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What does drinking 2 liters of water a day with your body

Posted by Peter on 11 April 2017
What does drinking 2 liters of water a day with your body

The amount of water a person per day 'should' drink ... it remains a hot topic.

The more water the better, but not too much, because that is not good for you. Yes hello? So what is the point? Can anyone here in black and white answer please?

Lately I read again more and more stories about women whose skin visibly changed after drinking 2-3 liters of water per day. Filtered water from Prestige Water. Also talked about the ladies of Grazia. She also mentioned that their hands were less dry their nails stronger. I decided to take the acid test to finally get to answer the question: what does every day,drinking 2 liters of water with you?

I made 'before' pictures and installed the water your body app on my phone. A horribly annoying app shows every so often with the sound of water you should drink. Convenient, but very embarrassing when you're talking to people, and such mini waterfall is suddenly over.

For three weeks I drank at least two liters of water. Drinking water and losing weight. A few small mistakes after I managed every time. I usually drink quite a lot (about 1.5 liters of water and tea), but I noticed that I consciously had to do my best to achieve the 2 liters.

The first difference what really became clear? You sit all day on the toilet. Therefore I did less well to the challenge at me during my mini-trips. There just was not always a quick toilet available! Actually I should drink more water.

The result after 3 weeks

Honestly? Except that I constantly go to the toilet, I see little of. I do not think my skin looks better, but I must mention that I've been blessed with a fairly smooth skin (eczema often, mind you). Your skin and drinking water.

The lines under my eyes (my doctor once nicknamed 'asthma haircut lines' above), there were no less dark on. My hands felt even quite dry. But ... I feel that my nails have been stronger than usual! I am normally very weak nails, I super soon to cut short (because they always break and tear), but they held out for three weeks!
And now?

I do believe that a lot of water (or tea) drink is good for you. I think I pretty little noticed, because I drank a relatively large amount of water. People normally (or drinking water) drink less will have solid benefit. Improved skin, stronger nails and fewer headaches? I believe quite.

I also read that people still many positive effects experienced by drinking three liters of water. Maybe I notice it only when 3 liters of water? It will perhaps best, but I pass it. I find myself really sitting at my max with 2 liters of water. I have a 'full' feeling and hear myself sometimes sloshing half the day. That's not a nice feeling! (Especially when you exercise ...) These three liters of water I hit so here about ...

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