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What water does for your skin

Posted by Peter on 7 June 2017
What water does for your skin

Healthy drinking water is great for your skin

The main ingredient for a beautiful, healthy skin is enough moisture. What does drinking water really does for your skin. At the same time, water justifies an attack on your skin. What exactly is that? Check out the answers and the best tips for a beautiful and healthy skin.

For years it was the credo: drink two liters of water daily, which is good for the skin. Now, the British Food Center has concluded that there is no scientific evidence for it. Those two liters then delete? Well, it remains important to drink enough. Water plays a major role in the purification of the body. Our kidneys need a lot of moisture to drain waste. Moisture and drinking water.

Cold shower

Rare but true: from washing with water, the skin dries out. Especially in areas with hard water, the care has been blown. The reason is that soap residues in hard water cannot be solved properly and remain partially on the skin. This can eventually affect the skin's protective layer, which will cause the skin to lose moisture faster and dry out. Very hot water also dries extra: the natural fat layer dissolves faster and more thoroughly, causing the skin to lose even more moisture even faster. The ideal temperature for a bath or shower is around 37 ° C (body temperature). Do not shower more than ten minutes. The same goes for taking a bath. Save the extended shower over a day. Cleaning with water is not always a good idea for the face. Instead of cleansing products rinsed with water, so-called micellar facial cleansers are an excellent alternative. Micelles are components of molecules that clone and hold makeup and fat. Apply to a wipe, sweep gently over the skin and remove all dirt. What does water do in your body.


A skin that contains sufficient moisture shines and looks healthy. It is the art of retaining moisture in the skin for as long as possible. Or to try to add moisture to the skin. But how? Over this issue, scientists have broken their heads for years - and successfully. One of the most famous moisture binders is hyaluron. This substance acts like a sponge that can hold its own weight of moisture a thousand times (!). Because hyaluron attracts so much moisture, both from the outside and from the cream, the epidermis swells up a bit, and drought impulse becomes less visible. In addition, hyaluron prevents moisture that is deeper in the skin to evaporate. Incidentally, the old glycerin also has a great moisture-binding effect. This dust can even absorb moisture from the air. A young healthy skin contains the ideal moisture content: 80 percent moisture in the deeper lining skin, 60 percent moisture in the epidermis and 13 percent in the upper skin layer. The older the skin, the harder it is to hold moisture. Good lubrication is therefore the devil. A layer of cream causes (among other things) moisture to evaporate less quickly from the skin. Unfortunately, the "dryer" is not completely preventable from the skin. But it is clear that moisturizing creams, serums and masks definitely slow down the process.

Full of minerals

Water plays another role: it's an essential part of every cream. Some cosmetic lines screen with mineral water, other products are built around a certain source of water. The difference? Mineral water is pure water from an underground source; The mineral composition is constantly the same. This water is bottled at the source. At source water, the taste and mineral composition need not be the same. Drink filtered water from Prestige Water.

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