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Easy refill the Melbourne Filtered Water Coolers with your own tap water. The multi stage filter will remove chlorine, bad taste and odours and other chemical and also add back some very important minerals. All our models are fitted with a self filling filtration bottle and you never run out of great tasting drinking water. No heavy bottles to lift and no fridges full of water, only one stylish water cooler for your home or office. Saving $$$ on buying bottles water and soft drinks.

Glass after Glass, your own great tasting water.

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Melbourne filtered water coolers

The filtration system from Melbourne Filtered Water Coolers

The 7-stage filtration removes chlorine, chemicals, odour and bad taste from your tap water and you can enjoy drinking healthy water with Melbourne Filtered Water Coolers. See our comprehensive range of models above. All models have 2 taps. The blue tap will dispense chilled water for all your fresh drinks. The red tap will dispense hot water for coffee, tea and all other hot drinks. If you don't use hot water simply switch it off at the back and the red tap will dispense room temperature water. Our stainless steel Melbourne Filtered Water Coolers are equipped with 3 taps. ( hot-, room temperature- and cold water ) 

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What should I drink if I want to lose weight? Which drinks are healthy? Melbourne filtered water coolers

We all now know that healthy and nutritious food is just as important to gain or lose weight as to exercise. However, what is sometimes forgotten is drinking. Because what do you drink in a day? And how do you ensure that your fluid consumption works for you, instead of against you? In this article we will give you a hand. These are the consequences of drinking too little water.

To drink water

The best drink that you can consume is and remains water. But how much water do you have to drink in a day to stay healthy? The answer to this differs per person, but often the formula 0.03 * your body weight is used. This means that a person weighing 75 kg must drink around 2.25 L of water per day. This may seem like a lot, but fortunately coffee and tea are also included! Healthy water from Melbourne filtered water coolers.

Coffee or tea?

Although coffee & tea also count as moisture, they both contain other substances that can influence your diet. For example, coffee contains caffeine, which in case of excessive consumption causes your cortisol level to increase. Cortisol is a stress hormone that increases your alertness but also frees up fat reserves. Hot and cold water from Melbourne filtered water coolers. A disadvantage of this is that your body stores more fat around your waist. Tea, on the other hand, is a drink that can promote weight loss. Green tea in particular does its job well, because it speeds up your metabolism, so you burn more calories!

Fitness and alcohol

Do you want to lose weight or gain weight? Then stay away from (too much) alcohol. Alcoholic beverages often contain many calories, which may still be forgotten. There are no calories in water from Melbourne filtered water coolers. In addition, it has a counterproductive effect on your muscle recovery and it often causes your motivation to exercise to be significantly less the next day.

Soda when losing weight

In principle it is wise to drink as little soft drinks as possible. If you still want something other than water, tea or coffee, then it is best to go for a fruit juice with no added sugar. Mind you, there are also sugars in nature, so a glass often contains a lot of calories. If you want to go for a low-calorie alternative, it is best to opt for a glass of light soda. Great tasting water from Melbourne filtered water coolers. 10 Ways to keep your kidneys healthy.

Do I need protein shakes?

Are fruit juices healthy. Protein shakes are not necessarily essential. Melbourne filtered water coolers. Many athletes, however, choose to supplement their diet with protein shakes, because it is a simple and responsible way to get your daily protein. Particularly when you do fanatic strength training, a protein shake can help you achieve maximum results. What happens in your body if you drink soda.

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How much water do you drink per day from the Melbourne filtered water coolers?

Is water healthy? No, I am not talking about moisture in general, but water. Preferably filtered water, but tap water is also allowed. How much? Do you drink 1 liter, 1.5, 2 liters or more or maybe you do not drink water at all? Did you know that you need to drink 2 liters of water from the Melbourne filtered water coolers a day to be able to dispose of your waste? And if the weather is very hot or if you exercise intensively, you can certainly add half a liter to this. Tips to get through the summer COOL.

Why drink water and not tea?

Why water and not tea for example? Did you wash your car with tea? Some very dirty cars will indeed become cleaner, but they will never be completely clean. That is also the case with your body. Only water can dispose of all waste. Tea and especially herbal tea or green tea is good for, for example, burning fat or stimulating other processes in your body. But water is the only moisture that really cleanses. So drink tea, but not at the expense of the number of liters of water you take. Cold or hat drinks in warm weather?

Symptoms of fluid deficiency

So what if you only drink coffee, tea and soft drinks? Then you will dehydrate. Your moisture management is disrupted. Because blood must be able to continue to flow, it will extract fluid from other parts of your body like the organs. Those organs are getting worse and you suffer from headache, migraine, abdominal pain, gallbladder pain and you will get inflammation in your body. Your body is going to retain moisture. So make sure you will drink plenty of filtered water from the Melbourne water coolers. It is less likely to sweat, your feet and legs will get set up and if you take off your socks in the evening, you will see the imprint in your legs. These are clear signs of a fluid deficiency.

Repairing a moisture deficit

Fortunately, you can quickly recover from a fluid deficiency. Drink half a liter of lukewarm water every morning on an empty stomach and drink another 1.5 liters of water and you will soon see improvement. Your ring will no longer pinch, your socks will no longer be in your legs and you will feel much more vital.

Tip: drink 1 / 4th liter at a time. Your cells will be grateful. Taking a sip every now and then does not do anything. The sip gets lost and trickles through the cells instead of ending up in the cell. So bulk drinking is what you have to do. Certainly 1 / 4th liter at a time. And if you do that half an hour before each meal, you will therefore also eat smaller portions, which will benefit the line again.

