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Water: are you drinking enough?

Drink plenty of clean water. Drinking enough water seems to be inextricably linked to a healthy lifestyle. Mothers behind the Bugaboo to students in the tram, they all have a hip bottle of water with them. But how much do we actually have to drink per day? And how much is too much? The opinions about how much to drink are quite different. One claims that one liter per day is sufficient, while the other certainly knows that two liters must be drunk daily. Still others warn of 'water poisoning' by drinking too much.

Difference between the sexes

In any case, it is important to drink as much as fits your body. And that depends on various factors. Your sex for example. The body of the woman consists of approximately 52% water and that of men for 63%. This difference is mainly due to the difference in body fat; women have more adipose tissue and fatty tissue does not contain water, while fat-free mass consists of more than 70% water. Part of it is in the body's cells, another part in the organs and the blood vessels.

Functions of moisture

The moisture in our body has many functions. It regulates your body temperature and the moisture content in your skin, it detoxifies and cleanses the body through the removal of waste, it transports vitamins and minerals and it is necessary for digestion. For all these functions your body needs about 2.5 liters of fluid a day. Drinking water prevents muscle pain.


When you are pregnant, the drinking rules need to be adjusted slightly. You do not only have to take care of yourself, but also for the new life in your stomach. In addition to your normal fluid requirement, you will need about 30 to 50 ml of extra fluid for the development of the fetus and the production of amniotic fluid. Did you know, incidentally, that a glass of water gets up for you in some women also helps against morning sickness?

Moisture from food

The liters of fluid consumed must be replenished to prevent dehydration, but that does not mean that you have to pour in nearly three liters of water without interruption. If you eat healthy and varied, with enough fruit and vegetables you automatically get more than a liter of water. The authorities in the water area say that we have to drink at least eight large glasses (= a liter and a half) every day to supplement the further loss of moisture. Some experts go a step further and say that at least two liters are needed to remove all toxins from our bodies. Through our diet we not only get moisture, minerals, vitamins and fibers that are good for us, but also unwanted elements such as salts, fats, sugars and colors and flavors. The body can remove these substances by drinking enough fluids.


One day you will be able to stow the large quantities of water more easily than the others. Water drinking and your eyes. On some days you hurt uncomfortably against the last half liter of water. Variety can help. It is not at all said that the one and a half liters of water per day must necessarily be water. Those who have breakfast with a cup of tea in the morning, three cups of coffee in between, four cups of tea in the afternoon and coffee in the evening, and two glasses of water, fresh juice or juice, have drunk more than a liter of liquid. However, with the note that coffee and tea also have a slightly drying effect due to their caffeine. When you drink a lot of it, it can be useful to take a glass of water extra. Another tip to drink the water is more fun - and tastier - to make fresh mint or lemon in it. In this way the water gets a light taste, but you remain very healthy!

Too much water

Besides too little, you can also drink too much water! If you force yourself to drink something every five minutes or if you daily work more than three liters of fluid without actually losing these amounts, there is a risk that you overload your 'drainage system'. The water is drained by the body, but it also takes in minerals that the body has not been able to process at that moment. And that again causes an imbalance in the electrolytes - those are dissolved minerals in your bloodstream - that your body needs to function normally. Is it bad to drink water while eating.

Urine & skin

But what is the best way to ensure that you remain adequately hydrated? As a basis, you can hold six to eight large glasses of water a day. That is one to one and a half liters. You can also use your urine as an indicator, for example. If your urine is light yellow, everything is fine. If your urine is almost colorless, you probably drink too much. If your urine is dark yellow and the amount is also reduced, you have to drink more. A rule of thumb is that you have to produce at least one liter of pale yellow urine every day. If you do not get this or your urine turns dark yellow, you will have to drink more.

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