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Fruit Water

Posted by Peter on 5 July 2016
Fruit Water

Fruit drinks are super tasty and full of energy.

They not only look nice and fresh, but also adding some goods to the water too. It is important to use organic fruit for this otherwise you miss out of all the good flavors. For a summer day you could have in your fridge a can with this delicious water. You can also take it to work or school instead of a sweet lemonade or soda, what a great idea! If you have a small cool bag, you can even keep your fruit drink nice and cool.

Orange, lime and berries

Cut a nice slice of an orange and a lime and put some berries in the jar or can. Fill it with filtered water from your water cooler and set aside in the fridge so that the flavors will soak to the water.

Cucumber, ginger, lemon and mint

Cut the cucumber into slices, squeeze the lemon over the pot and add some leaves mint. Then grate the ginger over the jar or can and fill with filtered water from your Prestige Water Cooler. Put it in the fridge and enjoy.

Lemon, basil and strawberries

Squeeze the lemon, cut the strawberries into slices and tear the basil leaves a little so that the flavor is better. Fill again with filtered water from your water cooler and store in the fridge. Do you really want to cleansing your body you can also do a detox cure. This is not only juice but also healthy food without additives.


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