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What kind of Water to drink

Posted by Peter on 11 May 2016
What kind of Water to drink

Bottled water, Tap water or Filtered Tap water? All about healthy water.

There has recently been much to do about water treatment. There are so many brands of bottled water in the grocery stores, you can buy now almost anywhere water filters and many writers have written several books that just go over water. What kind of water you can drink the best? Can you also drink plain tap water? Do you need to filter tap water? Are water filters expensive and do you get value for money? We like to share our vision with you. Filtered water vs bottled water.

Why drinking water is so important.

Your body is more than 75 percent water, and all day it needs moisture so that your organs, tissues and cells remain adequately hydrated. Due to a healthy fluid balance waste in your body can be disposed efficiently if you drink enough water. Because drinking water is such a fundamental part of your health you can imagine yourself that definitely matter what water you drink, because all your body's cells use the water you choose to drink. Therefore it is important to drink the best water available. Having a full glass of water all the time.

The best water comes from nature.

In my view, the best water is natural spring water. This is water that hundreds to thousands of years has been filtered by nature. The natural spring where water is formed from the water seeps through several layers of soil until it reaches an insatiable land. This site then creates a flow, and by the pressure that is gained with the water comes back to the outside, and so forming a water source. Because this water hose is slowly filtered through the earth countless years, it is never exposed to our present pollution, and therefore this is the most pure water. Furthermore, natural spring water is rich in minerals, such as bicarbonate, sodium, calcium, magnesium and sulfur. Another big advantage of natural spring water is that it usually has a pH that is slightly alkaline, so a value of between 7.35 and 7.45, although this would depend on the source where you get water from. But the best reason to drink natural spring water is perhaps that it is so very tasty. No water will have the quality and taste then pure spring water from the well. Please notice that bottled spring water from the super marked is treated before bottling. Most minerals are removed and most-likely chlorine is added to the water as well. The biggest problem to drink natural spring water is that you should get it at a natural water source. But not everyone lives near a natural water source, and even fetch water at the source is not as practical or feasible for everyone. The truth about water bottles and our environment.

The dangers of bottled water and tap water.

Many people believe that bottled water from the supermarket is healthier than tap water, but they do not realize that about 40 percent of all the water that you can buy is really just tap water in the supermarket. Tap water is not always a healthy alternative. Although Australian tap water must meet strict requirements, it always contains chemicals such as chlorine and more. In addition, especially older houses will have lead water pipes, and it is known that they release lead into drinking water. Lead belongs to the heavy metals and is very harm full to our health, especially for children.

The best alternative to natural spring water.

Unfiltered tap water and bottled water are actually not a good alternative to natural spring water. Ideally, you want to drink water that is purer than tap water / bottled water and contains the same elements as natural spring water, as many minerals and acidity which is basic. We believe that filtering your tap water with a multi stage filter is the best alternative for natural spring water. By filtering you will remove most of the harm full chemicals from the water. Chlorine in Tap Water. In addition, the Prestige Water 7-stage water filter makes the water alkaline, and adding countless healthy minerals to the water. Above you have already read why it is so good for our health to drink minerals that occur naturally in natural spring water. The quality of some cheaper water filters leaves something to be desired. The Prestige Water replacement water filter is only $60, and that is including the GST and delivery. The life span of a filter cartridge is between the 6 and 12 months. We can advise you how long the filter will last in your situation.

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