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8 Good reasons to drink more water

Drink plenty of clean water. Of course you know that drinking 1.5 liters of water per day is so much better than drinking coke or cava. With the new flavors of Prestige Water that is now really child's play. But why is water so good for you? Eight good reasons!

    Nice skin

You can lubricate creams as much as you like, but radiant skin also comes from the inside. If you drink enough water, waste products are better disposed of and your complexion does not look drab quickly. Water also brings extra nutrients and moisture to your skin. And you also see that.

    Soft lips

Water really hydrates your skin everywhere, including around your mouth. And say yourself, full glossy lips are still much more sexy than dry or jumped copies?

    Easier weight loss

You do not fall away from water, but it helps you to fool your body. Is it bad to drink water while eating. Water reduces your appetite. If you drink a good glass of water with every snack in a snack or just before your meal, you eat a lot less easily.

    Fresh breath

Really, water also helps against bad breath. To begin with, you immediately wash away a lot of malodorous bacteria by drinking water. Moreover, water gives your saliva production a boost and that also neutralizes odors.


Oops, wild party? Alcohol dries your body quickly. Hence that dry mouth and that throbbing headache. With a few large glasses of water you bring your moisture supply back up and half of the misery is over.

    Better mood

Even without alcohol, your body can become dehydrated if you drink too little water. That can not only lead to headaches or fatigue. It also makes you nagging, embarrassed and irritable. Drinking water!

     Good for your intestines

By drinking enough water every day, you also ensure that your digestion runs smoothly. Your intestines 'draw' moisture out of your bowel movements, making them harder and less easily comes out. With water you can therefore stop constipation.

    Great for your bladder and kidneys

A liter and a half of water a day makes your kidneys and your bladder a lot easier. Your kidneys filter waste from your body and that has to be drained: with sufficient water that will be easier. In addition, your bladder is also flushed more often: this reduces the chance that unpleasant bacteria settle in your bladder and cause painful inflammation.

Water that tastes more

Why you must drink water when get up in the morning. With its original flavor combinations, Prestige Water makes it even easier for you to drink your daily 1.5 liters of water. Water with a taste and without calories. Which flavor do you choose? Drink plenty of water, give the body what it needs.
Do you fall for lemon, grapefruit & cranberry, lime & mint, watermelon & cucumber or raspberry & lime?


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