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How much water do you need to drink each day

Besides the fact that we try to get around two liters of water a day, we do not think much about water and our fluid management. However, when the thermostat suddenly displays 30 degrees Celsius, water is the subject of the day. Water is essential for life and therefore also for your body. It fulfills several important functions and without water it is soon the end of the story. How much water do you really need in a day and what is the influence of sport and warm weather on your water balance? Do your sporting performances deteriorate when you do not drink enough and is it necessary to purify your water? Drinking water with fruit and spice.

Water and the body

The human body consists of approximately 60-70% water and the distribution of fluid in the body differs considerably per tissue type. Muscle tissue contains about 80% water and fat tissue contains about 10%. Our nervous system even contains almost only water. 90% to be precise! The fact that women have a lower body fluid volume than men is because the fat percentage of women is usually a lot higher. Drinking water and other beverages is responsible for about 65% of the water intake. The remaining 35% we get through the moisture what we get from solid food. A major misconception is that only drinking pure water ensures good moisture management, but this is not the case. Good hydration in the summer.

We lose moisture through different ways, namely: the skin, kidneys, the respiratory tract and the intestines.

  •     Skin - 300-400ml per day - the higher the sweat production, the more moisture loss
  •     Airways - 300-400ml per day - inhaled air is dry and is heated and humidified by the airways
  •     Intestines - 100ml per day - with diarrhea you lose a lot more moisture and salt

The kidneys are responsible for maintaining the total fluid balance. The more you drink, the more you will excrete through the kidneys. The kidneys filter approximately 70x the total volume of body fluid per day. If we have a fluid deficiency, the kidneys will ensure that we excrete less fluid. However, fluid loss through the skin, lungs and intestines will continue! In case of a severe lack of moisture, the body will draw moisture from the cells to keep the blood level in order. A listless and tired feeling in combination with a dry mouth and less appetite could possibly be the consequences.     "The kidneys are essential for maintaining good fluid management."

How much water do you need per day?

The amount of water you need depends, among other things, on your gender, age and level of exertion. The general rule that drinking 2 liters of water per day is sufficient is in principle fine, but a bit simplistic. A man needs an estimated 3.2 liters of fluid and a woman 2.7. So be careful not to drink this amount in liters of water. Moisture also comes from other drinks and your solid food. Do you want to calculate how many liters of liquid you need? Then use the following calculation:

Body weight * 40 to 50 (ml) = required amount of fluid per day (in ml).

The higher the temperature or the more physical effort you provide in a day, the higher your fluid intake. Is it a comfortable 20 degrees and are you sitting at your desk all day long? Then multiply your body weight by 40 instead of 45 or 50. While writing this article I weigh about 90kg, it is very hot and I am physically active. On a hot and active day, I am therefore going to move towards the high side of the range; 50ml. I will have to get about 4.5 liters of fluid a day. Of this, approximately 2900ml (65%) liters will be from drinks and 1600ml (35%) from my diet. Of course, this remains an estimate. In practice you may notice that you are a lot less or more thirsty. Fortunately, the body is generally good at indicating the fluid requirement. Have you ever noticed that you drink more when you are ill? This is because your fluid requirement is higher if you have a fever. Consider 10-15% more moisture per one degree increase. Eating delicious ripe fruit. "Of course you can also consume too much of water. 9-10 liters or more already causes poisoning symptoms. "

Is there a loss of performance when you are thirsty?

Stop drinking soda - Stop sugar. During training or very high temperatures, it is beneficial to keep drinking to keep the body temperature and fluid loss through sweating under control. In addition, the idea of hydration is often a nice feeling. Certainly when you do more intensive (conditional) sports where you sit for a long time (> 90 min) above an intensity of 70% of your VO-2max, sufficient drinking is useful to keep your performance level. A total moisture loss of 2% or more in combination with a thirst feeling leads in some people to a decrease in performance, but this is not always the case.

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