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How much water do you need to drink from your water dispenser Burpengary each day

1.5 to 2 liters of moisture per day

We recommends that women drink 1.6 liters (eight glasses) of fluid per day, men two liters (ten glasses) and toddlers 1.3 liters (6½ glasses). The advice is to mainly take tea, coffee or water. How much moisture you need exactly depends on various factors, such as age, temperature, exercise, food and your state of health. Drink more water in hot weather. Great tasting water from a water dispenser Burpengary.

Water in the body

People need water because you are largely made of water; it makes up 78 percent of your brain and two-thirds of the weight of your body. Is it bad to drink water while eating. Healthy drinking water made from your own tap with water dispensers Burpengary. That's why you have to make sure that you maintain your fluid balance at all times and drink enough. Water is the vehicle that transports carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins, which are vital to keep your organs alive. No less important is the work of water to transport waste products from your body.

Babies and children

Babies have the highest water content: at birth it is 78 percent and it drops to around 65 percent at their first birthday. So a relatively small drop in consumption makes a big difference for their small bodies. Babies and young children dry out relatively faster, for example due to vomiting or diarrhea. The bodies of adult men consist of 60 percent of water and those of women for about 55 percent. Women have proportionally more fat than men.


Drinking water prevents muscle pain. There is mild dehydration if you lose between only 1 to 2 percent of the normal water volume of your body. For a man between 70-79 kilos, whose body contains 42 liters of water, that is 840 ml - only four glasses. But even with mild dehydration, people get bogged down: your focus and short-term memory start to falter. Even more dangerous is that your ability to accurately assess how you feel is fading. You can use your own tap water with a water dispenser Burpengary. This may mean that you lose contact with the warning signs of your body that you become more and more dehydrated. Although mild dehydration recovers quickly after a few glasses of water, frequent mild dehydration can cause problems in the long term, such as tooth decay, because you do not have enough water to make saliva. You also need water for supple joints. Dehydration of the cartilage causes friction in the joint, causing damage and pain, such as arthritis.

Consequences and symptoms of insufficient drinking

Drinking plenty of clean water. Drinking too little has a number of symptoms and consequences.

Dry mouth
A dry mouth and throat indicates mild dehydration. Every time you experience that sticky, nasty feeling in your mouth, you have not drank enough. In that case, you can grab a sugary drink, but that is only a temporary solution for a bigger problem. Just water lubricates the mucous membranes in your mouth and throat, which will keep your mouth moist with saliva long after that first sip.

Dry skin
Your skin is the largest organ of your body and is the main protection mechanism of your body, so it must of course stay well hydrated. Dry skin is caused by a shortage of skin fats and is one of the first signs of complete dehydration, which can lead to much larger problems if you do not do anything about it.

Drinking too little water can cause constipation (blockage). Constipation makes it difficult for you to have normal bowel movements, and one of the main causes of constipation is drinking too little water. If there is not enough water in your body, your bowel counts too much and this can cause abdominal pain, intestinal cramps and bowel pain. If there is regular clogging and hard pressing, you can develop hemorrhoids. So drink more water from a Burpengary water dispenser.

Muscle cramps
Muscle cramps are spontaneously occurring, painful contractions of the muscle fibers and can occur in case of dehydration because you drink too little. By drinking too little and sweating a lot, you lose a lot of electrolytes and minerals such as potassium and sodium that are important for the proper functioning of your muscles. That is why it is a good idea to stay hydrated while exercising or running and drinking enough, because you will lose a lot of water and minerals through your sweat. For example, you can take a sports drink with electrolytes.

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Play tennis in the heat and drinking water from your water dispenser Burpengary

In the Australia, tennis players are more likely to suffer from dehydration than from the sun, but the mercury can also reach tropical values here. In extreme heat, tennis players must take extra precautions to prevent - sometimes serious - disorders. Tips for summer.

Tennis players are most at risk of heat problems when they exercise intensively in hot weather, high humidity, wind calmness and bright sun. In these circumstances your body temperature can rise too high and you can lose too much moisture and salt. This can lead to - sometimes serious - health problems: cramps, fainting, sunstroke and hyperthermia (heat replacement).

