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12 Ultimate water with fruit combinations

Posted by Peter on 26 September 2016
12 Ultimate water with fruit combinations

Water with fruit combinations

Healthy choice

With this hot weather you need to drink a lot. You can choose for fruit juices or fizzy drinks, but how about homemade flavored waters? Is water healthy? Piece of cake and super refreshing! We like to give you some ideas for tasty combinations.

1. Mint and lime

This is of course a classic, and for good reason: these ingredients give your water a refreshing taste.

2. Citrus fruit, cucumber and mint

A golden combination, fresh and sour at the same time.

3. Basil, strawberries and lemon, Lemon water healthy and delicious.

Strawberries and basil fit very well together. And for a little acidity you can also add some lemon. Tip: drink it quickly, otherwise the strawberries will get mushy.

4. Orange and blueberries

A golden combination. However, this can be made a day in advance, you want a good infuse of the flavors.

5. Grapefruit, lime, lemon and orange, Lemon juice in your water - super healthy

A refreshing lotion with all kinds of citrus. Perfect against thirst!

6. Watermelon, Is water melon healthy?

The ultimate thirst quencher.

7. Cucumber and rosewater

Great with dishes from the Middle East. The cucumber peel (possibly tied together with kitchen string) with a few drops of rose water.

8. Strawberries, mint, cucumber and lime

These ingredients ensure that you water is a little sweet.

9. Orange and coriander

Surprising, but very tasty.

10. Grapefruit with rosemary

The rosemary flavor is delicious in combination with grapefruit. A combination of herbs and sour and bitter grapefruit.

11. Raspberry, rose petals and vanilla

A very soft and sweet taste that makes you intensely happy.

12. Blueberries and lavender

Yes, you can just eat lavender, it gives off a wonderful aroma. Very fine in combination with blueberries.

Of course you can still try a lot more ingredients. Or mix the above, you will see that creates surprising flavor combinations. Now you never buy any soft drinks from the supermarket!

Ultimate tip: What works great in summer, freezing fruit. For example, use frozen strawberries or grapes as ice cubes in a drink. Or make ice cubes with fruit in it or with lime and mint. It looks very nice, and it is tasty too. Make sure that you alway drink water from a water filter. Find out prices here. Prestige Water

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