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10 x Healthy drinking

Drinking enough is of vital importance. Without moisture we can not survive and the recommendation is to drink about 1.5 to 2 liters per day. But what are you best able to drink? Because I'm a Foodie fan of unprocessed food, this overview does not include light soft drinks, sweets and sugar-free ranjas. You can also leave the vegetable juices from the supermarket better. Because they often consist of 50% fruit, they still contain a lot of sugar, just like fruit juice. Drinking water prevents muscle pain. Unfortunately, (almost) all drinks for children also drop off, because they all contain a lot of sugar and / or sweeteners. This is clearly visible in this overview of the Nutrition Center. Water drinking and your eyes.


Drink plenty of clean water. It may be a bit of a faintness to put it on number one, but water is and remains the best thirst quencher. In the Netherlands the water is of super quality, it is completely sugar-free and moreover it comes from everyone.


My favorite brands are Pukka, Yogi Tea, Clipper, Celestial and ShotiMaa. Look out for some teas and teas with flavors, these can contain sugar (see here the broadcast about tea from Keuringsdienst of value). Let dissolving tea also lie to the left, it is bursting with sugar. Of course you can also choose herbal tea, fresh mint tea, ginger tea and tea made from fresh or dried tea leaves. Even health benefits are attributed to black and green tea. They lower blood pressure and lower your risk of stroke and diabetes.


A black cup, coffee with a dash of milk or a cappuccino. They contain none of three added sugar and all count as moisture. And no, you do not dry out coffee. Filter coffee even reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

    Taste water

Also something for the kids. All packages have a high sugar content, except for a single exception. Wicky water with fruit and Sourcy Water with, among other things, the flavors strawberry, banana and orange are (as far as I know) the only ones that do not contain sugar. It is expensive, because it is no more than water with a hint of aroma.

    Infused water

You already saw them back in Eat as an Expert. Water from your water cooler Springwood with added pieces of lime, lemon, cucumber, basil, mint or orange. Wonderfully refreshing, cheap and without sugar.

    Half-half juice

Still want to drink something with a sweeter taste? Then fill your glass for half with a juice of your choice and fill the glass with water. Best of both worlds: 50% less sugar than the original juice and 50% more flavor than water!

    Tomato juice

Hearty appetite? Tomato juice is the outcome! It contains the least calories (and therefore sugar) of all the juices that exist. Tomato juice contains a lot of salt, so it is not a very good thirst quencher.

drink healthy. Is it bad to drink water while eating.

    (Bruise) water

Sparkling water is spring water with carbonic acid, such as Spa Rood or sparkling water from a private label. Completely sugar free and delicious as a change at a birthday party. This one can also be pimped with slices of cucumber or slices of lime and lemon.

    (Bruise) water with a taste

In addition, there are (sparkling) waters with taste for sale from various brands. Like Spa Bruisend, Sourcy Sparkling with taste or Bar-le-Duc mineral water with fruit. House brands now also have an extensive range of refreshing flavors (from lemon to coconut) without calories, sugar and sweetener. Enough choice.

    Spelled or chichorei drink

Fancy a hot drink without caffeine and without sugar? Then 'fake coffee' from roasted spelled or chichorei (a carrot) might be something for you. A nutty taste and less than 10 kilocalories per cup.

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Start the day with a glass of water from your water cooler Springwood

Start the day with a glass of water! Many Australian people do not drink enough water. That is a shame, because drinking water is a relatively simple method to make a good contribution to your own health. Actually I should drink more water - Useful tips.

All kinds of common ailments can be caused because the body has insufficient fluid available. Your body indicates this yourself, but you must recognize the symptoms to understand what is going on. If you drink two liters of water every day, such ailments will disappear. You start to feel more energetic and you are more resistant to serious disorders. Water with minerals is better than just tap water. So feel free to start the day with a glass of water. Mattress sellers sometimes show how much moisture disappears from your body during the night. By perspiring we lose fluid, but we do not make up for that shortage in our sleep. It therefore needs no further explanation that the moisture content in our body when waking up can use a boost. Therefore get used to drinking a glass of water immediately upon getting up. Or rather, immediately empty two glasses of water. A handy trick is to keep an empty 0.5 liter PET bottle in your bedroom or kitchen. Fill that bottle in the morning with fresh tap water and drink it empty. You don't have to do that all at once, but don't linger too long. It is best to completely empty the bottle within half an hour after getting up. During the night your body has worked hard to separate toxins and other waste, which must be removed through the urine. By first drinking a bottle of water from your water cooler Springwood on an empty stomach, you stimulate that drainage process. Moreover, drinking water on an empty stomach reduces the harmful effects of alcohol, tobacco, air pollution and junk food. Do you often suffer from fatigue in the morning? Can't you get going well? Drinking a bottle of water on an empty stomach ensures that you can start the day with much more energy. 12 Ultimate water with fruit combinations. It also ensures that all important organs in your body are provided with sufficient fluid again, so that they can function as optimally as possible during the rest of the day. Drinking water also makes a good contribution to the fight against excess kilos. Because when you drink a lot of water, you are less inclined to eat and the tendency to eat (too) much is less. In addition, drinking water from your water cooler Springwood also contributes to keeping the lymphatic system and the intestinal tract healthy. All this benefits health greatly. If you want to take full advantage of the effect in terms of digestion, wait with breakfast until half an hour after drinking your first bottle of water. For good digestion, it is advised not to drink anything within half an hour before or after the meal, because the stomach acid is diluted by the water and therefore the degradation process of the food is not going well. People often underestimate the importance of sufficient fluid in the body. They drink something when they are thirsty, but sometimes make the wrong choices and do not realize the long-term consequences. This way, the fluid balance can easily become unbalanced and the production of urine by the kidneys decreases. The sodium level in the blood can also reach an undesirable level. Annoying disorders, such as cystitis and kidney problems, then lurk. If the fluid deficiency persists, the heart can also get into trouble. In fact, you could argue that you should never be thirsty. After all, thirst is a signal from the body that there is a shortage. You want to prevent this, so make sure that there is always enough fluid in your body. Take a bottle of water with you on the way, top it up at your destination and drink some water throughout the day. Distribute that as well as possible over the day. Have you already emptied the first bottle before breakfast? Doing well! Tips for summer. Drink the second bottle before you start lunch. So you already have half of your daily two liters of water inside. Do you have trouble drinking water because you prefer to drink something with more taste? Then take a look at: water but then different for nice tips about enriching your bottle of water with various fruit flavors.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?