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4 x Healthy drinks

Drink plenty of clean water. Clean filtered water from Water Cooler Armidale. Nothing wrong with a pack of apple juice at his time, or maybe even a glass of cola. I used to get a starter lemonade after school. But if you also want to give your child a really healthy drink now and then, you will be happy with this article :). Read along and be inspired! What does water for your skin.

Ice tea

1. Raspberry Slush Puppy

Very occasionally I was allowed, at the Jamin, from such a transparent container thing a cup of Slush Puppy. Do you know that? It is a kind of ranja with lots of ice and in the brightest colors, blue, yellow, pink ... you can also make Slush Puppy yourself. This variant is completely healthy and very tasty! Great tasting water from a Water Cooler Armidale.

Take (for 1 large glass, 2 normal glasses):
- 150 grams of raspberries. If you can not find fresh, take raspberries from the freezer that will let you thaw completely.
- 1 big pinch of honey, I think about 50 ml
- 50 ml of water from a Water Cooler Armidale
- the juice of 1 lemon
- about twelve ice cubes.

And that's how you do it:
- Put the ice cubes in the blender and chop a few times until you have some finer ice chips.
- Put the ice in a glass. (You can make ice fro water from a Water Cooler Armidale)
- Now put the raspberries, water, lemon juice and honey in the blender and mix until smooth.
- Pour the juice to the ice. Slurping but

2. Ice tea with prick

Ice tea is very easy to make at home! We already gave you a recipe for ice tea without jab, today we come with ice tea with jab (see top photo). I used to only prick during the weekend. But if my mother had known then that there was such a healthy variant, it would probably have been a good idea after school;).

Take (for 1 large glass, 2 normal glasses)
- 1 coffee cup of cold green tea with lemon. So just brewed tea that lets you cool down completely.
- 1 coffee cup of ice cold sparkling water (Spa red for example)
- 1 pinch of honey
- optional: a few ice cubes and a slice of lemon

And that's how you do it:
- Mix the tea, spa red and honey.
- Pour in a glass and add the ice cubes, easy as that

3. Homemade lemonade

Elise has already immersed herself in the world of lemonade and put no less than 5 delicious homemade flavors in a row. Healthy drinking water made from your own tap with a Water Cooler Armidale from Prestige Water. Sometimes you need sugar in these recipes, but this can also be replaced by honey, or completely omitted. Click HERE for five delicious lemonade recipes.

4. Rainbow drink
Why you must drink water when get up in the morning. If you want to completely stuff your child with fruit, give him or her a rainbow drink. Nice filling, super healthy, and it also looks nice (see bottom picture). Is sufficient as breakfast, or otherwise as an afternoon snack. I shared this recipe on the site before, you can find it HERE. Drink plenty of water, give the body what it needs.

What do you usually give your child to drink? Think: Water Cooler Armidale

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The role of water in our body, tasty water from your water cooler Armidale

Water is a special substance, because it forms the main component of the cell. This water is found throughout our body, in our cells but also in the space between our cells and in the blood and lymph.
Because water has a resolving power, it can take many substances to other places in our body. This is very important for the body to function. Drinking water with fruit and spice.

Why is drinking water from your water cooler Armidale so important?

spring feeling favorites moisturizing products very dry skin pascaud discount Start the day with a smile! But also with water! Good hydration in the summer.
After getting up, drink 2 glasses of lukewarm water straight from your water cooler Armidale, this way you clean the body and turn your body on to function again. Your kidneys are cleansed in this way and the body is activated. And after a night of no drinking, the body craves moisture.

Water is our most important source. Calculate how much water you should drink per day. We can soak without food, but without water, that's impossible. We need 2.5 liters of water from your water cooler Armidale a day to nourish, keep our body clean and vital. 1 liter of water comes from our food, and we have to supplement the other 1.5 liters ourselves by drinking. The moment you get thirsty, there is already a sign that you have too little fluid in you. And too little moisture in your body means dry lines in your skin sooner too!

How do we get water in our skin?

Let's start with the easiest thing, drink water. The skin is then supplied with water from within. The water is first brought to the organs, and what is left of it is for the skin. Because those organs need quite a bit, it is important to continue to replenish the water well so that the skin also gets enough.

There is a substance in our skin that we call hyaluronic acid. This substance has the effect that it attracts the water from the lower skin layers to the upper skin layers. As we get older that effect diminishes.
To give the skin an extra helping hand, we can also bring this substance into the skin.
We do this through Meso Therapy. In this way we bring the ingredients where they are needed and where it cannot otherwise be. Mind you, this is no way to fill up the skin, but pure nutrition for the skin! The skin is in fact stimulated to work harder itself because the cocktail therefore contains hyaluronic acid but also vitamins, amino acids and minerals. This is what we call a real water boost! And nourished skin gives an elastic and silky soft skin!

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Why is Filtered Water so Important?