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Why filter tapwater

Posted by Peter on 15 September 2016
Why filter tapwater

Is water healthy? In Australia the image is that drinking water from the tap has a quite good quality. This was the case up to the 80s and before, but the water quality has since changed a lot. The pollution that started since the 50s, is starting to come back in several springs. The pollution of the water increases such that there are now several sources closed because it was no longer possible to purify this water with the existing installations. In addition, we see that tolerance levels are held for all kinds of substances, which in practice means that the water may contain a variety of substances and is still referred to as clean and pure. Also, there are many substances that can not be measured or detected. 

Water is heavily polluted

The drinking water has been contaminated many times stronger than ever before. This is a direct result of increased pollution that started in the 50s. The drinking water filter is now also a very obvious. Drinking water sources. Here are some substances that are found in water:

  • medicines
  • X-ray contrast
  • drugs
  • herbicides and pesticides
  • chemicals
  • oil and gasoline

Drinking water containing medicines

What kind of water to drink. More and more studies show that drinking water sources contain drug residues. Because people use these resources, these drugs end up in the water cycle. Not all resources are measured anyway. And for some, there are tolerance levels. This concerns:

  • X-ray contrast agents
  • beta-blockers
  • cholesterol lowering drugs
  • antibiotics
  • hormone disrupting substances


With out 7-stage advanced filter system, you and your children are protected better. You create safer drinking water and are no longer dependent on the quality that is delivered. In addition, you can still make the most of your water, because there is no pressure loss. Our filter:

  • clean drinking water
  • filtering of undesirable substances
  • purified of most heavy metals
  • adding very important minerals
  • make alkaline water

Reduces the absorption of substances

By filtering the water that you use, you will never come into contact with undesirable substances. According to the experts, the body takes on as many substances during a shower of 20 minutes, as when drinking 2 liters of non-purified water. The same goes for the water you use when brushing teeth.

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