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A beautiful skin from the inside

We have a 100% natural skin care line with products that take good care of your skin. That is of course very nice and beautiful and we are proud to be able to offer that, but it concerns the care of the skin from the outside. Besides that it is important to care and pamper your skin from the outside, it is just as important to take care of your skin from the inside. Tips for summer. We have some tips on how to do that. Drink more water from a mineral pure drinking water cooler dispenser.

Moisture supply

As we all know, sufficient moisture is extremely important for healthy skin. For the entire body, but also for the skin. Drinking enough water in one day keeps the skin well hydrated and ensures that the waste products are properly disposed of. Moisture is a means of transport for the skin. In addition, in case of insufficient moisture, substances such as collagen and elastic break down faster and the skin deteriorates more quickly than we would like to. Are fruit juices healthy. Wrinkles, flakes and other misery are the result. So make sure to drink enough fluid in a day.

Hydrating food

Certain foods can also help hydrate the skin from within. Think for example avocado, fish oil, olive oil, coconut oil, honey, pumpkin, spinach, salmon, berries and watermelon. To cook your food, please use water from a Mineral pure drinking water cooler dispenser. They help to hydrate the digestive system and in this way the skin.

Healthy fats

Fats are of great importance for healthy skin. You can grease and eat fats. Healthy fats nourish the skin from the inside. This is possible with fats from fatty fish, for example, but also from plants. Think of avocados (there it is again), nuts, seeds, seeds. And of course the already pressed oils such as flax seed oil, wheat germ oil, hemp seed oil and olive oil. Make sure you use a biological, cold-pressed version. They still contain all healthy substances that your skin can use.

Omega fatty acids

We have all heard of omega fatty acids (I think): oil from oily fish that is good for the heart and vessels and our nervous system, such as omega 3 and other omega's. This type of fat is important for our skin. The omegas are essential building blocks for our skin. They help to strengthen the natural barrier of the skin, give it a smoother and smoother appearance and minimize inflammation and other irregularities.


And then there are the antioxidants. Anti-what? Yes, antioxidants. Great tasting water from a mineral pure drinking water cooler dispenser. Substances that help our body neutralize or even neutralize oxidized and radicalized (food) substances. 10 Ways to keep your kidneys healthy. Antioxidants are of great importance in the protection of the skin against external influences such as the sun and (environmental) pollution. Antioxidants help to prevent damage such as skin aging and dehydration. And furthermore they help to rebuild the damaged skin. For example, we know them as vitamins C, D, E and A. But there are many more. And these antioxidants can also easily be added through nutrition.

And what are the antioxidants?

What can you eat the best? You can find them in healthy, varied food. Again the fatty fish, of course, which is rich in vitamins D and A. But for the antioxidants actually applies that you find them in all healthy foods. Really rich in antioxidants are chia seeds, red forest fruits, brightly colored vegetables, avocado, herbs and spices (both fresh and dried), sesame seeds, hemp seed, and so on. Actually, it is quite simple, eat as raw, fresh and varied as possible, so you always get antioxidants inside. In the case of skin complaints also look at the dietary pattern. So, from the inside you can do a lot for beautiful, healthy and supple skin. Mineral water from a Mineral pure drinking water cooler dispenser. Also in case of skin complaints it may be wise to take a look at your diet and to see if there is a gain with an adjustment or possibly a supplement with supplementation. Peter can tell you everything about how to take care of the exterior and we will gladly fill that for you with advice on the inside. What happens in your body if you drink soda.


Mineral Pure Drinking Water Cooler Dispenser

Why drink a lot of water from a Mineral pure drinking water cooler dispenser?

Drinking enough water is very important, even if you want to lose weight. Benefits of drinking a glass of water on an empty stomach. It ensures that you are less likely to get thirsty and it stimulates your fat burning. For an average person 1.5 to 2 liters of water is sufficient, but that depends on a few factors such as weight, height and the degree of effort. Instead of water you could also drink herbal tea (without sugar of course). If you want to lose weight, you should not only eat healthily and exercise, but you should also ensure that you always have water with you!

To drink water. Why because!

  • If you drink enough water throughout the day, the chance of getting thirsty becomes smaller and smaller. 5 Helpful tips with losing weight by drinking water. Best water is water from a Mineral pure drinking water cooler dispenser. This ensures that you will be less likely to pack other drinks. This is advantageous if you want to lose weight, because soft drinks contain a lot of calories, for example. Just like energy drinks and juices.
  • The moisture in your body ensures that you constantly feel fuller than normal. This will make you less likely to eat.
  • The moment you feel thirsty, your body can interpret this as hungry. Drinking enough water will make you less thirsty and therefore have less chance of your body creating a hunger feeling while you are not hungry.
  • Water ensures that the waste is discharged into the body. When you burn stored fat, waste is released. They have to get out of your body. Sufficient water ensures that you do not poison yourself with this.
  • Drinking water is necessary to keep the fat burning going. Water is essential to convert food that you take into energy, but also to transform fat stored in your body into energy. In this way, water not only ensures that you do not arrive further, but also that you actually lose weight.