Avoid overheating

The body functions best at 37 ° C. By exercising, the body temperature normally rises to 38 to 39 ° C, but if it exceeds 39 ° C, it can be at the expense of your tennis performance and your health. Temperatures higher than 40 ° C can even be life threatening. Fortunately, the body can dissipate excess heat. For example by sweating. But sometimes it is not possible to get rid of enough heat. Then it is good to help the body. Actually I should drink more water - Useful tips. How do you handle it?

1. In extremely hot weather, it is wise to schedule your training sessions in the morning, late afternoon or evening, when it is cooler.
2. In warm weather, wear airy, loose-fitting (and preferably light-colored) clothing made of breathable material. Tightly fitting clothing hinders the evaporation of sweat.
3. Take a break regularly (every half hour during training sessions, during the substitutions at competitions). Find the shade, have a drink and cool your body.
4. Cool your head and neck during switches and breaks with ice or water.
5. Use fans when they are on the road.
6. If possible, take the time to acclimatize. An acclimatized body perspires faster and at a lower body temperature. Ideally, you can get used to the heat for four to seven days before you really have to perform.

Do you know

For official competitions with a feeling temperature (combination of humidity and temperature) above 32ºC, the tournament management may decide to suspend a competition or allow ten minutes of rest between the second and third set. For more rules that apply in the event of heat, look here.

Prevent dehydration

Sweating is useful to get rid of excess heat. Drink from your water dispenser Burpengary in hot weather. But if you sweat a lot and for a long time, it can lead to dehydration. With extreme heat the moisture loss per hour is sometimes 2.5 liters or more. Water with minerals is better than just tap water. Due to a moisture deficiency, sports performance deteriorates and the risk of heat problems increases. For that reason, it is important to maintain the moisture balance; especially in warm weather!

How do you handle it?

In the first place you follow the general guidelines for drinking during exercise. But that is probably not enough to fully compensate for your moisture loss in extremely hot weather. Your gastrointestinal tract can only absorb a maximum of 1.2 liters of fluid per hour, while your sweat loss can amount to 2.5 liters per hour or more. That is why it is extra important in warm weather to restore the moisture balance after exercise. You can read how to do this here.


Drinking too little is not good, but drinking too much can also lead to problems. 12 Ultimate water with fruit combinations. It is not necessary to drink several liters for good.

Avoid a salt deficiency

By sweating you not only lose moisture, but also salt (2.2 to 3.4 grams of salt per liter of sweat). On a hot day with multiple competitions, the salt loss can go up to 17 grams. It is important to compensate for the loss of salt in time. Because a salt deficiency makes it harder for your body to retain moisture and that increases the risk of heat disorders. Drink plenty of water from your water dispenser Burpengary.

How do you handle it?

1. Choose a sports drink with salt (sodium) added (default is 400-800 mg sodium / liter in an iso or hypotonic sports drink). Healthy drink water from your water dispenser Burpengary.
2. Eat a little more salty than normal. Sprinkle an extra pinch of salt on the food (possibly the day before the competition) or choose extra foods that naturally contain a relatively large amount of salt (tomato juice, vegetable juice, popcorn with salt, soup or canned vegetables, salty crackers).
3. Don't overdo salt intake: most Dutch people get more than enough.
4. Do not take salt tablets.

Extra tips in bright sunshine

In hot weather, the sun often shines. Sometimes nice, but also for UV rays: too much is not healthy. For example, they can cause burns and - in the long term - skin cancer.

Some tips to protect you against this:

1. Wear a white cap or hat to provide extra protection for the head, face and neck.
2. Take a parasol or umbrella with you to sit in the shade during breaks and changes.
3. In bright sunlight you can improve vision and protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses or dark contact lenses.

Stay healthy if you drink enough alkaline water from the water dispenser Burpengary

It is actually clear that a sufficient amount of fluids is important for our body, its functionality and health, but many still fail to ensure a healthy daily intake of fluids. Are you one of those people who have trouble drinking enough? Discover ten tips here to be able to drink more.

By the way: Elderly people and children in particular often forget to drink, but especially in old age it is important to ensure that they are sufficiently hydrated and to provide children with enough water as well.

By the way, drinking a lot dehydrates the body and prevents, for example, heavy legs.

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