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9 tips to drink more water with a hot and cold water cooler

Hydrate, you can learn it

Not drinking enough water? Well this time there is no excuse! Fruit infused water not only tastes great but boosts your energy and adds more nutritional value. Drinking water well for your body is, we know now. You get a nice skin, it carries off waste and it keeps you hydrated. Especially the latter is the most important tropical temperatures this week. But drinking enough water can sometimes be a challenge. That glass of wine is also very tempting. We give tips to get yourself to the water.

1 Always take a bottle

Do you have to go somewhere? Then take a bottle of water for it. If you always have water within range, drink more. Sounds logical.

2 Put it in sight

Make sure you have a glass or bottle of water everywhere you come - at home or at work. Each time you see the glass, you are reminded that you have to drink. Works really! 5 Tips to drink plenty of water at the Office.

3 Add fruit

Fruit Water. With fresh fruit and different herbs you simply make tap water a lot more cozy. It looks nice and gives a taste to your 'boring' glass of water. Also nice: it's a lot healthier than fruit juice or soda. It's simple: add some sliced fruit and herbs of your choice, put it in a can of water and make it cold. Do you like bubble water? Then use Spa Red. Ideas for fruit water:

    cucumber, lemon, ginger and mint
    strawberries and basil leaves
    mint and lime
    orange and coriander
    watermelon and a sprig of mint
    raspberries, pomegranate pies and lemon
    freshly sliced ginger and pineapple
    grapefruit, orange and lime, Lemon juice in your water - super healthy

4 festive ice cubes

It does not just make your water get cold, but it also becomes a lot more festive and enjoyable. Make ice cubes with some fruit, herbs or a layer of limo in it. Put pieces of fruit or small fruit (raspberries, currants, blueberries, pomegranate pies) in an ice cubes form. Add some finely minced mint or basil. Fill the boxes further with water and put the mold into the freezer. Something like this:

5 Use an app

Did you only know that you only drank two glasses of water in the evening? A free app provides help and ensures that you make at least 6 glasses of those glasses. For example, the Waterlog app for iOS and Android holds how much you drink. The same idea as a calorie counter, contains only water than no calorie.

6 Fancy gadget

Does your smart phone not help to drink more? Then, coarse gun can be used, like this Hydrate Spark. It costs a little more, but then you have a fancy water bottle. And it is functional as well. The bottle is connected to your smart phone via Blue tooth. Have you been drinking too little? Then it lights up. It is carefully monitored how much you drink and there are several colors available.

7 Buy a nice water bottle

It may sound sweet, but investing in a cool water bottle will make you drink more. It looks nice, is durable and you do not have to buy a new bottle every time. For example, from Doppler or Brita. Or, where you can add fruit, it also tastes delicious.

8 Coffee and tea are also included

Coffee or tea does not contain any calories and can only be added to your daily moisture intake. Then you only have to let the milk and sugar out. Were you always assuming coffee and tea extract water from your body? That's a fable. Caffeine makes sure you have to go to the toilet before, but you do not get any of it.

9 Last but not least: read drinking moments

Talk to yourself that you always drink a glass of water after getting up, before and after lunch, for sports and so on. Actually I should drink more water. Then you make a habit of it. And you know, if you're thirsty, you're late with drinking too late.

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