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Calculate how much water you should drink

Posted by Peter on 8 May 2017
Calculate how much water you should drink

Drink plenty of filtered water with minerals

Our body consists largely of water. About 75% of our body is water and only 25% is solid. Water is important for the absorption of nutrients, waste processing, cell activities and everything needed to stay alive. Filtered Drinking water from Prestige Water is even essential for preventing illness and feeling well. In this article you will read how it will be and how much water you can drink best.

In this article:

    - Shortage of water gives stress response, Actually I should drink more water
    - Symptoms of a shortage of water
    - Calculate how much water you should drink on a day
    - Practical advice

If you do not drink enough water, your body is unable to remove any toxic substances to which you are exposed daily. When the human body dries, the body switches to a type of survival mechanism that aims to conserve water to provide the most vital parts of the body with water. A pioneer in water is the Iranian Dr. Batmanghelidj, a conventionally trained physician who examined how water can make you healthy, or how a lack of water can lead to illnesses. He bases his knowledge on more than twenty years of scientific and clinical research and wrote several books, including 'Water, The Cheapest Medicine'. The doctor states that various diseases such as obesity, chronic pain or fatigue, headaches, high blood pressure, often go ahead for years of inadequate drinking of water. Many of these diseases can therefore be prevented or combated to some extent simply by giving the body sufficient amounts of water so that the toxic substances and waste can be removed from the body.

Shortage of water gives stress response

When the body is dried out, the body is really stressed, a little comparable to the feeling when you have a lot of thirst. This gives the body a "fight or flight" response, which means that stress chemicals are released to deal with the situation. If these chemicals are released for a long period of time, that can have a lot of harmful effects on the body and can even cause diseases. If you do not have a thirst, you do not want to say that your body does not need water. As soon as the body believes that there is not enough water, the thirst mechanism will be "shut down". But do not be fooled by yourself, because if your body has triggered the thirst mechanism, the aforementioned survival mechanism will be activated. Your body can then hold water in your legs, feet, arms or face and / or you need less space. As a result, you can not lose any harmful waste. You will see that if you drink a lot of water for a few weeks your thirst mechanism also returns and signals that your body needs this vital food. Research from the University of East London in 2013 shows that drinking water has a positive impact on people's response rate. After drinking a glass of water, people respond to 14 percent faster with a cognitive task, for example, when they click the largest circle on a computer screen as fast as possible. The effect is strongest in people who have a lot of thirst, and it has been shown that mild dehydration has a major impact on the cognitive performance of people, according to the researchers. In 2010, nutritionists at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg proved that drinking water really helps if you want to lose weight, this has never been really scientifically investigated. Especially drinking two glasses of water for a meal causes you to eat less. The subjects who drank two glasses of water before the meal had lost 2.5 kilograms after three months than the people who did not. Even after a year, those who drank water were better on weight. Better health with Prestige Water.

Symptoms of a shortage of water

There are so many more symptoms of a shortage of water than just a dry mouth, so says Dr. Batmanghelidj. Having a full glass of water all the time. An important indicator of drinking enough is the color of your urine. Normally urine is colorless. A yellow, deep yellow to orange color means that there is too little water in your body. The only exception to this is if you take certain water-soluble vitamins like C and B Complex, which can temporarily give your urine a deep yellow color. Other symptoms include: dry mouth, hunger, fatigue, muscle aches, dizziness, depressive feelings, fears, too fast heartbeat or nausea. Do you feel tired, are you hungry, muscle cramps or feel your headache? First drink a glass of water and wait ten minutes. Often you will see that you feel a lot better.

Calculate how much water you should drink on a day

Tips to drink more water. A common excuse for no more drinking is that people are afraid that they have to go to the toilet too much. If the body has been dehydrated for a long period of time, the water can not be taken more efficiently. So if you suddenly drink a lot of water, your body will simply emit because it does not know where it is needed. However, after a while, the body gets used to your new water intake and will lose the urge for frequent peeing. As a guide, we recommend that you minimize your body weight x 0.44 daily by drinking 10 liters of water. For example, with a weight of 75 kilograms, the calculation is: 75 x 0.44: 10 = 3.3 liter. This is the advice of one of the world's most famous fitness trainer Charles Poliquin. Author and adviser to The Food Doctor Clinic in London Ian Marber recommends 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day. Jayne Scrivner founded the British School of Complementary Therapy in London, authoring the book 'Water Detox', which she recommends two liters a day. It seems so simple, but the reason most people fail to drink such relatively large amounts of water is because they go from one to the other day to nothing else to the full two liters. Not only is it difficult for the body to process this change at once, but it is also harder if you do not calm your water intake, says Scrivner. Build your water intake and keep up to the above advice, too many liters of water drinking also involves risks.

Practical advice

    - Fix your daily amount of water requirement, for example in glass bottles or a can. This makes visually how much it is, and you know exactly what you need to drink.
    - Begin the day with 1 to 3 glasses of water, since your body has not been moist for hours after the night. Build the amount as soon as your body is used to drinking more water.
    - Put the alarm on your phone a few times a day to remind you of drinking a glass of water.
    - If you are looking forward to water, you might also add a taste to the water. Try some pieces of watermelon, a slice of lemon or lime, strawberries with some rosemary or a few slices of cucumber. You will see how refreshing and nice water can be.

Remember that your body is dependent on water. Without sufficient water you run a health risk, so give your body the most basic nutrient it deserves! We really think this is the most important common habit.

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