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How to turn a glass of water from your water cooler Redcliffe into a refreshing thirst quencher

Water, an essential nutrient. With this inspiration you conjure, very quick and easy, the clear clean from our tap to a refreshing drink to taste. And it looks good too! Sufficient drinking water is, besides high-fiber food and enough exercise, very important for smooth digestion. That way you will keep your belly healthy! Moisture ensures that fibers can do their job well. Drink great water from a water cooler Redcliffe. Fibers absorb moisture in our colon. Prevent muscle pain by drinking water. This makes hard stools soft and supple, while loose stools thicken by the sponge effect. mineral water with strawberries, ice and mint in a vintage cup.

Recipe ideas

  •     A spicy cinnamon boost. Add cinnamon stick to a glass of water. And for an extra effect, add some apple slices. Jum!
  •     A fruity juice. Squeeze some fruit and use the juice to make the water sweeter. Burden of choice stress? Choose different types of fruit together. Apple, raspberry, strawberry, pear, it does it all very well. Also tasty and fun: add fresh fruit to your water instead of freshly squeezed juice.
  •     Fresh mint water. Fresh mint, extra tasty with some slices of lemon. And, for an ultimate refreshing effect, add some slices of cucumber added to your drinking water form your water cooler Redcliffe. Mint plants are readily available at most supermarkets, so you certainly have enough for a week. And with fresh mint you can make a delicious mint tea with honey in no time. A golden combi.
  •     Ginger, cucumber and lemon. Also a nice combination. A slightly fresh taste of cucumber, the soft taste of ginger and the thirst-quenching of lemon. Can you lose weight by drinking water.
  •     Frozen tangerines. Peel a mandarin orange, freeze all loose slices. Add them to the water when they are frozen. A very nice aftertaste to your bottle of water! Take water from a water cooler Redcliffe.

Curious about our mini guide? Drink plenty of water! Give the body what it needs: Water.

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  •     Basil, strawberries and lemon. Strawberries and basil fit together very well. And for a little bit of acid, you also add lemon. Tip: drink it quickly, otherwise the strawberries will become mushy.
  •     Taste the Middle East. A few drops of rose water with slices of cucumber. For a Middle Eastern touch.
  •     Orange and coriander. Well, you just have to try this yourself. Surprising, but very tasty. Added minerals in water cooler Redcliffe. The best water ever!
  •     Grapefruit with rosemary. The taste of rosemary is delicious in combination with grapefruit. A combination of spices and the sour and bitter of the grapefruit.
  •     A bit of pit. Add a few small chilli slices to your water, accompanied by some pieces of ready-to-eat mango. A surprising combination, to finish with!

With these tips you never drink too little water again

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Losing weight: drinking water from a water cooler Redcliffe is important

What does drinking 2 liters of water a day with your body. Water is extremely important when losing weight, because it releases many toxic substances that are stored in the fat cells.

Some people drink themselves fat. The consumption of beer and other alcoholics, soft drinks, milk shakes, fruit juices and other sugar-containing beverages is a significant challenge. These drinks (including fresh fruit juices) are among the hidden fats. Even with a normal, balanced diet, the scales go over to being overweight with excessive drinking habits. We have lost our thirst because of these unnatural drinks. Most people do not drink enough water. Healthy drinking water from a water cooler Redcliffe. With a healthy, slenderness-promoting lifestyle, drinking sufficient water comes first. If you want to lose weight, water is enormously important, because many toxic substances are released that are stored in the fat cells. Redcliffe water coolers and Redcliffe water dispensers. What does drinking water really does for your skin.

By drinking a lot of water we help the body to detoxify. Our body consists of 70 to 80% water. Water can help even more with weight loss by drinking it cool; that helps to increase body burn.

The best thing about water is that it contains no calories. Drinking lemon water in the morning is good for you. The more you drink it, the more you start to love it. Most people have health-impairing drinking habits. Clean water and water coolers Redcliffe. People often start in the morning with coffee to get going and get back to class. Excessive coffee sours the body; as a result, the adrenal glands are stressed, people get more hungry and the body starts to retain moisture to prevent acidification. In the morning the body is still detoxing (this happens mainly at night, but it continues in the morning until around noon). Redcliffe water coolers has a Benchtop, Floor Standing and Exclusive water cooler. See our website for more details and prices. During this detoxification phase, water is the best thing to drink because it helps in the process. Eating fruit and raw vegetables also supports the body in detoxing. Then avoid soft drinks, milk and diet drinks. Green tea in the morning is okay, if you drink a lot of water with it. Also note fruit juices; even freshly squeezed are full of fruit sugar, which can also cause insulin resistance, and contain extra calories that you should avoid. Freshly squeezed fruit juice can be drunk, but in moderation because of the sugar and the extra calories. Drink more water from your water cooler Redcliffe. Most non-freshly pressed fruit drinks are chemically prepared and bad for the body with regular use. Routine consumption of alcoholic beverages also contributes to obesity due to the extra calories. It's okay to drink a glass of wine a few times a week, but don't make alcohol a daily habit. Bottled water contains less minerals than tap water.
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How much water should you drink from your water cooler Redcliffe in a day?

Okay, if you are really looking for a general recommendation about how much water you should drink every day ... there is none. But stay with us for a while. Because it is slightly more complex than "drink eight glasses of water a day." Yes, even when it comes to water. Alkaline drinking water straight from your water cooler Redcliffe. Stop drinking soda - Stop sugar.

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How much water is the perfect amount?

Calculate how much water you should drink per day. The "rule" to drink eight glasses of water a day (and thereby tap the 2 liters) does not have much scientific evidence behind it.

Healthy drink water with minerals from your water cooler Redcliffe. The American National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine does not think that is enough. They bet on more than 3.5 liters for the man who wants to be sufficiently hydrated. However, they do acknowledge that about 20 percent of daily hydration comes through food. Let that be very difficult to keep up with. Is a fat hamburger one or two glasses of water? And how big is that glass then? These are questions that make you thirsty. Good hydration in the summer.

Anyway, everyone is different and often every day is different, so your hydration needs (remember for giant scrabble dominance) fluctuate. You have an above average need for H2O when you are in a warm and humid environment, when you are at an elevated height, or when you are an athlete.

Three rules to stick to:

Healthy drink water made from your own tap with a water cooler Redcliffe. So the new rule for the amount of water you need to drink per day is to stop thinking there is a fixed rule. A bit of the level "there is only one rule, there is no rule". Instead, follow these three guidelines:

If you are thirsty, drink. Experts all agree. The vast majority of people in good health meet their daily hydration needs sufficiently by being thirsty as their guide.

- If you are hungry, you may also have to drink. If losing weight is planned, it may help to drink more water. Many people confuse hunger with thirst signals. Drink more water from your water cooler Redcliffe. Water not only helps you to satisfy the first urge for "something" (and often this is thirsty and not hungry), but it can also help you feel saturated. This makes it easier for you to get rid of that chocolate with your swipes.

- Check your urine. It's that simple: empty the bladder when the bladder asks for it. Sometimes even if the bladder itself has not thought about it. You often hear that a light yellow color indicates that you are well hydrated. This is not 100 percent, but it gives a very good indication.

- You can also hydrate too much, which can lead to blood thinning and low sodium levels. But as long as you are a healthy person and listen to your internal signals, that is quite rare. Your body can therefore reasonably well tell you what you need. The trick to getting the right amount of water from your water cooler Redcliffe per day is simply to listen carefully to what the body is telling you.

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