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Drink plenty of clean water

Posted by Peter on 5 December 2016
Drink plenty of clean water


Healthy eating is important, to drink plenty of clean water (about 30 ml. per kilogram of body weight) is more important. Tips to drink more water. After all, we exist of 3/4 of water. The ultimate sign that you drink enough water is ..... you never feel thirsty! Our overall biochemistry and all substances to flow in and out of our cells to keep us healthy, vital, slim and cheerful depend on our best medicine: WATER!

The average person gets a large part of his daily calorie intake from drinking, an average of about 20 - 25 percent. Unfortunately, this is often no water but came from calorie drinks. These are empty calories that we take so we get more energy. The most annoying is probably that they also give a feeling of satiety. So we get too many calories in balance because we do not eat less through these liquid calories. It might sound weird because it just drink for fun, it is so well established in our social life. Realize that the only drink that has no negative impact on our weight, brain and our health is water, herbal teas, in moderation green and black tea, a glass of red wine with the meal, very little coffee and occasionally sour, unsweetened milk drinks. Fruit juices contain many healthy ingredients but unfortunately raise blood sugar level too high. Therefore, they are not recommended for our weight. Just eating fruit does not have this effect because the fibers in the fruit lead to the increase in the blood sugar level in the right direction. Due to the healthy image of green tea some people drink liters of it. However, it contains just like other teas caffeine and tannic acid. Too much caffeine gives an increased production of stress hormones, too much acidity increased excretion of minerals. Too much tannin binds many minerals. A couple of cups a day is fine and enough.

Important to know about water

Drinking gallons of water without replenishing your minerals is not healthy. Caution certainly if you buy a water filter that will remove very important minerals like calcium and magnesium. By drinking too much you also lose a lot of minerals. This could be solved by a teaspoon sol in a bottle or a pot of tea. Stir just before you use it. Coffee, alcohol, soft drinks, black tea do not count toward your fluid intake. Warm or hot water (in the form of water and tea) is better for your digestion than cold water. Your body needs, if you drink cold water, a lot of energy in the stabbing to heat this water to body temperature. In people who already have little digestive energy, drinking hot water is a much better option. Even though it is very hot outside you would do better to drink lukewarm water. Do not wait until you are thirsty but drink throughout the day your fluids. Many people do not drink because they do not feel thirsty. This is often a sign that the "thirst stimulus" is too often ignored and you have quite a shortage of moisture. Eventually, this incentive is so extinguished that there is almost no more stimulus and there is almost no more drinking. Yet water is perhaps our best and cheapest drug there is. How many complaints resolve by drinking more water? Because water is so important to our health, there are now many powerful statements about water in circulation:

  • You are not sick, you are thirsty, having a full glass of water all the time
  • You have no pain, you are thirsty
  • You are not depressed, you are thirsty
  • You are not tired, you are thirsty
  • You are not hungry, you are thirsty (Our bodies confuses thirst with hunger, as we go so much more food if we drink, with obesity as a result)

And we can still go on with such examples. People who do not thirst incentive longer be themselves the first time really have to "force" to add moisture to their body. After a few days of drinking more water, thirst stimulus will usually return. Just try it a few weeks and see what symptoms are reduced. Better health with Prestige Water.

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