How much water do you have to drink if you want to lose weight?

Why filter tapwater. For an average person, it is healthy to drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water a day from a mineral pure drinking water cooler dispenser . To lose weight faster and healthier you can increase the average (!) Amount of water to 3 liters. When you drink so much water from a mineral pure drinking water cooler dispenser it is important to spread it well throughout the day. Too much water can cause a sodium deficiency, which is very unhealthy. That is why it is not advisable to drink more than 4 liters per day; certainly not when you combine this with less food than you are used to.


When you decide to drink more water

  • It is wise to ensure that you have water within reach. When you go out, for example to work, you can take bottles of water that you immediately fill when they are empty. Use a Mineral pure drinking water cooler dispenser. Does it make sense to drink water after eating fruit.
  • It is also recommended to put a bottle or a jug of water on the table when you eat. It often helps to drink at set times, such as a large glass of water after brushing and during every meal as standard.
  • For a change you can put a slice of lemon in the water or make fruit water.

Great tasting mineral pure drinking water cooler dispenser from Prestige Water

Last week I already wrote a piece about my morning ritual that helps me to start the day healthy. I was talking about different "flavoured" water and then I went deeper into the benefits of water with lemon. Time to take a closer look at another flavour: water with sole.

This is also something new for me, I have only recently added it to my morning ritual. How glad I am to discover this because I really notice a difference, I feel much more alert when I just have a glass of water with sole behind me. Sole is a saltwater solution of Celtic sea salt. You fill a jar with 1/3 Celtic sea salt and the rest you fill with water. You stir until the salt is dissolved and then you have sole.

Celtic sea salt

I know that with salt we quickly think of table salt which contributes to high blood pressure and many more ailments. Table salt is processed in a factory and is therefore refined, just like white flour and white sugar. Refined products are stripped of all nutrients and salt only leaves sodium and sometimes iodine is added.Heathy water after a 8-stage filtration from a mineral pure drinking water cooler dispenser. What does water do in your body.

Celtic sea salt is very different. This salt comes from the region of Guérande, Brittany, France and is extracted according to a traditional method. It contains no less than 84 (!) Minerals and trace elements, all of which are in the perfect proportion, composition and balance. The salt is not washed, dried or refined, so the mineral balance remains completely intact. Minerals are of great importance for a healthy body, in fact without minerals, eating vitamin-rich food makes little sense. Minerals are the activators, the keys of our body that activate all kinds of important biochemical processes.

Celtic sea salt has a sodium content of just under 90%, making Celtic sea salt the most sodium-poor sea salt in the world. And that only benefits the mineral content. You can very well use Celtic sea salt as a substitute for refined salt.

Health benefits of water with sole:

  • It gives you long-lasting energy through the many minerals and trace elements. This makes water with sole a very good substitute for coffee.
  • It improves your health and vitality by supplementing your mineral balance. The disease is often caused by a mineral deficiency, which causes acidification. In order to combat disease and acidification, minerals and trace elements are therefore very important.
  • It alkalizes your body and restores your acid-base balance.
  • It stimulates the metabolism.
  • It detoxifies your digestive tract.
  • It promotes homeostasis. Homeostasis is the maintenance of the nutrients and waste materials in the cells via the internal environment.
  • It works as a diuretic which can help with bloating.

Recipe for water with Sole

1 teaspoon of sole + a glass of lukewarm water = drink.

So you make sole by filling a jar with 1/3 Ketic sea salt and 2/3 water. Stir well until the salt is dissolved, then let it stand until you have a nice clear solution, a small layer remains on the bottom. You should not drink Sole undiluted, it is far too salty! Always dilute it with water and drink 2 glasses a day, in the morning and before going to bed. You can store it outside the refrigerator at room temperature out of sunlight.

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I drink it almost every morning but alternate it with lemon water. Sometimes I first drink a glass of lemon water and then immediately a glass of sole, but sometimes there is also an hour between them. If I feel very tired or have trouble waking up, I always drink water with sole right away. It also helps me when I have poor concentration, so when I go to study for a day I drink a glass of water with sole in between. Before bedtime I always drink a glass of sole, this gives me the feeling that I kickstart my body during the processing and detoxification at night. It is not the intention that you drink litres of water with sole. Everything in moderation, 2 glasses a day from a mineral pure drinking water cooler dispenser is fine.

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