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Drink more water in hot weather

Posted by Peter on 14 January 2017
Drink more water in hot weather

Drink plenty of water in hot weather

Cold or hot drinks in warm weather? During hot days most people sweat a lot. It is therefore important that the shortage of moisture is replenished with water, to prevent complaints such as headaches, fatigue and lethargy. Complaints caused by dehydration. Drinking water keeps our metabolic system operating and ensures the removal of toxins and waste. Moreover, it keeps our skin healthy. Actually I should drink more water.


Especially older people should drink enough. Often they drink enough, so that the high temperature load on the heart and blood vessels. Therefore, keep an eye on the elderly in your surroundings and make sure they drink enough. Water ensures the supply of essential substances to our cells and also allows for the removal of waste. With your daily activities, you lose a lot of moisture (sweating, breathing). Our advise is to drink daily at least 2 liters of water. Preferably drink water before meals and not during or immediately after meals. Water can be described as the basis of our existence. Every human being consists largely of water. Water ensures the supply of essential substances to our cells and also allows for the removal of waste. Overnight you lose too much moisture, so it is good immediately after waking up to drink a glass of water. Some water gurus argue that only filtered water is really healthy. See here for prices of our filtered water coolers. We think you are already doing very well if you stick to the 2 liters of water and perhaps can bring it to 3 liters.


If you drink too less water you see it in the color of your urine. When the urine is yellow in color you need to drink more. The waste materials are in this case too highly concentrated in too little moisture. This may lead to a bladder infection. Do not drink more than one liter per hour. More is not good for your body.


  • Take a bottle of water (500 ml) and take it with you anywhere. During the day the bottle is on your desk, in the car. Make sure to refill the bottle during the day.
  • Make a habit: For example, drink a glass of water at every snack that you take.
  • Drink tea and coffee from a mug. If you have as many cups a day continues to drink, you drink more.
  • Be moderate with alcohol, which dries you out. If you drink a glass of alcohol you should drink also a glass of water.
  • Tips to drink more water.
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