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What does water for your skin

Posted by Peter on 18 November 2016
What does water for your skin

Your skin and drinking water. The most important ingredient for your health, beautiful skin is enough moisture. At the same time water will carry out an attack on your skin. How does that work exactly? Check out the answers and the best tips for a beautiful and healthy skin. For years, the motto was: drink two liters of water each day, which is good for the skin. Now concluded inter alia the British Nutrition center there is no scientific evidence. Those two liters can be deleted? No, it is still important to drink enough water. Water plays a major role in the purification of the body. Our kidneys need plenty of fluids to drain waste. Having a full glass of water all the time.

Cold shower

Strange but true: washing with water dries out the skin. Especially in areas with hard water, be careful. The reason is that any soap residue can not dissolve well in hard water and partially remain on the skin. Thai can eventually affect the skin's protective layer, making the skin more quickly loses moisture and dries out. Very hot water indeed dries extra: natural essential oils dissolves faster and more thoroughly, and thereby affects the skin even faster lose more moisture. The ideal temperature for a bath or shower is around the 37 C. (body temperature). Shower rather not longer than ten minutes. The same is true for taking a bath. Cleaning your face with water is not always a good idea. Instead of cleaning products that are rinsed with water are called minellar cleansers and an excellent alternative. Micelles are parts of molecules that clustering and hold make-up and grease. Apply on a cotton ball, gently wipe over the skin and all the dirt is removed.


A skin that contains enough moisture, shine and looks healthy. The trick is to retain moisture in the skin as long as possible. Or, in order to try to add moisture to the skin. But how? On this issue, scientists have for years thinking - and with success. One of the best known humectants is hyaluronan. This substance acts like a sponge and can hold its own weight in moisture. Because hyaluronic attracts contains so much moisture, both from the outside and from the cream, the skin swells a little and dryness wrinkles are less visible. In addition, hyaluronic prevents the deeper situated evaporates moisture in the skin. Incidentally, the old glycerin has great moisture binding effects. A young, healthy skin contains the ideal moisture content: 80 percent moisture in the deep dermis, 60 percent moisture in the epidermis and 13 percent in the upper skin layer. The older the skin, the more difficult it is to eliminate that moisture rapidly evaporates from the skin. Unfortunately, dry skin can not be prevented completely. But it is certain that moisturizing creams, serums and masks certainly delay the process.

Full of minerals

Water plays yet another role: it is an essential part of any cream. Some cosmetics lines displays with the designation mineral water, other products are built around a specific spring water. The difference? Mineral water is pure water from an underground source: the mineral composition is constantly the same. This water is bottled at the source. When the spring water taste and the mineral composition do not have to be the same constant. Actually I should drink more water. Also drinking water with added minerals will help with a young looking skin. See here how: Filtered water.

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