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Soft drinks, up to 7 cubes of sugar

Posted by Peter on 8 November 2016
Soft drinks, up to 7 cubes of sugar

The word "soda" covers a range of soft drinks.

A lemonade is usually carbonated and composed of water, sugars and flavoring. Sometimes there are also flavoring extracts of fruit or plants added. You read on the label "fruit lemonade", then there is a minimum 10% fruit juice mixed in.

Seven cubes of sugar

Too many soft drinks use is often one of the main reasons for health problems and especially in overweight children. With a can of soda (0.33 liters) you have quickly about seven cubes of sugar or about 150 kcal. Cola drinks also contain caffeine, a stimulating substance, which especially children can be easily excited or irritable.

Diet drinks

In diet drinks, sugar is replaced with artificial sweeteners that make little or no calories. But this is no reason to "light" in future if you write down favorite thirst quencher. For these sweeteners are intended to apply maximum quantities that we should consume daily. In particular, in children, this maximum value can be already be reached quickly after a few glasses. Drinking water and losing weight.


The name "tonic" and "bitter" are used for soft drinks which quinine is added.


Fruit juice is considered a healthy, natural source of vitamins. At least when it comes to 100% pure juice and not fruit nectar or drinks obtained by adding water and sugars to fruit juice or fruit puree. Juice contains about as much sugar as soft drinks and can also be responsible for some extra kilos if you are too generous handles. However, it concerns here no added sugar but sugar which is derived from the fruit itself, because of the supply of vitamins, minerals and possibly other bio active substances such as flavonoids juice will still get soft drinks in the guidelines for good nutrition. You can choose between fruit juice and fruit, choose fruit! Vegetables as a whole contains more fiber.

Children and juice

Young children generally have a preference for sweet foods and beverages. It is therefore not surprising that some would easily drink more juice than is good for them.


Finally, it must be ensured that juices can not be used as a substitute for milk and milk products. Compared with milk and dairy products miss even calcium fortified juices are several nutrients that are essential for optimal child development, such as fats, proteins, vitamins B2, B12 and zinc. Using juice therefore remains quite limited to 1 or 2 drinks per day.


Concentrated fruit juice and fruit juice is obtained from dehydrated fruit juice, respectively, by removing of a certain portion or substantially all of the water. The label must indicate the amount of water that must be added to prepare the said beverage.

Energy drinks

Energy drinks are especially used by young people. Or various additives in addition to caffeine and especially sugars impact on health remains highly questionable. The difference with a soft drink is, except for the brief caffeine kick, perhaps especially in the head.

The best soft drink

Do not forget WATER, with or without puncture. Lemon water healthy and delicious. The ideal slim container, fresh and always without calories. The thirst quencher that you can drink and enjoy without moderation. Make sure that the water is filtered before drinking. Look here for the best water filtration system in the Australian market.

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