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Are you still drinking water straight from the tap? Or are you buying bottled water and spending hundreds of dollars each on your drinking water? If you own a Prestige Water Dispenser Toowoomba you can drink unlimited great-tasting water for free. We are proud to say that our filtration system is one of the best available. The filter cartridge is built inside the filtration bottle. It has 7 filter stages:

  1. Primary filter, that will remove all particles bigger than 5 micron
  2. Activated carbon, will remove chemicals such as chlorine, removes bad smell and bad taste
  3. Minerals, minerals are added back to the water
  4. Coral Sand, will increase calcium levels
  5. Activated carbon (second layer), will remove chemicals such as chlorine, removes bad smell and bad taste
  6. Minerals (second layer), minerals are added back to the water
  7. Ceramic Stone, is an antibacterial filter

If you have one of our Toowoomba Water Dispensers, it includes the filtration system as well. You pour your own tap water into the top compartment of the filtration bottle and all the water will pass through the filtration system. Now you have nice clean drinking water available for the whole family or for your business. If the water level is low, simply refill the bottle. You can refill the bottle as then as needed. So you will have unlimited drinking water available for free! How much water should I drink each day? The only cost you have is replacing the filter every 6, 9 or 12 months.

The Bench Top Toowoomba Water Dispensers:

Stylish, modern water dispenser that fits nicely on your kitchen bench. The delivery includes the Bench Top water dispenser, a Filtration bottle with filter cartridge, GST and delivery. Drink more water, you will feel better. The danger of dehydration.

The Floorstanding Toowoomba Water Dispensers:

It is the same setup as the Bench Top water dispenser, only you can place this water dispenser anywhere you like. It only requires a PowerPoint and no plumbing is required. If a water cooler is installed in your home or office, everyone will drink more water and you will stay hydrated.

How important is drinking water?

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Quickly lose weight with warm water and lemon juice, Toowoomba Water Dispensers

Water is a super drink. Warm water with lemon combines very strong properties and increases the chance of losing weight quickly. The powerful vitamin C and antioxidants present in lemon and the digestive process work more efficiently due to the hot water ensuring rapid weight loss. This is also very good against cystitis. Drinking water helps with losing some weight.

To prepare this drink you first have to heat up water on the stove. Then cool to a drinkable temperature, then add the freshly squeezed lemon juice. Hot and cold water from a water dispenser in Toowoomba.

Do not use a microwave to warm it up and do not use concentrated lemon juice from a bottle. This way helps to lose weight quickly, of course, a healthy lifestyle and diet must also be met. And you have to keep moving regularly. Cold water drinking. Benchtop and Floor Standing Water Dispensers Toowoomba. That way you can lose weight quickly.

Lose weight quickly because lemon is moisture-wicking and laxative.

Lemon juice with water One of the reasons why this drink helps you lose weight quickly is because lemon has a moisture-wicking effect. That means that you have to pee more times a day. There are minerals in the water from a Toowoomba water dispenser. This way you lose the extra fluid that is present in your body, so you lose weight quickly. Bottled water, tap water or filtered water.

Lemon also has a laxative effect, which means you will have to go to the toilet faster to do that other message. It is very good to drink this drink during a meal. It will stimulate the stomach acid to produce more, making digestion much smoother and faster. Great tasting water from a Toowoomba water dispenser made from your own tap water.

How much water do you have to drink per day from the Toowoomba Water Dispensers?

Drinking water is healthy and certainly not a luxury on a hot day. We all know that by now. But how much water is enough to drink and do other drinks count? Tips to drink more water.

How much to drink

For a good moisture balance, you can drink the best water. The guideline of 1.5 to 2 litres per day also gives us more energy, reduces headaches, delicately carries the toxins out of the body and ensures good skin condition. Before you cling to those well-known 8 glasses of water from the filtered Toowoomba Water Dispensers per day: the amount required differs per person. An athlete needs more fluid than someone who sits calmly on the couch all day without sweating.

Drink from the Toowoomba Water Dispensers

In addition to water, tea, coffee, milk and other drinks are also options for maintaining the moisture balance. Your desired drinking behaviour depends on many factors, such as

  • Age
  • Weight
  • If you exercise a lot
  • Your eating pattern
  • The temperature outside

If you exercise fanatically on a day, you naturally need more water because you lose a lot of moisture. And what you lose you have to supplement. When you move little and are in cool rooms you need less. Pregnant women also need more fluid and when breastfeeding, 2 to 2.5 litres per day is recommended. When you eat a lot of salt and protein, turning on the tap regularly is also a good idea. Alcohol has a moisture-wicking effect, so keep this in mind. Drinking water from the Toowoomba Water Dispensers. Lemon juice in your water - is super healthy.

