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Water, an essential nutrient

Posted by Peter on 7 April 2017
Water, an essential nutrient

We really have to realize that water is supposed to be on our list of nutrients.

Many people become ill due to a locally occurring chronic unintentional dehydration that caused inflammation without 'thirst'.
Filtered tap Water from Prestige Water is in fact the main instrument for the release of energy for all functions of the human body, the chemical hydraulic action.
By a lack of 'free' water lost this crucial role in all bodily functions that suffer from the shortage. As a result, also affects substantially dehydrated, the interior of the cell.
You lose the power generation properties of water in the dried cells, if you wait until you're thirsty to drink.
The body fluids become namely highly concentrated even before you get thirsty. This is a major reason why we should avoid dehydration.
If dehydration is created by a multiple disruption of normal physiological functions, this can lead to many diseases. Is water healthy?

Obesity and Depression

Drinking water and losing weight. In the body there are two types of water. One type of water is osmotic ally driven, it is already in use at one of the different functions of water. This kind of water is not available for a new activity.
Another type of water is not bound osmotic, it is free water. This type of water can be involved in new chemical reactions and major activities of the body.
Free water can enter into the interior of the cells, and there supplement the shortage of water occurs, so that no permanent damage.
Water is not a simple matter. It is the most complicated element in nature.
It consists of two gases, oxygen and hydrogen, but is liquid.
At 100 ° C it becomes a gas. It has its greatest density at 4 degrees Celsius; at 0 degrees, it is the lightest. In this way, the float on the surface of a body of water and can survive underwater life.
If this were not the case, would not survive a cold winter.
So the element of water supports life.

Do not wait to drink until you are thirsty

If you wait to drink until you're thirsty, you lose the power generation properties of water in the dried cells.
The body fluids become highly concentrated because before you get thirsty. Therefore, a glass of water is the best energy drink out there.
It has the brains within a few minutes out of his lethargy. The need of the brains of water is constant.
No other fluid can meet the water needs of the body, despite the fact that the soft drink industry would have us believe otherwise.
There is an inverse relationship between the consumption of water and the accumulation of fat in the body.
The less water you drink, the more you will be forced to eat.
The more you eat the more fat you store, unless you're physically active.
Each food ingredient that is to be the chemical influence of water needed broken down and converted - hydrolysis - prior to their energy by the cells may be used.
There is a direct link between dehydration and nearly more than 100 or more minor health problems.
Dehydration also suppresses the immune system. Actually I should drink more water.
Cancer cells are anaerobic and can only live in an acid environment with little oxygen, - precisely the consequence of a low water flow and an insufficient cleaning of the environment.
When the cleaning process is insufficient from which invites to a change of normal cells into new cell types, which thrive provided for setting in an otherwise hostile and of insufficient oxygen.

Give your body water

The body is a complex chemical factory and learn to improvise it sees fit. It works with what you give it.
Give you the right ingredients, it will purr continued as intended. Tips to drink more water.
Give you the wrong ingredients, then you force it through unregulated chemical pathways that exhibit signs and symptoms we know as disease.
When the body back as much as possible reduce the right combination of the right ingredients is given, symptoms can.
For many people the book "Water, the best medicine" is crucial to their recovery.

Water, the cheapest drug

An indispensable part of the water cure, as described in the above book is a simultaneous adjustment of the daily salt intake, unrefined salt that all minerals containing as many you find in the ocean.
The body has every day least two liters of water and salt needed to compensate for normal losses through urine, perspiration and breathing.
After water minerals are the basis of the physiology of the cell. When these substances are sufficiently present in the interior of the cell, attract and keep them by osmosis and in a natural way of water in the cell.
The main functional minerals are: potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc and selenium.
Aging is the result of multiple deficiencies in the body. It starts with dehydration, followed by critical shortages of minerals, magnesium top of the list.
A mineral supplement should include all minerals.
Nature has ensured that they are all present in a balanced diet.
Unrefined salt is a food. It contains over 80 minerals.

Salt: eternal medicine

Salt is an important ingredient for the survival of all living beings.
Salt is a drug that is used throughout the century's healers.
Water, salt and potassium together regulate the amount of water in the body.
Water coordinates the amount of water in the interior of the cell in that the each cell that enters the attained.
Salt monitors the level of water inside and outside the cell in balance.
Unrefined sea salt is preferable, because it also contains some of the other minerals that the body needs.
Salt is among other things a strong anti-stress agent for the body, salt plays a role in regulating sleep and salt is crucial for the inclusion of food particles in the digestive system. Better health with Prestige Water.

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