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Water drinking and your eyes

Posted by Peter on 27 December 2016
Water drinking and your eyes

Do you ever think about how important and valuable your eyes are?

They are literally your window to the world. And in the meantime they have to endure often to: we stare at compure screens, they are exposed to sunlight and air pollution and they have not enough rest. Therefore ten tips to keep your eyes healthy.


Eyes need moisture. Therefore, make sure you drink enough clean and filtered water. Houseplants and humidifiers also provide a good environment for your eyes. Tips to drink more water.

Good light

Your eyes do not get worse from low light, like your mother used perhaps said if you secretly were reading in bed. Low light is tiring for your eyes. They should intensify their efforts in low light. Therefore provide a good light when you read, you will be much less fatique.


Especially if you are sitting at your computer, you blink too less. There they become dry and are getting irritated. Therefore, it is good to look sometimes to another side and blink your eyes.

Do not stare

Eyes need change. Let your gaze is why every now and then a little float and fix you, then briefly on objects near and far. The eye muscles that provide the focuss is just like and other muscle in your body to train properly. Not a bad idea then, a sharp look.

Eye relaxation

Your eyes can relax properly if you cover it with the palm of your hand. Put your hands, palms down on your eyes, fingertips at the nose bridge. Keep your eyes open and try to minimize light to shine through between your fingers. Look for a few minutes to an imaginary horizon and your eyes come to rest.

Fresh air

Drafts and air from the air conditioning may irritate your eyes. Therefore, it is good for your eyes not having the air conditioning ON all the time, and regularly go for a walk outdoors. Cigarette smoke and exhaust fumes are also worse for your eyes. Avoid these as much as possible.

Ear massage

It sounds a little crazy but it really helps: massage your earlobes is good for your eyes. They relax when you have a few minutes each day. Your skin and drinking water.


Not a surprising tip: wear sunglasses in bright daylight. Through much sun, your eyes can become irritated. The harmful UV rays in particular, ensure that the lenses in your eyes and retinal aging faster. Therefore it is important that you wear a good pair of sunglasses, which stops UV radiation.


Not only carrots are good for your eyes, because they contain a lot of vitamin A. All vitamins and minerals are good for your eyes. Think of citrus fruits, kiwis, peppers and cabbage for vitamin C, Lemon water healthy and delicious.; wheat germ oil, avocado for vitamin E; spinach and celery for vitamin A and zinc in beef and milk. Healthy eating practices.

A healthy eye in a healthy body

Relaxation exercises for the whole body are also good for the eyes. If you relax yourself, the pressure behind your eyes is low too. Yoga and meditation are therefore good eye exercises.

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