Floor Standing Water Coolers Melbourne

Floor Standing Water Coolers and Water Dispensers Melbourne

Floor Standing Water Coolers Melbourne     Floor Standing Water Dispensers Melbourne     Floor Standing Water Coolers Melbourne

These are our floor standing water coolers Melbourne. Equipped with a chilled water tap for refreshments and a hot water tap for tea, coffee and other hot water drinks. When no hot water is required you can switch it off at he back and the hot water tap becomes room temperature. You can use the 20 ltr cupboard to store glasses.

About the floor standing water coolers Melbourne FILTRATION:

Water Filter Bottle Water Coolers Melbourne     Water Filter Bottle Water Dispensers Melbourne     

This is the 7-stage filtration bottle that fits the floor standing water coolers Melbourne. You never have to buy bottled water anymore. Simply make your own great tasting water free from your own tap. Remove the lid from the filtration bottle and poor in your own tap water. All the tap water you put in will be filtered with our 7-stage filter cartridge. The filter removes impurities such as chlorine, heavy metals, organic sediments and others but also very important minerals will be added back to the water as well. You can refill as often as you want and this means unlimited healthy drinking water for FREE! No more buying expensive bottled water, never run out of drinking water again,...... many more advantages to have one of the floor standing water coolers Melbourne.

Weight Loss Tip

Drinking water will contribute weight loss. Drinking water regularly can help reducing the amount of food you eat. You should have your 3 meals each day. In between the meals you can still feel hungry. Most times you think you are hungry but you are actually thirsty. So when you feel hungry in between meals, try drinking 1 or 2 glasses of water. It will reduce the food intake and it will help you to lose weight.


Why is Filtered Water so Important?