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Actually I should drink more water - Useful tips

Posted by Peter on 28 September 2016
Actually I should drink more water - Useful tips

A common tip for people who want to become fitter is: Drink more water.

Most people know this, but doing it is another. The advise is pretty obvious, but it took a while before I actually drank enough water in a day. I ventured a few attempts, but often I fell back into my old pattern. Recognizable?

What a vague advise...

Okay, I want to drink more water. How much water should I drink? Tips to drink more water. And what is the best way to track? Counting juices and tea too? If an opinion is not specific enough, it could be difficult to apply it. Practice: In principle between 2 - 3 liters of water per day is sufficient, this is a large margin that is totally dependent on how big you are and how much moisture you lose every day. One day you lose a lot of fluid ( sports, warm weather, air conditioning / heating ) fluid intake you can sit higher than on a day you do not. Tea and juices do not count, they often work drifting the fluids. Make sure you know how much is in your glass or bottle, Then you also know how much you drink. In addition, to find there are several apps that can track how much water you drink in a day. Finally, it also helps if you have a water bottle in your bag that you can use all day long.

But I am not thirsty at all !!!

Actually I should drink more water. My moisture intake was just over 1 liter per day. If you sport, it is really too little. I often drank a few sips of water to the dry throat, but I was not really thirsty. My body would indicate it anyway if I need water? Create a habit: Your body indeed indicates if you must drink, but if you are used to drink enough you will eventually insensitive to your thirst stimulus. In fact, your body may even indicate that you are hungry if you ignore your thirst stimulus. The best way to break this pattern too, is to drink more, even though you do not feel thirsty. I did the following:

  • 2 x 250 ml glass for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the advantage is that you eat less because you have done some drinking.
  • 2 x 500 ml bottle between breakfast / lunch and lunch / dinner.
  • After dinner water as needed

This overall scheme I still love, because I find myself otherwise insidious fall back into my little habit of drinking. Fortunately, I now feel a lot of obvious when i am thirsty.

Water is bland in taste.

Water: that is all it is. Once you get used to the "taste" of water you appreciate it more. Water is one of the few drinks that really takes away thirst, but try to tell this to someone that does not feel thirsty! Fashion water bodies: If drinking of water is too hard you can try to make it more interesting. For example: Fill a container with some sliced fruit and water, the water will have a light fruit flavor, but barely contain calories. On the Internet you can find many variations of " fruit infused water ". For example you can add a slice of lemon. Lemon water healthy and delicious.


Do not drink water exaggerating, stay between 2 - 3 liters per day. If you have too much water ( more than 12 liter / day or a large amount in a short time ) drinks may be low salinity in your blood, this is called hyponatremia. This situation has serious consequences for your health and can lead to brain damage. If you sweat a lot for a long time ( more than 2 hours ), then it is good for you to replenish salts with such a mean sports drink or something to eat salts. Always drink water that is filtered. Prestige Water Coolers.

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