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Tip: Drink a glass of hot or cold water in the morning

Water, a super drink. Drinking a glass of water when you wake up helps to wake up and poke your digestion. The American former Victoria's Secret model Lindsay Ellingson recently swore by a glass of warm water in the morning, because the body would absorb it more easily. Others claim that ice cold water in the morning helps to burn calories. What is the best option? Nutritionists Lindsay Malone, Cassie Vanderwall and Leslie Bonci provide information. "Every time we swallow something with a different temperature than our body heat of about 37 °, our body needs to work harder," nutritionist Cassie Vanderwall explains. "Ice cold water forces us to bring the body temperature up again." Every activity that demands effort from our body logically burns calories. Drinking water helps with losing some weight.

Minimal impact

"But that does not mean that by drinking several glasses of ice-cold water you will burn a lot of calories, as is often said," refutes Vanderwall. Cold water drinking. "The impact is minimal," explains nutritionist Leslie Bonci. "By drinking one glass of cold water, you burn about 8 kcal. So even if you drink 8 glasses quickly after each other, you are still at a negligible 64 calories. That is about the same as one apple. "Your metabolism does get a boost from a glass of cold water, but you always have that when you drink water, regardless of the temperature. By drinking one glass of ice cold water you burn about 8 kcal. So even if you drink 8 glasses in quick succession, you are still at a negligible 64 calories.

Delayed metabolism

Is hot water a better option in the morning, if our body is not well awake yet? "Hot water may feel a little softer for people who have gastrointestinal problems. But there is no scientific evidence that hot water is absorbed more easily by the body, "Leslie Bonci refutes the theory of ex-Victoria's Secret model Lindsay Ellingson. "Quickly working a lot of water - hot or cold - you will not lose kilos by itself. But drinking a lot of water in general does lead to healthier habits and, in time, to weight loss, "says Vanderwall. "Drinking water instead of soft drinks, for example, already ensures that you absorb less calories. If you become dehydrated, you also slow down your metabolism, so you will benefit from drinking enough. " Drink more water in hot weather.
Hot or cold water in the morning? Whatever you feel like. Just choose for yourself what you get the best on an empty stomach, and do not forget to drink enough throughout the day.

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