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Infused water or water with fruit

What does water do in your body. Infused water, a chic name for tap water with some frozen fruit. Infused knows better. We'll just stop that. As far as I am concerned, infused water is the hit of this summer. It is so simple, tasty and healthy. Much better than soft drinks and other sweet rubbish from bottles and packages.

By adding fresh fruit you get a slightly sweet taste. Water, a super drink. For those who simply find water boring or want something else, this is the solution. You can use the fruit several times and when you're done with it you just eat the fruit. Because only a small amount of fruit flavor is delivered to the water, it may take some getting used to. Compared to soft drinks, there is virtually no sugar in it and you can taste that. For those who are accustomed to cola, fantas, ice tea or other sodas, it may be a bridge too far. If you normally drink water just like us, the slightly sweet fruit taste is a welcome change. Especially with this warm weather. Because then water is the most important thirst quencher. Make sure you get enough of it. Cold water drinking from your water cooler North Sydney.

Eating less with hot weather

A little bit about something else. If it is very hot then I have less need for food. I sometimes skip my breakfast and start with a fruit salad in the afternoon. I talked about this with a friend and he pointed out that I really did not have to skip a meal. "That is unhealthy," he said. I understand that is being thought of. After all, we live in a neat pattern where three meals a day are consumed at regular intervals. Even if you had a gigantic meat meal the night before at the local food shed, the next morning just breakfast nicely under the motto: 'Because we always do that'. As humans we are also creatures of habit, looking for rhythm and certainty. But our environment, the climate, and the needs of our bodies are not always the same. Drink more water in hot weather and drink more water from your water cooler North Sydney.

If your body does not need food, why would you eat? I believe that we listen too much to the signals from our bodies. The lesser need to eat is amply compensated by the enormous need to drink a lot of water. Apparently my body needs more. And that is also logical with warm weather. Anyway, to make a long story short. If you have less need for food in warm weather. Eat less. Give in to these signals. If you always eat healthy, it is not bad to skip a meal. In fact, several studies have shown that 'regular fasting' only brings about positive reactions in your body. Drink plenty of healthy water from your water cooler North Sydney.

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Do you drink healthily?

A fruit drink or vegetable drink sounds like healthy drinking, but is that also true? Fruit drinks contain a lot of sugars and that makes it less healthy. In contrast, vegetable drinks are a lot healthier. But now the question is what can you drink best?

Why is drinking water from your water cooler North Sydney so healthy?

Your body needs water. It ensures that the substances go through your body and so you lose all your waste. Water also helps regulate your body temperature. An adult person needs 1.5 to 2 liters of water every day. This does not only have to be water, but can also be milk, tea, coffee or buttermilk. However, you must bear in mind that not all drinks are equally healthy. Many other drinks contain sugars and therefore it is best to drink plenty of water from your water cooler North Sydney. Bottled water, tap water or filtered water.

What is the best thing to drink besides water?

By drinking 1 or 2 glasses of sugary drinks per day you already increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Cold water drinking. You can therefore drink excellent tea and coffee without sugar. To get a different taste you can add cinnamon, ginger powder or nutmeg to the tea. Milk products without added sugar are also a great option.

Another nice option is fruit water. The easiest way is to fill a jug of water from your water cooler North Sydney and add some fruit to it. Leave this for a while so that it will also withdraw. Good options for this are: mint leaves, strawberries with lemon slices and orange slices with cinnamon sticks. Enough options for healthy drinks. Drinking water helps with losing some weight. What you should not drink at all is alcohol. It is not scientifically proven that 1 or 2 glasses is better for your health. If you want to reduce your alcohol, take on the challenge of a month without alcohol. Water, a super drink.

Drinking healthy water with minerals from your water cooler North Sydney

Drink plenty of water, give the body what it needs. Are you also doing a healthy job and do you want to drink enough water every day, but do you not always succeed? And are you looking for suitable alternatives?

We often get the question: "I drink water but I also like juice and soft drinks. What is the best thing to drink to get enough fluid? "You probably know that it is better not to drink a soda because it often contains a lot of sugar. A bottle of cola contains 40 sugar cubes. Soft drink light is also not a good alternative. Most juice or fresh light packs also contain quite a lot of sugar and most soft drink light bottles contain 'wrong' sweeteners that are not really healthy for you. Great tasting water made from your own tap from a water cooler North Sydney. Why you must drink water when get up in the morning.

Alternatives to water. The best alternatives besides water are

  • (green tea
  • (limited) coffee
  • fresh vegetable juice
  • infused fruit water: water bottle with fruit filter

Infused water bottle

Fruit water? Yes fruit water from the water cooler North Sydney! Make your own healthy drink: fruit infused water (flavored water, detox water). This is water with a taste that you can put together yourself! All you need is a suitable bottle (such as fruit water bottle and we also have these bottles for sale in practice!) And fruit with, for example, lemon, lime, mint. Pinterest is full of examples. In the Netherlands it is not that well known. We have such a bottle to make fruit (infused) water and we like it very well! We prepare the bottle in the evening and drink the next day! One healthy bottle contains 700 ml of healthy water, so drinking that water is going to work! And each bottle contains 0 calories! Healthy for your body and healthy for your wallet! Just look in the stores how much the bottles of flavored water cost and how much sugar is still in it! Take such a fruit bottle and fill it with your favorite flavors! Below my bottle with fruit infused water from the Prestige Water North Sydney water cooler. Drink more water in hot weather.

Fruit bottle

How does that work? It's like this: there is an elongated filter in the bottle, where you can put the fruit (and spices). The filter is sealed at the top, but there are small holes in it, through which the water can come out. That way you can drink without the fruit coming out of the bottle. Very handy and simple! The filter is not huge, but quite a lot of fruit fits in it. Of course it does not taste like a soda and it is still water, but it certainly has a nice aftertaste and that makes water suddenly a lot more interesting to drink. We find these bottles SO incredibly handy! Really invention of the year! Drink plenty of clean water straight from your own water cooler North Sydney.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?