How do you know if you drink enough?

If we get a dry mouth on a busy day or during an activity, our brain gives us a call and we quickly drink a glass of water. Actually, it is already too late because if you are thirsty, you are already 1 to 2 per cent dehydrated. What kind of water to drink? Especially in the summer the motto applies: no thirst, but drink. You also immediately reduce the risk of kidney stones and a urinary tract infection. The second test is on the toilet. Is the colour of your urine dark? Then your body retains water, causing dehydration to lurk. So you drink too little. A light colour is therefore better. Would you prefer a little more taste of water?
Benchtop Toowoomba Water Dispensers

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Delicious drinks from the Toowoomba Water Dispensers from Prestige Water to quench your thirst this summer

We cannot emphasize often enough that drinking enough water in warm weather is a must. Actually, I should drink more water - Useful tips. This prevents our body from drying out and ensures that we stay healthy. But to drink at least two litres of "boring" tap water is a bit boring. That's why we give you six options for flavoured water. You are guaranteed to love this!

Which of the six flavoured water options is your favourite?

1. Cucumber, melon and mint

For a start, adding cucumber to your glass of water is an excellent idea. By then adding watermelon and mint to it, you can turn your drink into a real explosion of taste. Add the cucumber in slices and the watermelon in cubes to your water. Tear a few mint leaves into pieces and spread them in the water. Sanding them releases more flavour from the mint.

2. Rosemary and raspberry

It may sound like a crazy combination, but adding herbs to your water can make it that little bit more special. Simply put some whole sprigs of rosemary in your glass, fill it with water and add some whole raspberries. Make sure that the raspberries do not stay in the water for too long, because they will become too soft.

3. Mint, ginger and lemon

Do you like a fresh drink in the summer? Then the combination of these three ingredients is your new favourite. Indeed, we start again with the fresh taste of mint, add some slices of fresh ginger for the extra bite and finish it with lemon slices for a summery, fresh taste from a Toowoomba water dispenser.

4. Coconut, pineapple and lime

Can't get enough of the summer cocktails? Then you should try this combination of coconut, pineapple and lime. The three ingredients give your water a tropical cocktail taste, but without alcohol. Cut the pineapple into cubes, the lime into slices and add it to the water. Finally, sprinkle some coconut flakes in the water and put them in the fridge for an hour to let all the flavours soak in the water. Enjoy!

5. Grapefruit, lemon and lime

Citrus fruit gets a lot of flavours, so it is a good idea to add it to your glass of water from the tap water coolers. This combination of grapefruit, lemon and lime provides the perfect homemade lemonade taste, with good acidity but also wonderfully refreshing. Slice the fruits and put them in the water. Leave for half an hour and your water will taste delicious!

6. Strawberry and basil

Just like the rosemary with raspberry variety, this combination of strawberry and basil may not appeal to you either. Nevertheless, a herb like basil can provide a delicious taste. Halve the strawberries, pick some fresh basil leaves and tear them into pieces. Add them to the water from the tap water coolers and you will have a deliciously sweet and refreshing drink! Water with minerals is better than just tap water.

Filtered tap water from the Benchtop and Floor Standing Toowoomba Water Dispensers as an environmentally friendly and healthy alternative

Some judge that filtered tap water has at least the same quality as mineral water. It usually has a very good composition in terms of minerals and trace elements. Ecologically, it also has a huge advantage in that bottles and transport routes are eliminated.

So make it easy for your body and spoil it with plenty of water. Because that has a lot of benefits, especially if you spread it out evenly throughout the day. After all, we are not camels who quench their thirst at the waterhole once a day or even less frequently. While the humps that store the water in camels and dromedaries “hang” when they are thirsty, something else loses its elasticity in us: our skin! It simply looks fresher with good "watering".

In addition, our physical and mental performance suffers if a quarter of a litre of water is missing. So it is best to drink a glass of water every hour. This is how you avoid a mental and physical performance slump from the morning on!

Why is Filtered Water so Important?