Ideal moisture management

Ideally you have a moisture percentage of 50%, but most people are just slightly above 40%. A deficiency that can even make you sick. Half of your weight must therefore consist of moisture. You can often have this measured at the gym. If you go strict lines, you will primarily lose moisture instead of the kilos of fat that you actually want. Healthy drinking water made from your own tap with the Melbourne filtered water coolers. This is because the body first starts to use up the carbohydrate reserves in muscles and liver. In addition, a lot of moisture is released, so that your scales call you that you have lost weight, but that in reality you are not. You will also see that as you grow more muscle through exercise, your fluid balance will improve. That is because muscles contain a lot of fluid. As a result, you can also increase slightly in weight, while the mirror shows you a better silhouette.

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In short, water is of vital importance. We drink it too little from the Melbourne filtered water coolers, which can cause complaints that we would not initially attribute to a shortage of water. So if you are not comfortable with yourself, first start by drinking 2 liters of water a day and with at least 1 / 4th liter at a time. It could just be that you feel a lot better within 2 weeks.

Great tasting mineral and alkaline water from the Melbourne filtered water coolers

The consumption of bottled water has increased enormously in the past 20 years, especially in Australia. Drinking more water in hot weather. While tap water is so much cheaper. Are there reasons to prefer bottled water over tap water?

What is known about this?

Bottled water is water from natural sources. For example, the source of Spa is located in the High Fens and is strictly secured. Other brands bottle water from other sources. Bottled water is much more expensive than tap water.

People buy bottled water for various reasons, research shows (2). They like it better and more attractive and assume it's healthier than tap water. Ease of use sometimes plays a role.

When asked about the reasons why it would be healthier, consumers answered in a study that the mineral content of bottled water is higher. In reality, this is only true for a few brands. Tap water also contains minerals such as magnesium and calcium, sometimes even more than bottled water, but that is less known.

Others drink bottled water because they are concerned with the safety of tap water, while tap water is the most and best controlled food product available to us. It's safe. Drinking water companies are required by law to continuously monitor tap water for at least 60 parameters related to consumer health (3). Tap water, for example, must not contain micro-organisms in quantities that can pose a health hazard. Chlorine is added to get rid of viruses and bacteria. The chlorine odor of tap water can be disturbing, but it is not harmful and it evaporates quickly.

Control of bottled water is also subject to strict legislation linked to an annual control program. Bottled water is also not always free from micro-organisms.

Some young parents do not dare to use tap water to prepare baby milk, which can be a legitimate concern in buildings where there are still lead pipes. In such a case, it is better not to use tap water for the preparation of infant formula (3). Drinking water companies are not responsible for the quality of internal pipes. Recently there was a commotion about asbestos fibers in tap water, from pipes containing asbestos. According to the World Health Organization, asbestos is only harmful when inhaled, not when taken orally. Alkaline water from the Melbourne filtered water coolers. Bottled water, tap water or filtered water.

Then there is the packaging. Bottled water is sold in bottles, usually in plastic bottles. The concern about plastic particles that migrate in the water and are said to be carcinogenic is unjustified. The traces of cancerous substances from PET bottles in the spring water are very minimal and not harmful to health.

A final concern is the mountain of waste: bottled water, like other bottled drinks, is 1000 times worse for the environment, because of the packaging. Limiting waste is certainly important for the health of future generations.

How can we interpret this?

Bottled water is especially preferred for its taste: some people don't like the taste of tap water. The chlorine odor can be prevented with a drop of lemon and tap water also tastes fresher when you store it in a jug in the refrigerator.

The healthier image of bottled water has to do with perception and marketing. Now take calcium. Some brands offer calcium content that is naturally present in the water. There and many minerals in the water from the Melbourne filtered water coolers. Calcium is a synonym for lime, which some water softeners remove from tap water to make household machines last longer. Calcium creates a more positive feeling than lime, while it is exactly the same.

Bottled water sometimes contains fewer minerals than tap water. Incidentally, the need for minerals is amply met through the diet.

No publicity is made for tap water. As a result, it is not perceived as healthy, pure, microbes free, source of calcium and magnesium, good for the line, and so on. Incidentally, it is completely unnecessary to filter tap water.


Bottled water is no healthier than tap water. But many people prefer the taste of bottled water because of the chlorine smell of tap water. Remove the chemicals that are found in tap water with the Melbourne Filtered Water Coolers. Bottled water is much more expensive and the bottles make for a gigantic waste mountain. More waste means more pollutants in the environment, which threatens both our health and that of our fellow human beings.

Make fruit water

By putting a handful of fruit in your water, the water gets a light fruit flavor. In addition, fruit is healthy, because fruit is full of antioxidants. Antioxidant is a collective name for certain vitamins and minerals such as vitamins B1, B2, B6, C, E, zinc, selenium, copper, iron and chromium. They fight free radicals. Their are so many minerals in the water after filtration from a Prestige Water hot and cold water cooler. These are aggressive substances that can cause damage to cells and tissues in unfavorable cases. Antioxidants help against these damages and thus prevent long-term diseases such as cardiovascular disease. Choose for example: lemon, strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, kiwi, orange or make it even more exciting with herbs and spices such as ginger, a sprig of mint or thyme.
You can also order a special BPA-free water bottle with a fruit filter. Soft drinks, up to 7 cubes of sugar.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?