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How much water do I need to drink each day

Water is the source for life. Drinking sufficient water is therefore very important for us to function properly. With an adult person, the body also exists for ± 60%. Many of us therefore wonder how much water you need? What is the right amount? Do other drinks also count for your water intake? Why is it so healthy? Can you drink too much water which ultimately leads to death? Is it good for your skin? And how much should you drink to lose weight? Do not worry, we will answer all these questions for you in this article.

Calculate how many liters of water a day

Throughout the day, we lose a lot of water through, for example, breathing, sweating or urinating. In order to keep your water level on balance, you must therefore receive sufficient water. You can calculate for yourself how much water you should get in one day. This is of course an indication and depends on multiple factors such as your lifestyle, height, weight, climate and the amount of exercise you have one day. In warm weather, for example, it is recommended to drink more water because you also lose more. Do you exercise regularly? Then it is convenient to take a bottle with you because you lose fluid while sweating. On average, an adult person often needs 1.5-2 liters. What does water do in your body.

    If you want to calculate how much water you need (as an indication), you have to multiply your body weight by 0.03L (30ml per 1kg body weight).

    For example: 75 kg = 75 x 0.03 = 2.25 liters

Do other drinks also count for my water intake?

There is still a lot of discussion about this. One dietitian counts drinks like coffee and tea for the water intake and the other does not. It is recommended to mainly drink water for your fluid intake and not make a habit of drinking juices or soft drinks. The reason behind this is mainly because these kinds of drinks are not healthy for you and you actually drink it because it is tasty and not necessarily good for thirst. However, your body absorbs the fluid just to ensure that you stay hydrated, but drinking water is surely the healthiest option and contains no substances that are bad for you. Your body will eat up to 900 milliliters of fluid every day. This also counts for your fluid intake.

Why is drinking a lot of water healthy?

Water, a super drink. Everyone around us knows that drinking water is good for you, but why?

Here is a list of all the benefits that water has for our body.

  •     Better skin: water ensures that the toxins and waste products in your body are flushed away. This gives you less chance of getting impurities such as pimples or blackheads.
  •     Toilet: by keeping your fluid balance on the arrow you ensure better digestion. Your body needs moisture for this process to make everything run as smoothly as possible. If your fluid balance is too low, this can lead to constipation, for example.
  •     Prevents headache and fatigue: headache and fatigue are two of the most common symptoms of dehydration, or dehydration. Fatigue solved by drinking water. After a night out you will notice that water can be very refreshing and you feel the headache a lot less. Did you know that 2% dehydration already ensures that your body performs less well?
  •     Thirst-quenching: water is the best option to quench your thirst and also contains no calories.
  •     Improved concentration and alertness: your brain consists of 90% moisture. If this percentage declines, you will not only suffer from headaches, but it also worsens your thinking ability and concentration. It is therefore important to keep this up to date. Drinking water helps with losing some weight.

Can drinking a lot of water also be bad for you?

The amount of moisture that a person needs differs. As mentioned earlier, this has to do with how much you sweat, in what climate you live, your weight, whether you are ill, or drank alcohol and how much you move in a day. In addition, women also have to drink less than men to keep their fluid balance up to standard. In women, it is recommended to drink 1.5-2 liters of water while men need 2-2.5 liters. As soon as you exceed this, this is not an immediate problem. If you drink 3 liters a day because you need it, then that does not hurt. It can become dangerous if you get too much water in a short time, think of 3 liters within an hour. This can lead to water poisoning, because the sodium concentration in your body drops and your kidneys can not drain the moisture quickly enough. If you drink quietly you will notice that you are thirsty after 1 to 2 glasses of water has already been quenched.

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