absorb it more easily. Others claim that ice cold water in the morning helps to burn calories. What is the best option? Nutritionists Lindsay Malone, Cassie Vanderwall and Leslie Bonci provide information. "Every time we swallow something with a different temperature than our body heat of about 37 °, our body needs to work harder," nutritionist Cassie Vanderwall explains. "Ice cold water forces us to bring the body temperature up again." Every activity that demands effort from our body logically burns calories. Drinking water from a Water Cooler Bankstown helps with losing some weight.

Minimal impact

"But that does not mean that by drinking several glasses of ice-cold water you will burn a lot of calories, as is often said," refutes Vanderwall. Cold water drinking. "The impact is minimal," explains nutritionist Leslie Bonci. "By drinking one glass of cold water, you burn about 8 kcal. So even if you drink 8 glasses quickly after each other, you are still at a negligible 64 calories. That is about the same as one apple. "Your metabolism does get a boost from a glass of cold water, but you always have that when you drink water, regardless of the temperature. By drinking one glass of ice cold water you burn about 8 kcal. So even if you drink 8 glasses in quick succession, you are still at a negligible 64 calories. There are so many minerals in the water from a Water Cooler Bankstown.

Delayed metabolism

Is hot water a better option in the morning, if our body is not well awake yet? "Hot water may feel a little softer for people who have gastrointestinal problems. But there is no scientific evidence that hot water is absorbed more easily by the body, "Leslie Bonci refutes the theory of ex-Victoria's Secret model Lindsay Ellingson. "Quickly working a lot of water - hot or cold - you will not lose kilos by itself. But drinking a lot of water in general does lead to healthier habits and, in time, to weight loss, "says Vanderwall. "Drinking water instead of soft drinks, for example, already ensures that you absorb less calories. If you become dehydrated, you also slow down your metabolism, so you will benefit from drinking enough. " Drink more water from a Water Cooler Bankstown in hot weather.
Hot or cold water in the morning? Whatever you feel like. Just choose for yourself what you get the best on an empty stomach, and do not forget to drink enough throughout the day.

Do you drink enough water from your water cooler Bankstown?

Actually I should drink more water. Of course you know that it is important to drink enough water. But do you actually manage this? The Nutrition Center recommends drinking 1.5 liters daily to compensate for the loss of fluid due to breathing, sweating and urine. Water simply forms the basis of all biological processes in the body. Water is important for the digestive system, because it contributes to the supply of nutrients and waste disposal. Drinking water and losing weight. In addition, water ensures the heat regulation in our body, because water absorbs heat and dissipates it through sweating. On hot days it is therefore extra important to drink enough water. Do you find it hard to drink enough water from your water cooler Bankstown?

These tips can help you:

  • Fruit water. Add a flavor to your water from your water cooler Bankstown, for example by putting lemon slices, cucumber slices, fresh mint or orange slices in your water. Lemon water healthy and delicious.
  • Drink Spa Red or tea.
  • Take a large (liter) bottle of water with you, fill it in the morning and do not go to bed until it is empty.
  • Start the morning with a large glass of water and drink a large glass of water with every meal.
  • Download the app that can help you drink enough water, click here for Apple and here for Google Play.
Benchtop Water Cooler Bankstown
Floor Standing Water Cooler Bankstown
Exclusive Water Cooler Bankstown

Ginger does this with your body and drinking water from a water cooler Bankstown

Actually I should drink more water - Useful tips. Ginger has become increasingly popular in recent years. It is in products such as smoothies, water with a taste and tea. This is because many good properties are attributed to ginger, but is that right? This article was previously published on AD Cooking & Eating. More culinary news? Then look here.

Against sore throat

A tea with ginger, lemon and honey works wonders against sore throat, but ginger has more positive effects on the body. Multiple studies into the effect of ginger show many benefits in use, but also some side effects. Use filtered water from a water cooler Bankstown. Water with minerals is better than just tap water.

For the health

Ginger intake can lead to lower blood sugar levels, better cholesterol levels and fewer inflammations. According to the studies, anyone who wants to lose weight should use ginger in products. It contributes to better fat burning and your hunger feeling diminishes.

12 Ultimate water with fruit combinations. Studies show that ginger works well against nausea. It is described as an effective and inexpensive treatment against nausea and vomiting and is safe. In addition, ginger also appears to be an effective aid against muscle pain and can combat menstrual pain.

Side effects

Despite all these positive effects of ginger, side effects are also known. Healthy drink water from a water cooler Bankstown. These side effects mainly occur with high doses of ginger. Then ginger can cause diarrhea and cause mouth, eye and skin irritation. Does it make sense to drink water after eating fruit. It is also not advisable to take ginger for an important conversation, because it could also lead to flatulence.

Great tasting and healthy water from your water cooler Bankstown

One of my resolutions for 2020 is to take better care of myself. For me, that includes a few things; work and balance, sports, nutrition, getting a little more rest, reading more, getting enough sleep and drinking water. I already have many things under control. In terms of working hours I have a good balance, I have been exercising twice a week for almost three months now, I regularly lie in bed at 9:30 PM and I read a book more often than I spend hours on my phone. My food is relatively well under control, but there is still room for improvement here and there. However, there is one thing that I am really bad at: drinking water. While there are people who can drink gallons of water in a day, I'm already happy with a glass.

I forget it

Actually I should drink more water. In the summer months it certainly goes better than during the cold winter months, but I do not come close to two liters a day. It is not in my system and when I put a bottle of water next to me, it often happens that it is still there at the end of the day. Maybe with one or two gulps out, but empty? No, certainly not. It is not so much that I have an aversion to water, it is simply not in my system and I cannot get it into it. I forget, but I also don't prepare myself to continuously remind myself. I forget to bring a bottle of water and then find it a shame to buy, I forget to put it for myself when I go to work and when we go out, I have everything for the children but the bottle of water is still on the kitchen counter at home. Even during exercise I am unable to end the session with an empty bottle.


I probably don't need to tell you that drinking water is really good for you. On average you need 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day for the transport of substances through your body and to get rid of waste substances. Also, your fluid balance is better and it seems to be a boost for your energy and brain (hello much needed!). I also regularly have a headache and can say that it is because of the little water I drink. At least I don't have this from my mother; she automatically has glasses of water everywhere and refills them regularly. Just a matter of getting used to, she often tells me. When she's here, I often get a glass of water pushed in front of me. "Here, drink it!" So I have to change something. Get the water into my system. There is a solution for this: reminders.

Drink water from a water cooler Bankstown

Last week I downloaded the SamenGezond app from Menzis and I entered into the goal of drinking more water. Every day, for seven days, the virtual coach sent me a question about water from the app ('did you drink water today?') And the coach shares a handy fact and / or tip about water (- drink). For me, such a reminder is a nice tool and I noticed that it made me aware again. "Oh yes, I have to drink!" Because of these memories, I drank more last week than perhaps last year. The first day I finished with a liter, but the days after I managed to drink 1.5 liters. What a victory! And yeah, if a reminder works, why not? Drinking water and losing weight.

Challenge for the next month

For now I am going to set a new challenge so that I can go a little further on this course. They sometimes say that learning a new habit takes 21 days. Drinking water will take a little longer for me, so I will continue in the coming weeks. Whenever I get a reminder I think about it and drink. I already noticed last weekend, when I had forgotten my bottle of water, that I got thirsty in the car. That I get thirsty at all if I don't drink water for a while. I think that is quite a good sign that my body indicates that it needs water. For now I drink 1 to 1.5 liters from my water cooler Bankstown , but I hope to get that a little higher. However, we start small and hopefully we will build this up automatically. A liter is quite a victory.

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