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What does water for your skin

Posted by Peter on 18 November 2016
What does water for your skin

Drinking water from your Prestige Water cooler with minerals is good for your skin


You want to get rid of those pores in your face a few weeks before your wedding, but what is really the ultimate beauty remedy? You must have heard that water is good for you, and yes: that is really true! So use water as a beauty product for your wedding!

Pure with water

A few weeks before your wedding you often look at yourself more critically. Is there a wrinkle or do you suddenly see pores there? You get stressed out and do everything you can to make sure you look and feel before the big day starts. You try everything, but did you know that water can really serve as a beauty product?
Water is the new botox

One or two glasses of water a day is not enough for that radiant skin that you would like to work towards. Drinking a lot of water ensures better skin without dullness. If that were the case, then you would probably have noticed the result. The secret? Drink three liters of water a day! In addition, it also helps against headaches. Ideal right?

Water is good for you

Your skin may suffer if you don't drink enough water. Your skin will look dull and thin lines will appear. Especially as you get older, your skin is increasingly struggling with water retention. Of course you should not exaggerate again, because there is also such a thing as water poisoning. In addition, sufficient water is not the only thing. Healthy food and adequate sleep also play a role!
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