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Cold Water Drinking

Posted by Peter on 19 January 2017
Cold Water Drinking

Is drinking cold water healthy

Cold or hot drinks in warm weather? It is very important to get enough fluid every day, because the amount of moisture largely determines how your body functions. Moisture makes it easier for the intestines to absorb nutrients. Drinking water is the ideal way to get moisture inside, because it is 100% pure.
Why drink water from a water cooler from Prestige Water?

In addition to that water is 100% is pure, it also has the best characteristics compared to other beverages. In water are no calories, which is a beverage which, in principle, always can be drunk. If you choose to drink filtered water, you are assured of pure drinking water which contains more minerals than from the line.

Cold drinking water office

Drinking water in the office is very important because it ensures that the staff stays healthy and also has been proven that drinking plenty of water also makes a person more productive. Often at the end of the day, there arises in many people a dip, which could be prevented if they had been drinking enough water in the daytime. 5 Tips to drink plenty of water at the Office.

benefits filtered tap water

Water has many advantages, but filtered tap water has a few more. Filtered tap water is purified through a natural way through limestone, giving it a light and balanced composition. Also, no additions are made to the water, so drinking water is even healthier. And it is for free as well.
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Why is Filtered Water so Important?