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Is drinking water from the water coolers Cleveland during a meal healthy?

Calculate how much water you should drink. Drinking water while eating can delay digestion. It is better to drink water for food because, in addition to protecting our stomach walls, it helps us to feel fuller, which prevents us from eating too much. There are two contradictory opinions regarding the argument that drinking water while eating is good. Although it is true that you can not live without this fluid and that your body mainly consists of water, one claims that drinking water can disturb the digestive process during eating. You will find the answer to this question in this article. 5 Reasons why drinking water is good for your heart, brain and metabolism.

Water, the essential fluid

Everyone knows the benefits of water from your Water Coolers Cleveland, such as eliminating toxic substances, organ hydration, transporting minerals to the cells and helping all metabolic processes. Therefore, we recommend drinking between two and two-and-a-half liters of water a day. For a while, there has been a discussion about whether or not it is good to drink water while eating. Does it help you to lose weight or not? Does it change your digestive process? Does it make you more moisture? There are a lot of myths and prejudiced ideas on this subject.

Glass of water

Water, an essential nutrient. First, water does not contain any calories if you drink it on its own. Drinking water from your Water Coolers Cleveland for lunch or supper will make you feel fuller, which will make you eat less, but you will not lose weight. A study conducted by the American Chemical Society of Boston claimed that people who drank two glasses of water for food ate between 75 and 90% less calories. This is because water is saturated and sometimes because we think we are hungry while we actually have thirst. Another conviction is that drinking water during your meals will result in moisture retention. Experts say this is incorrect, because the opposite happens. Drinking water stimulates the functioning of the kidneys and helps balance the body's water content. It does not matter what time it is or what you are doing. In some diets it is forbidden to drink water while consuming carbohydrates because the digestion would be disturbed. This method should be done with meals containing potatoes, bread and white rice. They claim that those foods are "swollen" by water, causing an inflammation in the stomach and looking thicker.

Questions and answers regarding the relationship between water and food: Another point of view

As we said at the beginning, there are people before and against drinking water from your Water Coolers Cleveland while eating. The people who oppose this claim that it is not conducive because cold water prides on oil-like materials which slow down or disrupt the digestion.
What happens in the body when you drink cold water while eating? When water dissolves and absorbs the intestines, it changes very quickly into adipose tissue. This means that the foods change in fat, which goes directly to the arteries. If this stays for a while, it can cause cholesterol or heart problems.

What kind of reaction is caused during this process?

The stomach is designed to produce acids that help the digestion of foods so that they are processed correctly. It all depends on each person's digestive system. However, when you drink cold water from your Water Coolers Cleveland, the acids are delayed and weakened and it takes longer to break down food.

Is it better to drink water before or after eating?

We recommend drinking after eating so that the liquid can protect the stomach walls. However, remember that it is better to drink water at room temperature or hot water, instead of water just coming out of the fridge or ice cream. Cold water increases the pH of the body (which makes it more alkaline) and therefore the stomach processes are harder.

Does the same thing happen if I drink a juice or soda instead of water?

In these cases, both drinks cause a more radical change in the stomach, as the stomach acids dilute them and change the digestion. Soft drinks, up to 7 cubes of sugar. Therefore, we do not recommend to drink industrial juices or soft drinks. Not before, during or after the meal. The best thing is to drink nothing while eating.

When and how to drink water?

Is it bad to drink water while eating. The recommended amount is at least eight glasses during the day  from your Water Coolers Charters not during the three main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner). In the evening it is good to drink two or three glasses in an hour and wait 30 minutes for dinner. During the day, we recommend drinking water every 30 minutes, especially during the summer. It does not matter if you have no thirst or not. Discussion about drinking water while eating will not end because there are not many studies that support one or the other theory. It all depends on your body and how you feel and it depends on your habits. If you drink water while eating and you have a bloated feeling while the meal was light, it might be a good idea to adjust your habits. If you do not drink anything and you realize it takes longer to digest your food, a glass of water after eating is not bad at all.

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Drinking healthy water from the water coolers Cleveland

Quickly buy a fruit juice to get your daily amount of fruit, is that a good idea? Or is it better to eat a loose piece of fruit? Bottled water, tap water or filtered water.

"There is still a healthy image of fruit juices, but that has to change," "Because a juice is just a sugar-containing drink. Many good nutrients are no longer there, but the sugar is still there. And I'm just talking about pure fruit juices and smoothies from the supermarket." Cold water drinking.

The most important reason for leaving juice is sugar. Peter: "Only two pieces of fruit are advised per day, more is not better. In a bottle of orange juice there are about four or five oranges, that is about ten sugar cubes together. Drink more water in hot weather. Drinking fruit juice makes you unnoticed. lots of sugars inside. "

Because juice is less saturated than eating fruit, you quickly drink too much of it. "All those sugars from drinks can lead to obesity and type 2 diabetes." "Smoothies and juices do not count towards your daily fruit intake" Drink plenty of clean water.

"You should not replace fruit with juice," says the Nutrition Center. You should drink more water with minerals from the water coolers Cleveland. "It has not been proven that drinking juice or blended fruit has the same health effects as eating loose fruit. We place fruit juice under a sugary drink and you should drink it as little as possible. Fruit is filtered and heated.

How is it possible that a pressed variant loses health? "Everything is lost in the editing process," Peter says. "This differs per product and process, but there is always a loss compared to fruit. By filtering the juice, fiber is lost. By heating it, there is a loss of vitamin. Vitamin C, in particular, is declining considerably." "A glass of fruit smoothie of 250 milliliters soon contains seven sugar cubes"
With pureed fruit and fruit smoothies, the entire piece of fruit is often included in the product, the Nutrition Center adds. "There are more fibers in it." But also smoothies are classified under the sugary drink and are not in the Schijf van Vijf. "A glass of fruit smoothie of 250 milliliters soon contains seven sugar cubes." Great tasting water made from your own tap from the water coolers Cleveland.

For those who still want to drink fruit, making a smoothie is the best option, according to Prestige Water. "This is completely in your own hands, it is fresher than in the supermarket and you can, for example, put in unpeeled fruit. But it still does not count for your daily fruit intake, because there is nevertheless a loss of fiber and you probably more sugar. "

Did you eat any fruit today? "Then don't compensate with a juice. For those few healthy nutrients that are still there, you don't have to drink it. If you want to drink something, get water," Prestige Water advises.

"Little research done on fruit juice"

In her most recent research, it appears that fruit juice up to seven glasses a week gives a lower risk of cardiovascular disease. "But firm conclusions are never based on a single study. We are currently conducting research into fruit juice and the risk of type 2 diabetes. Little is known about this, either."

"The advice of the Health Council and therefore that of the Nutrition Center is based on the whole of studies," Peter responds. "Science is, of course, always evolving, but so far it has increasingly pointed to whole fruit over juice." Drink more filtered water from the water coolers Cleveland.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?