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Bench Top and Floorstanding water dispensers Toowoomba

Toowoomba Bench Top Water Dispenser   Bench Top Toowoomba Water Dispensers

Toowoomba Floorstanding Water Dispenser   Floorstanding Toowoomba Water Dispensers

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Are you still drinking water straight from the tap? Or are you buying bottled water and spend hundreds of dollars each your on your drinking water? If you own a Prestige Water Dispenser Toowoomba you can drink unlimited great tasting water for free. We are proud to say that our filtration system is one of the best available. The filter cartridge is build inside the filtration bottle. It has 7 filter stages:

  1. Primary filter, that will remove all particles bigger than 5 micron
  2. Activated carbon, will remove chemicals such as chlorine, removes bad smell and bad taste
  3. Minerals, minerals are added back to the water
  4. Coral Sand, will increase calcium levels
  5. Activated carbon (second layer), will remove chemicals such as chlorine, removes bad smell and bad taste
  6. Minerals (second layer), minerals are added back to the water
  7. Ceramic Stone, is an antibacterial filter

If you have one of our Toowoomba Water Dispensers, it includes the filtration system as well. You poor in your own tap water in the top compartment of the filtration bottle and all the water will pass through the filtration system. Now you have nice clean drinking water available for the whole family or for your business. If the water level is low, simply refill the bottle. You can refill the bottle as ofthen as needed. So you will have unlimited drinking water available for free!. How much water should I drink each day? The only cost you have is replacing the filter every 6, 9 or 12 months.

The Bench Top Toowoomba Water Dispensers:

Stylish, modern water dispenser that fits nicely on your kitchen bench. The delivery includes the Bench Top water dispenser, Filtration bottle with filter cartridge, GST and delivery. Drink more water, you will feel better. The danger of dehydration.

The Floorstanding Toowoomba Water Dispensers:

It is the same set up as the Bench Top water dispenser, only you can place this water dispenser anywhere you like. It only requires a PowerPoint and no plumbing is required. If a water cooler is installed in your home or office, every one will drink more water and you will stay hydrated.

How important is drinking water?

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Why is Filtered Water so Important?