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Is it bad to drink water while eating

Posted by Peter on 22 December 2016
Is it bad to drink water while eating

You often hear that it is not healthy to drink while eating

But how bad is it and why? Food and drink at the same time. Do not do this, our grandmothers said, because you consume less food. And indeed, those who drink at dinner, according to chew less, according to a variety of tests which examines what happens to the food in our body. Therefore you make less saliva, which is crucial for digestion. But according to professor of neuroscience and gastroenterology Andre Smout have posed no problem for the digestion. The digestive enzyme that make the salivary glands, can also be added later in the digestive tract. It is largely produced by the pancreas.


Do you suffer from heartburn when you drink while eating. Drinking water is innocent, but alcohol lowers the pressure in the esophageal sphincter - the barrier between the stomach and esophagus - causing the easier opening. So you could get heartburn if you drink a glass of wine at dinner. Actually I should drink more water.

Wine, a longer full feeling

Healthy eating practices. But regardless of these enzymes, which less well chew, eat more. And there are not many of us waiting. But that effect appears to be compensated. Because no matter how paradoxical it may sound, if you drink while eating, according to study, the food stays much longer in your stomach. Now you have more satiety (because your stomach is stretched longer), so you will eat less. Due to all kinds of complex processes in the body, however, this only works as drinks contains sugar, like soda or juice. Water seems to have no effect on the speed at which the food exits the stomach.

But more calories...

That is nice to know if you want to drink a glass of wine with dinner. But most likely you put more calories inside you than you save with the feeling of satiety, which in addition not everyone is equally susceptible. And it is also the question which eventually saturates better, chew or drink while eating. By mindful chewing eat less naturally also becomes with chewing a hormone that gives a feling of fullness. And the better you chew, the more hormones are released.

Better: Drink before dinner

Although acid reflux cause some discomfort, eating and drinking is not so bad. But it is better to drink a glass of water before eating. It contains no calories and then you also eat less, according to a recent British study of people who wanted to lose weight. People who drank three months plane water before each meal, were afterwards lost over a kilogram more than those who had not done so. Add the fact that you chew better, so you will eat less to various reasons, and count the profits. Drinking water and losing weight.

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